Friday, February 27, 2015

A Round of Applause

Round Robin Coordinator
Rosemary Nichol

For our Round Robin Captains:
Kimber Blunk, Bob Bonack, Randy Bourne, Don Bruce, Lynn Carlson, Donna and Vance Christiansen, Barb Christie, Sandra and Reed Cowen, Doug Duncomber, Karen and Errol Fisher, Patrick Gauvin, Jeanne and Tom Gearhart, Dennis Granger, Avis Gray, Linda and Jack Hays, Susan Hearn, Michel Hill, Ray Kocher, Lise Nolin, Larry Reid,  Joe Reineck, Charles Russell, Mel Saranchuk, Andy Schmaltz, Jerri and Jack Sedio, Joyce Staffen, Tom Staite. Lance Thiede, Bev Tithcott, Orla Wanless, Bill Wessel and Marge White

Captains gathered together for  their Volunteer Party

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Simon

Our club has purchased a Simon pickleball machine advertised as the perfect practice and workout partner. This machine feeds pickle balls to participants much like you've probably seen on tennis courts, only this is with pickle balls. 
It's great for practicing your shots whether it be  baseline, volley, half volley, dinks, lobs or overhead shots.
Drop by the courts Wednesday Feb 25 or Friday Feb 27th sometime between12 to 4 to try out the machine and to learn how you can book the machine for your practice sessions

Grand Canyon State Games

Congratulations to
this years medal winners

Sally Dobson - Lance Thiede - Lynn Carlson - Tom Earley
not in picture
Marsha + Byron Freso - Don Simmons - David Zapatka

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Annual Pickleball Dance

This team put on an event, that surpassed events put on professional event planners.
The decorations had all of us in awe, music by Larry Pazier kept the dance floor full all evening,
Fried Chicken, potato salad and dinner rolls surpassed anyone's expectations

Diane Armstrong, Mary Duncan,Tony Robson, Marg Ouimet
Susan Mavor, Jean Robson, Sandra Cowen and Nina Fields

Players demonstrate that they are multi - talented

Special Thanks to Mary Duncan for creating this very special annual event 

February Monthly Meeting

Gary opened the meeting by introducing the Board of Directors and welcomed
Lisa Harold. Lisa spoke about the future plans for development in broad strokes.  Many items are under consideration, including more courts and restrooms.  Our community is the busiest it has been in years, with approximately only 40 spaces available. Lisa then opened the floor to questions.
Gary presented Lisa  with our annual club donation of $1,000 for cancer awareness

Gary Baker with Board of Directors

Lisa Harold
General Manager of Palm Creek

A very Attentive Membership

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nominee for VP

Marg Ouimet


I grew up in Kelowna,British Columbia and that is where my passion for sports began. I taught
swimming and skiing lessons and while my boys were growing up I volunteered and served
on the boards of baseball,soccer and football.

I am married to Ralph and now reside on a farm near Edmonton ,Alberta. I am fortunate to
have two sons and nine grandchildren who live in the area

I graduated with a nursing degree and specialized in critical care. I worked 22 years in the
Emergency and Intensive Care Departments. I was assistant head nurse in Emergency. While
nursing I set up and taught a pilot program for the paramedics through British Columbia. I also
flew with the Air Ambulance Team.

I am a Pickleball ambassador for the Edmonton and area and helped set up a fast growing
pickleball league in Spruce Grove. Teaching pickleball has taken me all over Alberta and
British Columbia and the past three years I have taught beginner and skill classes here in
Palm Creek.

I coordinate the medical teams for both our Resident and Annual Tournaments and help set
up Robson Ranch,s medical team. I teach AED, CPR and basic First Aid to our medical
teams and Round Robin Captains here at Palm Creek. I have worked for the last three years
to get a medical folder called the File of Life into the park. This is a great program which is
designed so that you can fill out your medical information, insurance information and any
allergies you may have,and then place the card on your fridge so that first responders can
better help you in an emergency.

Spearheading the float for the Electric Light Parade was an amazing experience as I watched
our pickleball members come together to create a truly spectacular float.

The last two years on the board as Director at Large has been a wonderful experience.
Watching the growth of the club membership and working with fellow board members has
been truly gratifying.

