Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Our Newly Elected Board

to our newly elected board members

Bill Wise

Vice President
George McCulley

Dawn Vaughan

Member at Large
Bob Bonack

Member at Large
Cheryl Flynn

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Meet the Candidates

Do not miss your opportunity to meet the candidates Wednesday 2-13-19  from 3PM - 4PM in the ballroom. 
Elections to follow. 
 After the General Meeting 
 pizza to be served for those who have signed up on SUG.

Bill Wise Running for President
Bill is our current Vice President

Dean Lanes Running for President

George McCulley Running for Vice President

Bev Pratt Running for Vice President
Dawn Vaughan Running for Secretary

Bob Bonack Running for Member at Large

Bert Carreau Running for Member at Large

Cheryl Flynn Running for Member at Large

Biographies from the Candidates are listed under Club Information

Monday, February 4, 2019

ATTENTION: Vendors and Sponsors for Duel in the Desert 2019!! Please use the PayPal links below to pay fees for Duel in the Desert items. If you have any questions, please contact Glo Mason at If you prefer to pay your fees by check, please send the check to: Glo Mason Pickleball Club Fees 1110 N. Henness Rd. #1355, Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Sponsors:  Please select the level of sponsorship you want.

Vendors: Please select the number of canopies you want:

Vendor Canopies
Sponsors: Please select the level you want.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

 We reflect on the loss of a  friend and neighbor
Bonita (Bonnie) Morgan

In our early days of pickleball, there was tension between the pickleball and tennis clubs. (Tennis was not happy losing courts to pickleball.)  This was not a problem for Bonnie, she loved sports and was one of the first to cross the aisle to enjoy both pickleball and tennis! We then learned Bonnie played Golf.  What else you may ask, well she was a 6AM regular with Dave at the Gym. No surprise that Bonnie also skied, played softball on a women's team and enjoyed volleyball. When not on land, she loved sailing, fishing, and crabbing! This explains her competitive spirit which resulted in winning "Many" medals!. 

If this were not enough, Bonita was a model in our annual fashion show and would walk the runway as if this is what she did everyday!  When she had shoulder surgery a few years back her arm was in a brace, this did not stop her from being behind the scenes helping with the show and the girls who were modeling.  As she enjoyed sports and other activities, she equally enjoyed being a giving person and volunteering. 

Minister Bob Tasler, both friend, and neighbor to the Morgan's led the memorial service in prayer, and song his words filled with warmth and caring. Very close friends joined in the eulogy.  It is estimated that nearly 200 neighbors and friends were in attendance, as a testament to how Bonita had touched our lives
Words are few, thoughts are deep
Memories of you we will always keep

Thursday, January 31, 2019

New Rulebook Update

 2019 USAPA/IFP Rulebook 

The rulebook and change sheet will be posted to the USAPA website on Friday, February 1st. The new rulebook goes into effect February 15th.  Any tournament that starts play before 2/15 and or has days that extend beyond 2/15 should play the entirety of their event under the 2018 rulebook.  George McCulley will present details for referees as well as players after the Members' Tournament. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

2019-2021 NOMINEES

We have additional nominees please take the time to read all the Bio's


Single, two daughters, one son, and 3 grandsons

45 years in automotive business: Owned Ford, Chrysler, Plymouth, & Dodge Dealership, 5 Star Chrysler Dealer winner, Ford Sales Master Certified, Ford 300/500 Sales Master, and currently the owner of Central Minnesota Solutions

Club: Various duties for Nationals/Members/Duel in the Desert tournaments, Round Robin Captain Sub, Court Utilization Data Entry, 4.0 Shootout Captain, Club Referee, and referee mentor I also volunteered at National Senior Games, USAPA Great Lakes Regionals, Southern Arizona Senior Games, USAPA Middle States Regionals, and Tucson Open

Facebook pickleball profile (Dean Nimmy Lanes)

