Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Member Pickleball Tournament Photos

From: Tournament Director
           Bob Vanderlinden

Here are links to the photos taken at the Member Tournament in our Tournament Dropbox storage area. Don't miss you and your friend's medal and action pics. Unfortunately, some of them are stored for the ages! Sorry, but we were just not able to get everyone.

Be patient as the site opens. If there are many pictures it may take a moment or so. Depending on your computer resolution, the photos will appear in a table format. It might appear that some of the them are cut off, but that is a function of how the thumbnail shows. You can scroll through the table and click on a picture. Once you are seeing the single picture, you will then have the option to arrow though the pictures. You can also download the picture.
 The pictures have been reduced to take up less space. If you need to get larger images (within reason) you can contact Tom Gottfried at:

I'd like to thank the Photography Team for the wonderful pics: Tom Gottfried and Kathie Baker are the team leads. Their team consisted of :
Butch Cottrell         Irene Langlois                Lisa Haas                              Nancy Archibald
Jim Conard             Ken Wolfe                    Karen Groshong                     Joanne Maurier
Sat Feb 6
Sun Feb 7
Mon Feb 8

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