Sunday, February 14, 2016

Updates and a Little Fun

Duel in the Desert:
Last day to register 2/15/16 -  if your bracket has not been closed and you are a USAPA member

Club Information:
Club Roster: Is updated on a regular basis, check your information.  Accurate skill levels are very important. The stats are used for planning both Clinics and Court  Play Schedule.
Easy to do: E-mail Kate Perrie -    or stop by the welcome/information table and we will make a note of the change for the next roster

Medals:  The link for "Members Tournament Medal Winners"  will remain on the Blog until next year's Member Tournament.  The link for "Medal Winners" during the season is updated on a tournament by tournament basis!

A lot more helpful information in this section

Club Policies:
Has it's own section - if you have a question, this is a good place to check

Club Minutes:
Missed a club meeting? - The minutes will bring you up to date

Welcome - Information Table:
Volunteers are  available,  Monday - Friday from 10 AM - 2 PM.
This table  assist in "Club Memberships", "USAPA Memberships and Renewals",
Club Pins, and Rule Books are almost all gone.
Questions? If we do not have the answer, we will get the answer for you!

Some Fun
You thought some days, were a little too cold, or there was too much wind, take a look at this quick

Another Chance to Give
Typically players do not come to the courts with their wallets or  with paddles they no longer use

We have a unique opportunity to help bring pickleball to the Philippines
Request for paddles (the ones that you no longer use) and Cash Donations (no donation is too small)
Receipts for tax purposes will be provided by the ministry

Donations accepted at the Welcome - Information table  until Thursday February 18th

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