Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10th Annual Resident Tournament!!!

Friday (Feb 6th), during "Mentor Day"  We will need lots of volunteers to help with tournament setup. Be at the courts at 1:00 PM, we can get it all done in an hour or two. 

These activities have been planned for club members, remember to wear your badge.
Rest up and enjoy all the activities!!

1.  Meet and Greet at The Bistro,  Thursday, February 5, 5-7 PM
This fun event is for ALL Palm Creek Pickleball Club members. We're holding it on Thursday, February 5 at 5 - 7 PM at The Bistro. Come and enjoy great snacks and Jimmy John's Sandwiches, beer, pop...all at no charge... and listen to the easy sounds of a great DJ. Meet your fellow tournament players and get your MoJo working for what should be a wonderful tournament. BYOB if you want something besides Beer and Pop!

2.  Mentor Day at The Courts, Friday, February 6, 10 AM - 2 PM
On Friday, February 6, we cancel all organized events on the courts so all members, not just tournament players, can enjoy a full day of Open Play. Come with your partner or by yourself and also enjoy a chance to be Mentored on a skill or technique or strategy of your choosing. it's easy and free...just come to the Mentor Sign-in Table near Big Blue South on Friday between 10 AM and 2 PM. We will try to have a number of mentors available during that period and will point you to one who may have the skill you are looking for...and just in time for the tournament, too!.

3.  Tournament Pizza Party at The Courts, 
approx. 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Last year, the Tournament Director had a great idea. If he provided pizza during the late-afternoon time of the medal matches on our middle day, our longest of the three tournament days, perhaps people would stick around and watch the medal matches and even line-judge!  This was a wonderful idea, as it turns out, and not only did it work to fill the bleachers during medal play but we had line-judges to spare! So this year we're doing it again! Free Pizza, Beer and Pop for ALL Palm Creek Pickleball Club Members...(Bring Your Badge with your Pickleball Sticker on it, or prepare to purchase one at the courts!)...with "staggered delivery" starting from about 4:30 on. Grab a slice or two, your favorite beverage and enjoy some of the best medal play at the Residents' Tournament!

4.  After-Pizza Dance! 
, February
, approx. 6:00 PM, at The Sports Pavilion (behind the ball field next to the snack shack)
This is a new event. It just seemed fitting to have a little more celebration to go with the Pizza, so after the matches c'mon over, bring a more adult beverage if that's your choice (Beer and Pop provided) and Dance 'til Dawn...or at least 8:00 or the music of our favorite DJ! And this guy not only knows sixteen "Electric Slide" songs, he has all the Animal Dances down pat, too!  (The Chicken Dance, The name it!) Bring your dancing shoes and boogie!

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