Monday, February 22, 2016

Medal Winner...


Leisure World Tournament
Duke Haas

4th Annual Club Dance

 "The Jukebox Theme"

The annual dance has become the event of the season.  Tickets sold out in 10 days, additional tables were added to accommodate, January arrivals. 261 partied ! (102 more than the first dance) 

Sandra Cowen and Mary Duncan

Mary and Sandy put an incredible team of volunteers together to carry out the theme!

Love the poodle skirt and shirts, saddle shoes and the guys wearing "muscle shirts"

The Soda Jerks greeted partiers with Root Bear Floats!!!
Don Bruce & Lorraine Bladon, Jack & Linda Hayes
Pete Reynolds & Linda McAdam, Tom & Della Staite
Alex & Shirley Gendron

The  dance theme was carried out in the ballroom, thanks to our talented decorators!
Tedd & Mary Duncan, Reed & Sandra Cohen, Anna Terris, Vicky MacDonald,
Kathy Baker, Barry Halloway, Susan Mavor, Don Halloway, Donna Corbett,
 Kerry Hawthorne, Jodie Macdonald and Nina Fields

There is Always a Contest

The Paddle Poem Competition
Amazing Creativity - Table 12 was declared the winners
Record medals were awarded to the men and  Fashion Glasses for the Ladies

The Hula Hoop Contest 
Hotly Contested
Della Bass and Marsh Freso (not shown) rocked or more accurately walked it!
They tied in the women's division
Randy Bourne and Gary Baker duelled it out, with Gary winning!
Special thanks to Al Hager and Maurice Parobec for donating the pickleball paddles for prizes

Pickleball Players
  Partied All Night Long

A special thanks to all the volunteers who made the dance a success 
Mary Duncan

Friday, February 19, 2016

Club Shirt Update

Ordered a Club Shirt?  
Mark your Calendar 

Pick Up: Tuesday - February 23rd 
               12:30 - 2:30
               Ocotillo Room

Monday, February 15, 2016

Medal Winners ..........


Palm Dessert 
 Bob Sester

Steve Carter - Les Franke - Byron Freso

2016 All City
Les Franke

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Updates and a Little Fun

Duel in the Desert:
Last day to register 2/15/16 -  if your bracket has not been closed and you are a USAPA member

Club Information:
Club Roster: Is updated on a regular basis, check your information.  Accurate skill levels are very important. The stats are used for planning both Clinics and Court  Play Schedule.
Easy to do: E-mail Kate Perrie -    or stop by the welcome/information table and we will make a note of the change for the next roster

Medals:  The link for "Members Tournament Medal Winners"  will remain on the Blog until next year's Member Tournament.  The link for "Medal Winners" during the season is updated on a tournament by tournament basis!

A lot more helpful information in this section

Club Policies:
Has it's own section - if you have a question, this is a good place to check

Club Minutes:
Missed a club meeting? - The minutes will bring you up to date

Welcome - Information Table:
Volunteers are  available,  Monday - Friday from 10 AM - 2 PM.
This table  assist in "Club Memberships", "USAPA Memberships and Renewals",
Club Pins, and Rule Books are almost all gone.
Questions? If we do not have the answer, we will get the answer for you!

Some Fun
You thought some days, were a little too cold, or there was too much wind, take a look at this quick

Another Chance to Give
Typically players do not come to the courts with their wallets or  with paddles they no longer use

We have a unique opportunity to help bring pickleball to the Philippines
Request for paddles (the ones that you no longer use) and Cash Donations (no donation is too small)
Receipts for tax purposes will be provided by the ministry

Donations accepted at the Welcome - Information table  until Thursday February 18th

Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Member Pickleball Tournament Photos

From: Tournament Director
           Bob Vanderlinden

Here are links to the photos taken at the Member Tournament in our Tournament Dropbox storage area. Don't miss you and your friend's medal and action pics. Unfortunately, some of them are stored for the ages! Sorry, but we were just not able to get everyone.

Be patient as the site opens. If there are many pictures it may take a moment or so. Depending on your computer resolution, the photos will appear in a table format. It might appear that some of the them are cut off, but that is a function of how the thumbnail shows. You can scroll through the table and click on a picture. Once you are seeing the single picture, you will then have the option to arrow though the pictures. You can also download the picture.
 The pictures have been reduced to take up less space. If you need to get larger images (within reason) you can contact Tom Gottfried at:

I'd like to thank the Photography Team for the wonderful pics: Tom Gottfried and Kathie Baker are the team leads. Their team consisted of :
Butch Cottrell         Irene Langlois                Lisa Haas                              Nancy Archibald
Jim Conard             Ken Wolfe                    Karen Groshong                     Joanne Maurier
Sat Feb 6
Sun Feb 7
Mon Feb 8

Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Member Tournament Summary and More