I am honoured to be nominated for the position of Vice President. We have come a long way
as a club over the past few years but still have work to be done. I promise to continue working
for you and with Sun Communities to ensure the continued growth.

Marg Ouimet

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Donna Christiansen

Spent 42 years in San Diego, California where I attended high school and college.  I married my high school sweetheart, Vance, 45 years ago.   We have one married daughter and one granddaughter.  We retired in 2001and moved to Whitefish, Montana.  It was our dream to travel and found ourselves at Palm Creek RV Resort in 2001.  We have wintered at Palm Creek for the last 14 winters.  So much for traveling.  We love it here.

I worked in the Home Health Care Industry for thirty years.  I was   General Manager for national, regional and hospital based home care companies that provided Medicare Certified Home Health, Home Infusion Therapy Services, Home Medical Equipment and Respiratory Services as well as In-Home-Support Services.
Pickleball is such a huge part of our lives while at Palm Creek and at home in Whitefish.  I feel fortunate that I was here when it all began. It has been amazing to be here as this fledgling Club began and to see such tremendous growth. I appreciate all of the hard work and guidance that the previous Board of Director’s have provided the Club over the years. Our Club is highly respected and envied.
During the last twelve years I have served on the Board as Club Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President, was the Tournament Desk Coordinator for both the resident and annual tournaments for eight years and a Round Robin and Women’s Shootout Captain.  I am currently serving on the Board as the Club’s Vice President during year one of my two year term.
My experience on the Board this past year, I believe, has helped me realize that I am ready to pursue the office of Club President for the next two years.  My many years of involvement with almost every aspect of the Club has led me to this decision.  I have learned from the best and the brightest of our membership, Board members and past Presidents.  The Club’s ability to be self-sustaining, the innovations and ideas of our members, the continued growth in player numbers, observing the elevated level of play through training and mentoring and the demonstrated love for the sport keeps me wanting to serve this Club.   
I am grateful for what Pickleball and this Club contributes to our lives and the wonderful friendships we have made.
I believe I can contribute experience, fairness and leadership to the Board and the Membership.   

February 6, 2015

LeRoy Schmidt


I have a bachelor degree in teaching from the University of Northern Colorado and a masters degree from Leslie College in computer technology.

I taught 32 years in the same school.  26 years as a physical Education teacher and 6 years as a computer science teacher.  During the 32 years I spent 26 of them coaching in one role or another (20 years as a head coach).

Upon completing that career I became an usher and then a supervisor of ushers for the Colorado Rockies Baseball organization for 10 years (1 year as an usher and 9 years as a supervisor). 

In 2005 Barb (my wife) and I began coming down south for warmer weather in the wintertime.  After just one year of exploring all the different places we decided that Palm Creek should be our winter home for good.  Since then we have been annual residents of the park.

In January of 2008 I started playing pickleball.

In fall of 2008 I started teaching beginner lessons and continued doing that for 6 years.  In the spring of 2009 I was asked and appointed by the board to be the tournament director for our tournaments.  Along with the position I became a voting member of the board and I served for 2 years.

During my time on the board the club was changing from and A B C system to a numeric system that we use now.  I was asked by our president at that time to also be the head of the rating committee.  I served in that position for 3 years.  Duties of the head of the rating committee entailed getting requests from players, coordinating between the players and the raters to rate them, rating the players, reporting back to the president, and making sure their rating was posted on the USAPA website.

When we moved to the new 24 courts I volunteered to be the maintenance coordinator for the club.  I served in that capacity for 2 years.  This entailed setting up the personnel for cleaning the courts, getting the PA system up and running, helping manufacture the blue boards for the round robins, and being part of building the new shed.

I would be honored if elected to serve the members of the Palm Creek Pickleball Club as their vice president.