Started volunteering over 40 years ago in Jaycees-Served as Director, Vice President, President, and District Director then with Minnesota Deer Hunters Association-Served as Chapter President, State District Director, and State President
I came to Palm Creek as a snowbird because of the 24 World Class pickleball courts. I took the beginners pickleball class and I enjoyed the dedication of volunteers that help me with my pickleball skills over the years. I purchased a park model in 2017 and this summer I started to turn my park model into a full-time home.  My passion is playing and then the friendships from pickleball. I have been asked to run for President and give something back. I ask for your input, your involvement, and then vote for and support the board you elect February 13th.


My wife Barb and I live at Robson Ranch in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.
We were originally from the Seattle area where we both retired from the Boeing Co., me as an engineer.
We have 4 kids and 8 grandkids ranging from 2-16 years of age, with 1 on the way!
Pickleball has been part of our lives since we moved to Texas 5 years ago.
We actively play in tournaments and have played in tournaments from Florida to Arizona to Washington State to Indiana and many states in between. 
I also play slow pitch Softball both here and in Texas and took up lawn bowling just this season.
We both love to travel and just got back from spending 3 weeks in Australia and New Zealand.

Prior club experience:
President of a van club
Treasurer of Robson Ranch Pickleball club
The leader of Cub Scout pack
Member of Seattle Children’s Hospital “Magic Guild”
  -motorcycle club raising money for uncompensated care
Years of coaching little league baseball 

Current Palm Creek Pickleball Club Vice President and Ratings Committee Chair.

We love it here and are I am very excited to have the chance to continue serving on your Palm Creek Pickleball Club board!


Therese and I have been coming to Palm Creek since we found it quite by accident in 2012. We have maintained an annual resident status in the park for the previous three years and have made Palm Creek our home away from home.  We also maintain a residence in Arkansas close to where our son, daughter in law and two beautiful grandchildren call home.  Therese and I are both retired, me after 38 years of military service, Therese after 31 in public education.  Since retirement, pickleball has become an integral part of our lives.

When I am in Arkansas, I serve as a USAPA Ambassador, teach pickleball refereeing and coordinate referees for local tournaments.  When Arkansas gets too hot and sticky for comfort, I travel throughout the US, stopping at various pickleball tournament venues where I function as a USAPA Certified Referee Evaluator and, of course, play and officiate matches.  My most recent national endeavor was serving as tournament referee coordinator and head referee for the recently completed USAPA National Championships at Indian Wells, CA.

Since first arriving in Palm Creek, I have actively sought out opportunities to serve our membership.  I have served as the tournament team lead for facilities, tournament director for both the Members and Duel tournaments, tournament referee coordinator for the previous two years including the 2017 Nationals which were held at Palm Creek as well as a Round Robin Captain. Today, I continue to serve as your Coordinator of Referees and Training, as well as being a consultant to our tournament directors.

I have always felt the calling to service, and that is why I want the job of Vice President.  The club is facing several near term and very interesting challenges.  Among these issues are; optimizing court utilization in the face of increased membership; fair, yet undiluted, Round Robin play when legacy ratings go away later this year; and always at the forefront, continuing to seek a pathway to additional courts.  I believe my experience at the local, regional and national levels would be helpful when tackling our club issues.  

But always, first and foremost, I want to be your voice when these decisions are being made.  However, to serve you in that capacity, I need your vote.  


My pre-retirement career included 37 years in the field of education.  My first 25 years I was a math teacher and also coached a variety of sports including basketball, softball, track & field, swimming, and volleyball.  I was the head of the math department at a large high school for 3 years as well as being an active member of our school council.  My next turn in education landed me in the Oregon Department of Education as a federal grant manager under ‘No Child Left Behind’, as well as being the manager of the statewide teacher mentoring program.  Lastly, I worked for a non-profit organization which specialized in educational policy and worked directly with districts to improve teacher and principal effectiveness.

