Monday, February 22, 2016

4th Annual Club Dance

 "The Jukebox Theme"

The annual dance has become the event of the season.  Tickets sold out in 10 days, additional tables were added to accommodate, January arrivals. 261 partied ! (102 more than the first dance) 

Sandra Cowen and Mary Duncan

Mary and Sandy put an incredible team of volunteers together to carry out the theme!

Love the poodle skirt and shirts, saddle shoes and the guys wearing "muscle shirts"

The Soda Jerks greeted partiers with Root Bear Floats!!!
Don Bruce & Lorraine Bladon, Jack & Linda Hayes
Pete Reynolds & Linda McAdam, Tom & Della Staite
Alex & Shirley Gendron

The  dance theme was carried out in the ballroom, thanks to our talented decorators!
Tedd & Mary Duncan, Reed & Sandra Cohen, Anna Terris, Vicky MacDonald,
Kathy Baker, Barry Halloway, Susan Mavor, Don Halloway, Donna Corbett,
 Kerry Hawthorne, Jodie Macdonald and Nina Fields

There is Always a Contest

The Paddle Poem Competition
Amazing Creativity - Table 12 was declared the winners
Record medals were awarded to the men and  Fashion Glasses for the Ladies

The Hula Hoop Contest 
Hotly Contested
Della Bass and Marsh Freso (not shown) rocked or more accurately walked it!
They tied in the women's division
Randy Bourne and Gary Baker duelled it out, with Gary winning!
Special thanks to Al Hager and Maurice Parobec for donating the pickleball paddles for prizes

Pickleball Players
  Partied All Night Long

A special thanks to all the volunteers who made the dance a success 
Mary Duncan

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