Meeting Reminder

Monthly Club Meeting
Wednesday 2/18/15
Bring a Snack to share after the meeting

Monday, February 16, 2015

Club Roster

The Club Roster has been updated

Only paid members are on the list.  If you are not on the list, you need to sign up, see a round robin captain at the courts, or you can do  it this Wednesday at the Monthly club meeting

The first Column - Members USPA Status
Current expiration Date
Ex - Expired
Blank - Not a Member
If any of this is incorrect please e-mail me:

Name - Verify that your name is spelled correctly
Skill Level - is this correct
Site Number - is this correct
If one of these items need to be corrected  please contact Suzie Nunley:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Resident Tournament and Medal Winners

2015 Resident Tournament Medal Winners

2015 Resident Tournament Medal Winners 
Complete list can be found under club information

Thank you from all our club members to
ALL our Volunteers and our
  Tournament Committee
Bob VanderLinden 
Karen Fellows
Chuck MacDonald
Roger Fellows
Les Scott
 For making this 
The Best Resident Tournament Ever

Here are links to pictures from the tournament.  Enjoy!!!!

2/7 Resident Tournament Play Day 1

2/7 Resident Medals

2/8 Resident Tournament Play Day 2

2/8 Resident Medals

2/8 Resident Pizza Party

2/9 Resident Tournament Play Day 3

Once on the Dropbox site, click on a photo and work your way through a slideshow of the pics.  From there you can also download a picture by right-clicking which allows you to download either the current picture or the original

Friday, February 13, 2015

Director at Large Bio's

Bio for Director at Large
Jocelyn Barr 

My husband Gord and I first came to Palm Creek in 2009 and that is when we took our first pickleball lessons. The first couple of years we came with our RV and like many people we decided to purchase a home here. We are Canadians and spend close to 6 months a year in the park.

I took the referee training and found that it was a good fit for me. I have enjoyed being a referee in many of our tournaments. I’ve also been a round robin coordinator and a mentor for the 2.0 RR. This year I joined the training team and provided administrative support for the training program.

Before retirement, I worked for 35 years as an Information Technology professional, spending the last 20 years in various management roles. I spent 26 years with my final employer including 3 years spent working in Human Resources. As a result I have learned how to work with a wide variety of individuals from very diverse backgrounds, who often had conflicting needs and interests.

The member at large position requires the ability to listen to the ideas, needs and concerns of club members and to take those back to the board for consideration and action. I believe my work experiences would be beneficial to me in performing this role.

Our club has flourished because many dedicated volunteers have done a great deal of wonderful work. As the club continues to grow, I believe I can contribute to its continued success.

Bio for Director at Large
Reed Cowen
My name is Reed Cowen and I am a Pickleball addict!  I was first diagnosed with this affliction during the winter of 2011-12 shortly after taking my first Pickleball lesson at the courts previously located by the tennis complex.

I truly have a vested interest in the Palm Creek Pickleball Club.  I have been a Captain/Mentor for 2.0 Round Robins the past three winter seasons and I am currently teaching new players on the Monday session. In addition to the on court volunteer participation I have lent a helping hand to various Club projects (assembling the aluminum benches, erecting the shade covers over the mid-way section of the courts, etc.) 

I have successfully been able to pass this aforementioned infliction onto close to 100 people back home in the Okotoks/High River, Alberta communities.  I am a founding member of the Okotoks Pickleball Club and currently President of that organization.

In my working life, I was a commercial banker working for one of Canada’s “big six” banks for 35 years.  I have a Bachelor of Administration degree and hold a Fellowship from the Institute of Canadian Bankers Association.  During my working career I served multiple terms as a Board member/officer on several non-profit associations/clubs.

I am interested in continuing to volunteer for the Palm Creek Pickleball Club and have offered my name to serve on the Board of Directors.

Bio for Director at Large
Jerri Sedio

I’m Jerri Sedio, running for an At Large position on the Palm Creek Pickleball Club board. Most of my working life was spent in the travel industry, I just never liked staying in one place to long. Working in front office management and sales for major hotel companies in Atlanta, Atlantic City, and Cleveland.  I also worked in reservations for Northwest Airlines in Washington DC and retired as Business Development Manager for Holland America Cruise Line based in Cleveland.
Jack and I retired in 2006, sold our home near Cleveland, OH, loaded up our motor home and hit the road to became full time Rvers.  We have never looked back, I guess the travel bug is still with me.      We first arrived at Palm Creek in March of 2007 for a one month stay.  On day two we took a free pickle ball lesson, and were forever hooked.   We have returned to Palm Creek every winter since, now staying 5-6 months. When not at Palm Creek, we travel the USA hiking, biking, kayaking, taking photographs and just playing tourist.