This is the third season that my wife, Jenny and I have been here at Palm Creek.  Not sure what we wanted to do in retirement we took the recommendation of a friend to come here and try it out.  We immediately fell in love with Palm Creek and the wide variety of activities available to participate in which led us to purchase a park model at the end of our first season.  We have both been members of the Pickleball club for three years.  We had never played pickleball before our arrival so began at the 2.0 level.  Through the mentoring and coaching of many, both of our games continue to improve and we have moved up skill levels. I am currently playing at the 4.0 level, and continue to have friends from the other levels in which I have participated. It has also been my goal to give back to other players, as Jenny and I captain round robins and provide coaching during these sessions.

I am interested in running for the board as my way of supporting the 1000+ pickleball players here in our park.  We have a dedicated group of volunteers and players at all levels.  I look forward to learning more about their ideas and suggestions of what can make this extraordinary club even better.  I believe it is important to listen to players from all levels to ensure we are providing the best experience possible that includes not only time to play but also mentoring and coaching along the way.

I would be happy to visit with anyone who might be interested in why I am pursuing a position on the board.  I hope I can count on you for your vote!

CANDIDATE FOR Secretary 2019-2021
Dawn Vaughan

I started playing pickleball in January 2018, here at Palm Creek. My husband and I moved to Palm Creek in June 2018, and live here year-round.

I actively participate in the Round Robins, and the Inter-Community play during the summer.
I currently volunteer at the Membership table and am the lead for the 50/50 raffle during the Club Tournament.

In the past, I have held the office of Treasurer for my neighborhood HOA.
I am committed to ensuring that the Palm Creek Pickleball Club remains the Club it is currently.

CANDIDATE FOR Member at Large 2019-2021
Bob Bonack

I was born and raised in a small community in Wisconsin. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, I enlisted in the Air Force where I spent 6 years, the last 2 as a civilian working in a Base Weather Station. From there I transferred to the National Weather Service where I spent the next 35 years, the last 18 years in management positions, before retiring 8 years ago.

My wife Mary and I have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren who are scattered across the country from coast to coast, so we do quite a bit of traveling.

I have thought about volunteering for an At-Large Board Member position for the past couple of years as the next step in my volunteer process for our Pickleball Club. Now that I have passed my duties as Director of Facilities and Maintenance, Facilities for Tournaments Lead, and Public Address System Lead to other volunteers this year, the time has come to serve as an At-Large Board Member.

I have performed the above-mentioned duties for most of the past 3 years, and before that, I placed balls at the courts in the morning, checked net heights once a week, and did general light maintenance in the courts' area. I have captained Round Robins, been involved with the Rating Committee for the past 5 years, and have been a Mentor.

When our Pickleball Club hosted the USAPA Nationals, we would arrive at Palm Creek a couple weeks earlier than normal. We needed to help get our court complex cleaned and spruced up and ready for the Big Event! The USAPA people also needed our help and input for getting things prepared. It has calmed down considerably this year without our Club hosting the Nationals.

This is our 7th year at Palm Creek, and I got my start in volunteering almost immediately upon arriving. I came to Palm Creek for one reason, and that was Pickleball and the new 24 court complex that was being built and it opened our first year here. It was Pickleball Heaven, and I wanted to give something back for all the fun I was having. I met Michael Hill, and the rest is history. He took me under his wing, and I started working with him. In addition to the above mentioned duties of placing balls and ensuring we always had an ample supply of balls, and so forth, we took care of parking for the tournament now known as the "Duel" and other things needed for the "Members" and "Duel" Tournaments such as water, ice, trash pickup, assisting vendors and sponsors, and helping wherever needed. We arrived in the dark on Tournament days to turn on the lights for the other volunteers, vendors, and sponsors and start to ready the court complex for another tournament day. 

I am a consultant this year for the people who have assumed my former duties. With 7 years of varied volunteer experience for our Pickleball Club, I am ready to serve as an At-Large Board Member. 

