Thursday, February 5, 2015

Meet and Greet:
Hope you are looking forward to a fun time tonight, please remember to wear your Badge

This is time of  year, I post these friendly reminders:

Official rule:
You do not want your favorite team to lose a point 
 12.L. Coaching. Players may consult with any person during time-outs and between games. Once the game has begun, except during time-outs, any communication between a player and any person not on the court, if determined by the referee to be coaching, shall result in a technical warning to the offending player or team and a verbal warning to spectators. If the communication occurs a second time, it shall result in a technical foul and a point will be awarded to the opponent. (Revised February, 2013) 

Spectator Court Etiquette:
Applaud great play, regardless of which team won the point
Do not applaud when an error is made 
Do not sit or stand in front of other spectators, in such a way that you block their view
Do not talk to a line judge during a match
If a player needs medical help - seek out one of the medical volunteers immediately

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