Our pickleball club has certainly come a long way since 2007 when we had just 8 courts!    I have always tried to be active in the club, first volunteering at the annual tournament checking in players, shagging balls when one tennis court served as one pickle ball court and serving at the Saturday night spaghetti dinner.  Also spent 2 years on the tournament cooking crew preparing and serving up lunch for players, guests and volunteers at both tournaments. When we moved to our new courts, I served on the inaugural Court Usage Committee as we transitioned from 12 courts to 24.  I have spent many seasons as a round robin captain and currently captain and mentor the mixed 2.0 on Friday.  I graduated from the Gearhart Referee School some 5 years ago and continue to serve each year as a referee at both of our tournaments. Currently, I’m the coordinator for the first annual tournament volunteer party.  I‘m a 3.5 player and strong supporter of the scheduled round robin play we enjoy at Palm Creek and I want to help it continue to evolve.  I play for fun and the social part of the game, but no matter what someone’s pickleball goals are, this club can help you reach them. I want to be a part of this continued growth representing YOU, the members, by serving on the board.

Bio for Director at Large
Bill Young

                I was born and raised on family farm in Cyress River, Man.  Graduated from high school in 1965.  Attended the University of Manitoba and graduated in 1969 with Diploama in Agriculture.  Returned to farm, bought  my uncle's farm in 1971 ,and  married Wendy Anderson in 1971 .  We still reside on the family farm though the we now rent farm out now .  We have  two children - Sheri and Ryan.
                I played most sports growing up- especially hockey , baseball and golf as well as curling.  We enjoyed lots of downhill skiing trips to the mountains with family and friends while the family was growing up. 
                I have been quite active in our  small community in Canada over the year-, coached hockey and baseball, served  on the local Credit Union Board for 20 years-acting as Chairman for 10 of those years.  I have also served on many committees for special events within the community.
                Wendy and I love to travel and have enjoyed wonderful trips to Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Alaska.    This is our 5th year in Palm Creek where I have become hooked on Pickleball .   I have met  and continue to enjoy meeting many wonderful folks on the courts.  We have an awesome facility and I would be pleased to serve the board as a member at large.

                                                                                                          Respectfully submitted
                                                                                                          Bill Young

Bio for Director at Large

David Wight

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Elections One Month Away!

Elections are  important  to our Club.
Our Club members are asked to nominate and elect the candidates of their choice.
Nominees are not a part of a "special" group.

This season our club members will vote for a new:
Director at Large - 2 open positions
Each position requires a 2 year commitment per our Bylaws

For the upcoming year, the incoming Club President will have the benefit of a knowledgeable Vice President to assist, an experienced Treasurer and Director at Large. All new board members benefit, as does the club by having  open board members positions rotate.
Bylaws can be found under "Club Information".

Look within your self, you may very well be the right person for the Board of Directors.
Have you thought, a particular club member would be great for the club, if elected to the Board. Encourage this person to accept a nomination

Now is the time to write and send your Bio to the Board of Directors. Existing and prior Board Members will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Medal Winners

Congratulations !!!

To: All Resident Tournament Medal Winners

Re: Medal Photo

Date: Wednesday 2/11/15

Time: 4 PM

Place: At the courts

Photographer: Barb Schmidt

Reminder: Wear your medal

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Great Day

With Thanks to the numerous volunteers that make an event like this possible, just a few photos

Peggy Eburne and Joyce Todd
Part of our Medical Team

Color Day Teal/Blue
Tom Gearhart our Ref Co-ordinator
Wearing one of this years Club Shirts

The Club Shirts are a  huge hit this year - 350 Shirts were Purchased!
Thanks to Shirt Co-ordinators Reta Nussbaum, Stephanie Royo, assisted by Jill Purvis,
Sandy Smith, Lorraine Richter, Sharon VanderLinden and Randy White

Barb Hillman
Tournament Food Coordinator
Organized the Pizza Event for Day 2,  and has had "Cold Ones" on had for club members for afternoon refreshment

Chuck MacDonald
Too many task to list....