CANDIDATE FOR Member at Large 2019-2021
Bert Carreau

My name is Bert Carreau. I am 64 years old. I have been in education all of my professional career. I retired in 2010 and have made Casa Grande our winter home ever since. We started at Val Vista RV Park where we learned how to play pickleball. We were instrumental in forming a club at Dave White Municipal courts.

We moved to Palm Creek three years ago in search for a more structured and advanced play. Since then I became a certified Palm Creek referee. I refereed at Nationals when they were here, and many other tournaments in the area. I am now mentoring the 2.5 women’s Round Robin on Thursdays and also the 3.5 rated women on Tuesdays. I am also one of the tournament directors for the Members’ Tournament 2019.

I have experienced enough in this club to become a good Member At Large.

Thank you for considering me for the position of Member At Large.

CANDIDATE FOR Member At Large 2019-2021
Cheryl Flynn

During my career as an occupational therapist, I worked in a school district in west-central Florida.  Not only did I work with special needs students (ages 3-21), but also with parents, teachers, and administrators.  I spent 10 years working with the Pre-K Assessment team; and introduced novel therapeutic techniques i.e. “Bal-A-Vis-X” to enhance students’ eye-hand coordination. 

While living in Florida I was involved with orienteering, line dancing, swimming, bicycling, fishing, and camping.  Through the YMCA I learned about Pickleball.  Who knew then that it would become such a big part of my life? 

After retirement, my spouse Laura and I moved to Colorado.
In our small town of Pagosa Springs, we discovered many opportunities to become involved in our community.  By joining the San Juan Outdoor Club (hiking group) and Step Outdoors Colorado (volunteer trail workgroup) my appreciation for nature was enhanced.  These activities allowed me to interact on a deeper level with our beautiful surroundings.

In our local Community Garden, we took a bare plot of land and built beds for participants to grow their own vegetables.  We enjoyed eating many fresh salads that summer!   Through my involvement with the community garden, I was asked to volunteer at the Head Start Program.  I then helped 3-5-year old’s grow their own food in a hydroponic grow tower which was purchased through a grant. 

Other volunteer activities include:  The Humane Society, Chimney Rock National Monument, San Juan Mounted Patrol (assisting local sheriff’s Department), Habitat for Humanity, and assisting behind the scenes at the Performing Arts Center (Thingamajig Theatre).

And of course, there’s pickleball…
We met friends in our hometown pickleball club who introduced us to Palm Creek.  We first came for the Nationals to watch.  The next year we came back (for 2 months) and volunteered at the Nationals.  This being our third year we are staying for 5 months and have really jumped into the whole Palm Creek experience. 
I volunteer at the Pickleball membership table and as coordinator for the Ball Machines. 
Other interests include sewing, wood carving, wood shop, Native American flute playing, line dancing, pattern dancing, and fitness classes.

I enjoy meeting new people, talking with them, learning about their interests, and making them feel welcome.   As a member-at-large, I would listen to their feedback (positive and negative) and share that with the Board. Because of my ability to consider all sides of a situation I feel I would be an asset to the Board.   I hope I can count on your vote!

Nominations are now closed

Election: February 13, 2019
3PM - Meet the Candidates, elections to follow at 4PM

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 Elections

 Dear Member

This board of directors open position notice is to be activated and posted on January 8, 2019  and remains valid until midnight January 30, 2019.

We have just begun the last three months of our winter/spring, 2018/2019 season at Palm Creek Resort. It is time to turn our attention to the election of new Club Board members. Our Board consists of seven members; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) At Large Members. As you know we stagger our terms for officers so that we limit the number of Board members whose terms will end at the same time. This staggering of terms helps to assure we keep one-half of the Board's experienced members in place as the newly elected Board Members transition to create a new Board for the next year.
There is no Search Committee that knows all of our 900 Club Members, but collectively, you do. Help our Club find candidates that will keep this Club vibrant and forward thinking. Whether you would like to explore your options or it is someone you would like the Committee to speak to about a candidacy for a Board position, please contact any current Board member.

