Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Graduates of the Referee Program

Thank YOU

Referees receiving their Certificates
Each year Tom and Jeanne Gearhart conduct a referee training program.  Members of our neighboring communities are invited to participate.  These volunteers need to complete the entire course to be certified. Which includes passing a 100 question test!

The following players  have successfully completed the program:
John Bass, Leslie Bateman, Russ Bryan, Harral Chastain, Barb Christie, Errol Fisher, Ken Flora, Claude Gauthier, Barb Hager, Joan Hagerty, Linda Hays, Ron Kenton, Cork Klages, George McCulley,George Mynatt, John Robertson, Lynda Saranchuk, Mel Saranchuk,Les Schumacher,       Tom Staite, Jim Terris, Bev Tithecott, Jay Winter and  Tim Hensley who travelled  from Gilbert, AZ

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