Good Morning

Fun Facts: 259 Club members will be participating in a total of 500 matches over the course of these  3 days!  In preparation

Friday had a great volunteer turn out to set up for our tournament

Sharon VanderLinden and Michelle Raph making sure that work is fun!

Saturdays Tournament was enjoyed by players and spectator alike, Great Weather, Great Play and no one minded when at 3PM an announcement was made,  for all Club Members wearing their stickered badges " Cold Ones" were being given out!

In addition to all that was said in yesterday's blog:
For what to wear - today's color day is Teal or Blue
At the courts today at 4:30 PM for all members wearing their badge with a member sticker, Pizza will be served . (Still have not paid for your club membership? You can do that today from 10-3 at the USAPA table)
Don't forgot the Dance this evening starting around 6PM!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Are You Ready

to enjoy our Resident Tournament?

Can’t decide what to wear? Let’s have color days!! Saturday, for the Cancer Awareness event, wear pink or purple for you cancer survivors, or for the guys, red or maroon is good. Sunday is Blue/Teal day. Monday is Lime Green day. Show your colors!!! 

The Sports Grille will be open for lunches. Coffee and snacks will be available for players.

Please be earth friendly. Use recycle bins for all of your recyclable water/drink bottles. All other garbage goes in the garbage cans. Please do not co-mingle.

Please keep bags and other personal belongings off the ground, we do not want anyone to accidentally trip, resulting in injuries

Golf cart parking will be available on the north end of the courts in the parking areas. 

The weekend promises to be sunny and warm. Please remember to hydrate and wear sun protectant, This is important for spectators, volunteers and players

The USAPA Table will be open from 10-3 each day, We are here to help and answer your questions about pickleball, our club, the USAPA, if we do not know the answer, we will find it for you!
  • If you need to pay for your club membership, this is the perfect time.  You do not want to miss out on the planned social events for the rest of the season
  • Still don't have a club pin?  $ 3 each of 2/$5
  • The latest USAPA rule book - $5 (supply limited)
  • A USAPA decal - $1
  • USAPA Shirts - $12 (supply limited)
  • USAPA Applications and Renewals. Renewals will extend from your current expiration date. Membership will be required starting next January to play in all sanctioned tournaments.
Cheer for Our Players
Have Fun This Weekend!

2015 Graduates of the Referee Program

Thank YOU

Referees receiving their Certificates
Each year Tom and Jeanne Gearhart conduct a referee training program.  Members of our neighboring communities are invited to participate.  These volunteers need to complete the entire course to be certified. Which includes passing a 100 question test!

The following players  have successfully completed the program:
John Bass, Leslie Bateman, Russ Bryan, Harral Chastain, Barb Christie, Errol Fisher, Ken Flora, Claude Gauthier, Barb Hager, Joan Hagerty, Linda Hays, Ron Kenton, Cork Klages, George McCulley,George Mynatt, John Robertson, Lynda Saranchuk, Mel Saranchuk,Les Schumacher,       Tom Staite, Jim Terris, Bev Tithecott, Jay Winter and  Tim Hensley who travelled  from Gilbert, AZ


Hundreds of our Club Members gathered Thursday Night  at the Bistro's Fireside Patio, Meet and Greet to kick off a weekend of fun for our Resident Tournament.

Get Set
Thanks to the volunteers who made this great event happen
Entertainment Committee Co-Chairs Irene and AJ Fraties  
Meet and Greet Coordinator - Edie Preis
Assistants and Servers :
Sandy and Reed Cowen
Jan and Dennis James
Cyndi and Jake Johnson
Marg Ouimet
Sherry and Dave Wight
Photographer - Kathie Baker

List of Medal Winners Continues to Grow


Venture Out
Marsh Freso, Brenda Jmaeff, Lance Thiede, Sally Dobson
Not shown: Don Simmons

Mission Royale
Marge White, Lynda Saranchuk, Carol Lindow, Theresa Orcutt, 
Randy Bourne, Maurice Parobec
Marsha Freso, Sally Dobson, Brenda Jmaeff, Reed Cowen, Bill Young, 
Bob Bonack, Barry Holloway, Chuck MacDonald. 
Not Shown Dave Touchet

