Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another Great Day

With Thanks to the numerous volunteers that make an event like this possible, just a few photos

Peggy Eburne and Joyce Todd
Part of our Medical Team

Color Day Teal/Blue
Tom Gearhart our Ref Co-ordinator
Wearing one of this years Club Shirts

The Club Shirts are a  huge hit this year - 350 Shirts were Purchased!
Thanks to Shirt Co-ordinators Reta Nussbaum, Stephanie Royo, assisted by Jill Purvis,
Sandy Smith, Lorraine Richter, Sharon VanderLinden and Randy White

Barb Hillman
Tournament Food Coordinator
Organized the Pizza Event for Day 2,  and has had "Cold Ones" on had for club members for afternoon refreshment

Chuck MacDonald
Too many task to list....

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