Tournament Director
Bob Vanderlinden

From our Tournament Director
301 Players
40 Brackets
534 Matches Played
181 Medal Winners - 43 had 2 Medals;  20 had 3 Medals
151 Have USAPA Membership - Sign Up!
73  were USAPA Rated
42 2.5 Players 
79 3.0 Players 
1 Player 80+,
21 Players 75+
111 3.5's - Largest group by far
Sat:  103 Teams
Sun:  86 Teams
Mon: 119 Teams
Great Social on Friday
280 people enjoyed pizza on Saturday 

"Thank You" to the army of volunteers that made this tournament a success
Pictures are almost ready to post
Medal winners are now linked under Club Information

Jerry Logemann
Line Judge Coordinator

The Man behind the Logies Liners -PC Liners -50-50 Liners -  PITA Liners - Blues Liners
On the first day, it was curious hearing these names being called to report to a particular court.
For the first time, at one of our tournaments, we had teams on board to line judge medal matches.
Jerry is looking to form 10 more teams for Duel in the Desert.  Ready to volunteer? Contact Jerry - Site 16.  Be one of the first groups to help make this program a success!

 On Left Justin  Maloof - USAPA Executive Director
Center - Lisa Harold - Palm Creek's General Manager
Right - Donna Christiansen - Club President
Not in picture Bob Vanderlinden

When a great tournament was in it's final hours - Bob, Donna and Lisa were on deck with Justin to announce:
           Palm Creek will be the sole host for 
Nationals VIII and Nationals IX

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Elected to the Board

Newly elected ,the new board members will take their seats,  April 1, 2016

Congratulations !!!

David Wight
Vice President

Don Bruce

Susan Baldwin

Tom Lindley
Director at Large


We have a unique opportunity to help bring pickleball to the Philippines

Request for paddles (the ones that you no longer use) and Cash Donations
Receipts for tax purposes will be provided by the ministry

One day only to help

Thursday ( February 12th)  from  10 AM - 2 PM
Donations can be made at the Welcome - Information table at the courts

Monday, February 8, 2016

10th Members Tournament

Hats off to the Tournament Team and
The many volunteers who helped make
 This a Great Tournament

The Many Hats of Pickleball Spectators

Great Play 
68 Medals Awarded Men's  Age/Skill Division
40 Medals Awarded Women's Skill Division
Today's Results

The Future Face of Kettle Corn and Lemonade

Medal Picture Tuesday Morning 9:30 AM at the courts
Spread the Word

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Members Tournament rocks on....

More Great Play 
54 Medals Awarded Mixed Doubles
Today's Results

Cheer on our tournament players  Monday
Women's Doubles - Skill Division
Men's Doubles - Age Division by Skill

Group medal picture will be taken at courts 
Tuesday 9:30 AM

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekend Fun Continues

Great Play 
48 Medals Awarded Men's Skill Division
52 Medals Awarded Women's Age/Skill Division
Today's Results

Cheer on our tournament players  Sunday and Monday

On the Side Lines
Visit and Support our Sponsors

Pro-Lite - PaddleTek - GearBox - Manta

Kettle Corn -  Cold Stone Creamery

Casa Grande Wellness - Juice Plus - One Accord Physical Therapy - Casa Grande Chiropractic - Aramas - Sharp Vision - Isagenix - 62 Miracle Hand Cream

Pickleball  "Shopping"
Pickleball Bling - A Real Pickle - Lola Bella - Designs by Dorothy
Pickleball Cards and Art by Helen Carlson

USAPA - Information Table
A few rule books left - $5 - Club Pins - $2  - Club Membership - $20 
USAPA Membership -  1 yr $25  additional rates for multiple years

See you at the courts

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Upcoming Great Weekend and Great Weather!

Our Members Tournament is one of our favorite club events
The entire club has a reason to be at the courts:
  •  tournament players - will be competing for the "Gold"
  •  volunteers  - will make the tournament and events possible
  •  spectators - cheer your club members on to "Victory"
  •  an opportunity for many to attend their first pickleball tournament
  •  USAPA table will be on hand  to answer questions. We will also be doing club memberships,  and selling club pins $2, we have few rule books for $5 and  more...
Friday February 5          Mentor Day At The Courts - No Organized Play 
Open Play - Mentors on the courts all day Focus is on Tournament Play.
On Friday, February 5, we cancel all organized events on the courts so all members, not just tournament players, can enjoy a full day of Open Play. Come with your partner or by yourself and also enjoy a chance to be Mentored on a skill or technique or strategy of your choosing. It's easy and free...just come to the Mentor Sign-in Table near Big Blue South on Friday between 10 AM and 2 PM. We will try to have a number of mentors available during that period and will point you to one who may have the skill you are looking for...and just in time for the tournament, too!

