Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Resident Tournament and Medal Winners

2015 Resident Tournament Medal Winners

2015 Resident Tournament Medal Winners 
Complete list can be found under club information

Thank you from all our club members to
ALL our Volunteers and our
  Tournament Committee
Bob VanderLinden 
Karen Fellows
Chuck MacDonald
Roger Fellows
Les Scott
 For making this 
The Best Resident Tournament Ever

Here are links to pictures from the tournament.  Enjoy!!!!

2/7 Resident Tournament Play Day 1

2/7 Resident Medals

2/8 Resident Tournament Play Day 2

2/8 Resident Medals

2/8 Resident Pizza Party

2/9 Resident Tournament Play Day 3

Once on the Dropbox site, click on a photo and work your way through a slideshow of the pics.  From there you can also download a picture by right-clicking which allows you to download either the current picture or the original

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