Friday, February 27, 2015

A Round of Applause

Round Robin Coordinator
Rosemary Nichol

For our Round Robin Captains:
Kimber Blunk, Bob Bonack, Randy Bourne, Don Bruce, Lynn Carlson, Donna and Vance Christiansen, Barb Christie, Sandra and Reed Cowen, Doug Duncomber, Karen and Errol Fisher, Patrick Gauvin, Jeanne and Tom Gearhart, Dennis Granger, Avis Gray, Linda and Jack Hays, Susan Hearn, Michel Hill, Ray Kocher, Lise Nolin, Larry Reid,  Joe Reineck, Charles Russell, Mel Saranchuk, Andy Schmaltz, Jerri and Jack Sedio, Joyce Staffen, Tom Staite. Lance Thiede, Bev Tithcott, Orla Wanless, Bill Wessel and Marge White

Captains gathered together for  their Volunteer Party

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