Member Social and Happy Hour:  4 PM at the Sports Pavilion. BYOB. Light snacks provided. Come by and socialize with your Pickleball Friends and tournament players.  A great opportunity to meet the "Candidates" for our upcoming election

Saturday February 6 
The Medal Round Pizza Party (Approx. 3PM)  Club Members/Volunteers Only - Stay and watch your friends that made it to the medal rounds. Cheer on your favorites!
Pizza Cooked On Site. $1 Pizza! $1 Salad!  Beverages available by donation.  Bring Your Badge with your Pickleball Sticker on it, or prepare to purchase one at the courts!  Grab some pizza, a salad and your favorite beverage and enjoy some of the best medal play at the Member Tournament! 

2016 New Certificated Ref's
will be  a part of our official  Ref team this weekend 

Saturday 2/6  Women's Age Doubles   -  Men's Skill Doubles  
Sunday 2/7     Mixed Skill Doubles  

Monday 2/8   Men's Age Doubles  - Women's Skill Doubles  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Medals ..........


Mission Royale Tournament
Randy Bourne - Carol Lindow - Marsha + Byron Freso - Mike Cooper - Les Franke
Gary Baker - Patti Decker - Maurice Parobec
Not in Picture - Colin Caldwell -  LeRoy Schmidt

Monday, February 1, 2016

Nominees for Upcoming Election

Bio for Vice President

David Wight, age 58
Married to Sherry Wight
Raised in South Pasadena, California
Graduated from Pasadena City College, Construction and Apprentice Program

Relocated to Sonoma County, California and began business as a General Contractor.  I managed 30 employees and many subcontractors.  I have built many custom homes, mostly on the Sonoma Coast.

I volunteered for many community projects and fundraisers such as:

1.  Vice President of the Cloverdale Lions Club

2.  Vice President and President of the North Coast Wine and Visitors Center

3.  Served on the Executive Board of the Imaginists Theater Company

4.  Volunteered for the Alicia Rusch Burn Foundation for the past 12 years

We moved to Palm Creek last year in our R.V.  Within 2 weeks we bought a park model.  This is where we will spend our winters.  The driving factor was the Pickleball Club and the many facilities here at the park.

I volunteered last season for several events with the Pickleball Club.  This season I have volunteered for the sponsorship and vendor programs for both of our local tournaments.

I feel I would be an asset to the board serving as Vice President.
Thank you for your support.

David Wight

Bio for Treasurer

Don Bruce
Treasurer Candidate

This has been my 4th year in Palm Creek and I have seen the dramatic increase in the Membership over that time.

In the past years here I have been a Round Robin Captain, Mentor, and this year am the Membership Coordinator.  I play at a 3.5 rating level. Through these positions I have gotten to know the operation of the club reasonably well.

I operated for about 6 years as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Prince George Squash Association which was a club of about 250 members.  Although not as large as this club, it gave me experience in what is required of a Treasurer.  In those days the books were kept in a book, and now everything is being done by computer.  I am currently learning the appropriate program and do not for see any great problem in adapting to this method of keeping the books.

I have had my own company since 1997 which is an Oil and Gas Design and Maintenance engineering firm in Alberta, Canada.  I have worked on many of the large diameter oil and gas pipelines that have been designed in Canada and some of which have been built.  I retired in 2015 after trying to do so a number of times!

I look forward to being Treasurer and working with the rest of the Palm Creek Pickleball Club executive to keep this club and its membership growing.

Bio for Secretary

My name is Susan Baldwin and I am pleased to place my name in nomination for secretary of our pickleball club.  While I am a fairly new resident in Palm Creek (one year), I have been visiting my sister, Connie (Emerson) for the past sixteen years.  Ron and I live here 6-7 months each year enjoying pickleball, golf, softball and our other great activities.  We spend the rest of the year in northern Nevada in the Reno area.
My career prior to retirement was in public education where I spent over 36 years as a high school teacher, coach and administrator.  During that time, I served on many committees and participated in a variety of associations at the local, state and national level.
I started playing pickleball last year and am totally hooked.  I like participating in our Round Robins, shoot-outs, partner and open play as well as tournaments.  We are very fortunate to have such a great club and facility here in Palm Creek and, in order to continue this excellence, it takes many dedicated people offering to serve our membership.
I believe I possess the personal skills to perform the job of club secretary utilizing my strengths of organization and communication, friendliness and collegiality.  I am skilled in using computers and a quick study for any areas that may need additional knowledge.  I thank you in advance for considering my candidacy.

Bio for Director At Large

Hello, I am seeking the position of member at large. This is my 3rd year at Palm Creek, 2nd year as an annual. My wife, Sandy, and I are currently shadowing the raffle coordinator position and will be the lead next year. I also work with Chuck helping the 2.5 & 3.0 players.

Before I retired, I was a State School Auditor in northern California. I was active in the community, being a vol. fireman for 37 years, city planning commission 7 years, and a city councilman 7 years. I look forward to representing the club members.

Thank you, Tom Lindley

site #1742
cell # 530-230-8001