2018/2019 Open Board positions for Palm Creek Pickleball Club are:
President - two-year term
Secretary - two-year term
2 At Large Member Positions - two year term

Some of the duties and responsibilities for the open positions are: 

Provides Leadership and Direction for the Club
Presides over all Club meetings
Carries out Club Policies
Provides oversight of all Club functions
Develops a vision for the future success of the Club
Liaison between Club, Palm Creek Resort, USAPA and other entities
Nominates Directors and Committee Chairs (with Board approval)
Appoints interim replacements for Board openings (with Board approval)
Ensures all officers understand all Club and PCR rules and policies

Maintains Club's complete membership roster and ensures safekeeping of information
Sends emails to the membership
Issues notices of all meetings
Records minutes of all meetings
Conducts correspondence for the Club's business
Maintains Club History
Furnishes reports to the Board or others as needed
Tracks open items to completion
Liaison to the Blog
Maintains set of official Club Bylaws and Policies
Members (Directors) at Large
Members of the Executive Board elected to represent all members from beginners to the seasoned 5.0 player
Serves as ombudsmen to voice the opinions and views of all members
Reviews and offers input on how policies and procedures the Board proposes will affect the membership
Presents major issues of the membership to the board, with analysis of pertinent facts and a rationale for recommended actions
Assist the board as requested and support, promote and explain board decisions to the membership once that information is made official and published
May be appointed by the President as a liaison to club committees
Prior to elections, may serve on the recruitment team for nominations for the scheduled upcoming board vacancies

Please forward nominations in writing or by email, to David Wight: or drop off at site #133. Please write a brief biography to introduce yourself. Highlight achievements, pertinent experience, and club volunteer activities with which you were involved.  Your biography will be posted on the club blog/website for review by the membership and shall remain posted until the election is held on February 13, 2019. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION WILL BE Midnight, JANUARY 30, 2019.

For future reference, this is posted under club information.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

For the New Year

Jennifer Lucore - a 5.5 rated pro player published 7 New Year Resolutions

These 2 resolutions are very appropriate for our club. Our club grew to its amazing size because of enjoying who we play with and having fun
  1. Have Fun

    Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I know you’ve heard that before. Sure, it’s great to win, but not at the cost of getting upset with yourself, your partner or even your opponents. There’s enough turmoil in our daily lives, let’s keep the pickleball court our “fun” haven.
  2. Socialize Before and After Games

    Make a point to join your pickleball pals for off-court fun. It’s awesome to learn what everyone does (or did) in their professional lives. This pickleball “team” we’re all on consists of nothing short of amazing people; get to know them!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

As we say goodbye to 2018

We reflect on the loss of a very special and giving club member

Laurel Wineinger

Laurel and her husband Dean joined our pickleball club during the 2008-2009 season.
She was a regular at the courts and actively participated in Round Robins.  
Laurel did not lose any time, signing up for our Resident Tournament and winning a Gold Medal!  
It wasn't long until Laurel became a volunteer. She volunteered as a Round Robin Captain and coordinated all the photography for our resident and annual tournaments for four years.  She also took many photos over the years for this Blog. If not busy enough, she also was a coordinator for ordering our club shirts for two years!
Laurel was an active member of the photography club and participated in the annual photo shows.
When not at Palm Creek and not on the pickleball courts at home, she enjoyed RVing with Dean.
During the summer of 2014 Laurel suffered from a life-changing event. She tripped and consequently lost her ability to walk. She spent a great deal of time in rehab and was determined to return to Palm Creek to be with her friends.  With Dean being the best caretaker, they returned to Palm Creek for the 2016 Nationals.
As a testament to Laurel and Dean's generosity of spirit - we had a player who lost her guest housing the day before Nationals was to start, she had made her travel arrangements and was registered to play in the tournament.  We put out a plea for someone to step up.  Laurel and Dean were here only a day and volunteered to host this player! 
Truly inspirational, Laurel was frequently at the courts in her pink wheelchair, always with a smile, sometimes with her camera in hand and a determination to make the best of each day.

