Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Member Tournament Summary and More

Tournament Director
Bob Vanderlinden

From our Tournament Director
301 Players
40 Brackets
534 Matches Played
181 Medal Winners - 43 had 2 Medals;  20 had 3 Medals
151 Have USAPA Membership - Sign Up!
73  were USAPA Rated
42 2.5 Players 
79 3.0 Players 
1 Player 80+,
21 Players 75+
111 3.5's - Largest group by far
Sat:  103 Teams
Sun:  86 Teams
Mon: 119 Teams
Great Social on Friday
280 people enjoyed pizza on Saturday 

"Thank You" to the army of volunteers that made this tournament a success
Pictures are almost ready to post
Medal winners are now linked under Club Information

Jerry Logemann
Line Judge Coordinator

The Man behind the Logies Liners -PC Liners -50-50 Liners -  PITA Liners - Blues Liners
On the first day, it was curious hearing these names being called to report to a particular court.
For the first time, at one of our tournaments, we had teams on board to line judge medal matches.
Jerry is looking to form 10 more teams for Duel in the Desert.  Ready to volunteer? Contact Jerry - Site 16.  Be one of the first groups to help make this program a success!

 On Left Justin  Maloof - USAPA Executive Director
Center - Lisa Harold - Palm Creek's General Manager
Right - Donna Christiansen - Club President
Not in picture Bob Vanderlinden

When a great tournament was in it's final hours - Bob, Donna and Lisa were on deck with Justin to announce:
           Palm Creek will be the sole host for 
Nationals VIII and Nationals IX

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