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Meet and Greet:
Hope you are looking forward to a fun time tonight, please remember to wear your Badge

This is time of  year, I post these friendly reminders:

Official rule:
You do not want your favorite team to lose a point 
 12.L. Coaching. Players may consult with any person during time-outs and between games. Once the game has begun, except during time-outs, any communication between a player and any person not on the court, if determined by the referee to be coaching, shall result in a technical warning to the offending player or team and a verbal warning to spectators. If the communication occurs a second time, it shall result in a technical foul and a point will be awarded to the opponent. (Revised February, 2013) 

Spectator Court Etiquette:
Applaud great play, regardless of which team won the point
Do not applaud when an error is made 
Do not sit or stand in front of other spectators, in such a way that you block their view
Do not talk to a line judge during a match
If a player needs medical help - seek out one of the medical volunteers immediately

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10th Annual Resident Tournament!!!

Friday (Feb 6th), during "Mentor Day"  We will need lots of volunteers to help with tournament setup. Be at the courts at 1:00 PM, we can get it all done in an hour or two. 

These activities have been planned for club members, remember to wear your badge.
Rest up and enjoy all the activities!!

1.  Meet and Greet at The Bistro,  Thursday, February 5, 5-7 PM
This fun event is for ALL Palm Creek Pickleball Club members. We're holding it on Thursday, February 5 at 5 - 7 PM at The Bistro. Come and enjoy great snacks and Jimmy John's Sandwiches, beer, pop...all at no charge... and listen to the easy sounds of a great DJ. Meet your fellow tournament players and get your MoJo working for what should be a wonderful tournament. BYOB if you want something besides Beer and Pop!

2.  Mentor Day at The Courts, Friday, February 6, 10 AM - 2 PM
On Friday, February 6, we cancel all organized events on the courts so all members, not just tournament players, can enjoy a full day of Open Play. Come with your partner or by yourself and also enjoy a chance to be Mentored on a skill or technique or strategy of your choosing. it's easy and free...just come to the Mentor Sign-in Table near Big Blue South on Friday between 10 AM and 2 PM. We will try to have a number of mentors available during that period and will point you to one who may have the skill you are looking for...and just in time for the tournament, too!.

3.  Tournament Pizza Party at The Courts, 
approx. 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Last year, the Tournament Director had a great idea. If he provided pizza during the late-afternoon time of the medal matches on our middle day, our longest of the three tournament days, perhaps people would stick around and watch the medal matches and even line-judge!  This was a wonderful idea, as it turns out, and not only did it work to fill the bleachers during medal play but we had line-judges to spare! So this year we're doing it again! Free Pizza, Beer and Pop for ALL Palm Creek Pickleball Club Members...(Bring Your Badge with your Pickleball Sticker on it, or prepare to purchase one at the courts!)...with "staggered delivery" starting from about 4:30 on. Grab a slice or two, your favorite beverage and enjoy some of the best medal play at the Residents' Tournament!

4.  After-Pizza Dance! 
, February
, approx. 6:00 PM, at The Sports Pavilion (behind the ball field next to the snack shack)
This is a new event. It just seemed fitting to have a little more celebration to go with the Pizza, so after the matches c'mon over, bring a more adult beverage if that's your choice (Beer and Pop provided) and Dance 'til Dawn...or at least 8:00 or the music of our favorite DJ! And this guy not only knows sixteen "Electric Slide" songs, he has all the Animal Dances down pat, too!  (The Chicken Dance, The name it!) Bring your dancing shoes and boogie!

Monday, February 2, 2015

FEBRUARY 5, 2015
4:00 P.M.
(by softball field)
We need all Palm Creek Referee's to attend, both newly trained and seasoned veterans. We will give out badges and certificates to the people that have finished their training and then go over the rules for referee's to follow in the upcoming Resident Tournament. Please mark your calendar.

Tom & Jeanne Gearhart

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pickleball Shirts and More

From Stephanie:
Your last chance to order or pick up Pickleball shirts will be Monday, Feb. 2, between 2:00 and 4:00 in the Cholla room. If you can't get there at that time, send a friend..........

Club Pins available - $ 3 each or 2/$5

Club Membership - forms and stickers 
USAPA - Applications and Renewals