God has you in His keeping We have you in our hearts

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Wishing you a VERY MERRY

Twas the Night Before Christmas
When all Through the House,
Not a Creature was Stirring
Not even the Spouse.

When up on the Roof
There Arose Such a Clatter,
We sprang from our Bed
To see What was the Matter.

Then What to Our wondering
Eyes should Appear,
But a Chubby Old Elf
Sporting Pickleball Gear!

He Wasted no Time
But he Started to Dink,
Then Shouting a Challenge
He gave us a Wink.

We Slammed and We’d Lobbed
Then we started to Volley,
He placed his Kill Shot
Then got Oh So Jolly!

We Heard him Exclaim
As he Flew Out of Sight
Maybe Next Year with Practice
They’ll Put up A Fight!

HoHoHo... Merry Christmas Everyone!
Author Della Bass 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Pickleball Poem

Twas the night before Christmas                                                                   
And out on the courts
Were all types of people
In tennies and shorts.
All of them beaming and shouting with joy.
Happy as children with a new Christmas toy.
Out of their bags, colorful paddles appeared.
To the kitchen, they scurried, lined up, and cheered.
Let's dink it and drop it, let's volley and kill.
The balls started bouncing as if without will.
The sound from the paddles and balls as they rose moved all of the players to the tips of their toes.
Crosscourt and forward, balls started to fly
When appeared an old player with a wink in his eye.
Dressed in all red from his head to his toe.
A smile on his face and a warm, cheery glow.
0-0-2 he shouted as he served me the ball.
He moved like the wind, barely saw him at all.
Then all of a sudden, it was 11 to 0.
As we lightly touched paddles, he said he must go.
Before I asked where he disappeared in a haze,
But I heard his farewell while still in my daze
"Keep playing and laughing and having your fun!
Merry Pickleball to all, my work here is done!"

[A Poem By Greg LaVelle]

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Tournament season is coming upon us.
The Blog Calendar has been updated with tournaments for the season

The one you really do not want to miss is our Member Tournament:
  • The Tournament is Closed to Outsiders
  • Our Club Members volunteer to make this a "Great" Tournament for all of us
  • As a Fun Tournament, you do NOT need to be a member of USAPA to participate
  • Last year 398 club members played, this year it will be most of our club
  • In your weekly round robins ask one of the players to be your partner and to sign up with you
  • Look above the Calendar and you will see a Tab for "The Members Tournament" this will provide you with all the information you need!
Mark the Date on your Calendar Registration Opens on  December 20th!

The second Great tournament is our 16th Annual Tournament - Duel in the Desert:
  • Registration has opened and it appears that most events are full as are some waiting list.
  • Do not delay, right NOW take a look to see if there is something open in your Age and skill level, or if there is room on a wait list
  • If you are not able to register, by being a volunteer, you will be part an important participant in the success of this tournament

As to the other tournaments listed on the calendar, you need to look now, to see when registration closes. Some are closing soon. Others Registration will open after the first of the year.  
In most cases, you will need to be a USAPA member to participate. Like our Duel in the Desert be prepared for the better tournaments, to close registration quickly!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Nationals advertised $ 75,000 in prize money. 

It always seems to be a mystery as to who got paid what.  Jennifer Lucore got the scoop!

All Open Player winners were treated equally, young or old, playing singles or doubles. Something new, they paid for 4th place! 

The player winnings per open player:

   1st place =  $ 2,250
                                 2nd place = $1,300                                 
3rd place =  $  750
 4th place =  $  400