Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Thanks

Club Shirts
 Stephanie Royo and Reta Nussbaum
As coordinators for two years they spent numerous hours behind the scenes 
selecting shirts, attending meetings and processing paperwork. 
 Each season  they set up twice to take and distributed orders.

The Welcome - Information Table
Lynn Whipple - Shirley Gendron - Pat Lafleur- Lorraine Richter - Sherry Ziemkowski
Rosemary Reese ( Coordinator) - Cindy Nelson - Susan Kimbley - Lynda Tebo
not in picture - Rosie Angelo and Marge Lind
These volunteers welcomed new members and existing members, with warm smiles,They assisted with club memberships, USAPA memberships, and had applications on hand for Pickleball Canada   they a sold club pins and USAPA rule books. They provided answers and promoted both our club and Palm Creek

The Photographers
  Barb Schmidt - for several years has taken the Medal pictures for the Blog
Stephanie Royo - for the past two years has been on board as the Blog photographer
Kathie Baker - for the past two years has been our Portrait photographer
Tom Gottfried - has joined us this year as our Event photographer
They have all contributed to Tournament Photo's

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Volunteers help Club Members improve their game

Our club is very fortunate to have such a large number of volunteers, who give freely of their time to provide a better experience for their fellow club members.

All who volunteered, have continued to make our Training Program, the best in the country. They spent countless hours  preparing the curriculum in addition to time on the courts,

"The Mentors"
This team assisted new players at the 2.0 and 2.5 skill level
Sandra Cowen -   Annette Hanson  - Maureen Bialowas  
Joyce Staffen - Carol Lindow - Bill Pitzl
      Steve Fischer - Ken Johnson -Randy Bourne - Maurice Parobec  
 Marsha + Byron Freso - Don Bruce
 Not shown in picture: Kimber Blunk - Kerry Butterfield - Jane Cassie
Lynn Carlson - Barbara Christie -Mike Cooper - Ro Dechamps - Terry Esch
Alex Gendron - Sandi Hubbick - Clint + Sylver Hunter - Darlene Mauro
Maurice Parobec - Ross Perkin - John Robertson - Stephanie Royo
Mel Saranchuck - Steve York - Bill Young

"The Clinic Team"
After another very successful season our Training Team has delivered 20 Skills Clinics to 444 students. Congratulations and thanks to all who have participated in supporting this program! 
Front Row:Marsha Freso, Les Scott, Jean Gearhart, Linda Hays, Jocelyn Barr(Training Support Coord), Wanda Cassidy(Training Admin), Joyce Staffen, Carol Lindow, Ross Perkin and Lance Thiede. Back Row: Bill Pitzl, Tom Gearhart, Gilles Fillion, Chuck MacDonald(Director Training), Irene Fraties, AJ Fraties, Leroy Schmidt, Maurice Parobec, Lynn Carlson, Wayne Kennedy, Barb Schmidt, Byron Freso and Barry Holloway.

         Image result for pickleball simon    Image result for pickleball simon
 Thanks to Ken Purvis for holding clinics on how to productively use Simon and Tutor

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And the medals go to:

Southern Arizona Senior Games
Les Franke

Spring Slam at Sun City
Lance Thiede - Gary Baker - Byron Freso

 Fun in the Sun
 Steve Fischer - Bill Pitzel - Steve Carter - Maurice Parobec - Byron Freso
not in picture Judy Arnold

Robson Ranch
Bill Pitzel - Steve Carter - Ross Perkin - Carol Lindow - Randy Bourne  
Kerry Hawthorne - Maurice Parobec - Byron Freso
 Debbie Henwood - Steve Fischer - Marsha Freso - Patti Decker - Mike Cooper  


Reminder: We will start group photos again in November. In the interim, if you medal in a tournament, please e-mail me the details and a picture!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Final Meeting of the Season

Lisa Harold - Palm Creeks General Manager and Board Members
Lisa addressed the membership and recognized the great job done by our club's volunteers

Roger Fellows - Treasurer
Delivers his final Treasure's report after almost 4 years of serving the club in this position

Bob Vanderlinden
On behalf of the club membership, the board presented Bob, with a "Duel in the Desert"
paddle in recognition for serving 2 years as Tournament Director

All the details from this months meeting are posted in the club minutes

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It is The Best of Times

 The dawn's early light on the best pickleball facility in the world

The venue is ready for the best tournament ever

Lisa Harold Palm Creek General Manager on hand
with Jack Hayes and Bob Vanderlinden for opening ceremonies

The Command Center - open from start to finish
to mange 26 Brackets and the play schedule of 371 teams

The Gearheart's coordinated 120 Referees

120 Referees officiated 690 matches

"Liner Teams of 4" - called to the courts to
line judge medal matches!

Ken Davenport "The Voice of Pickleball"
announcer for 690 matches

450 Gallons of Water kept all hydrated!

191 Bags of Ice kept the water cold

Marg Ouimet - Medical Coordinator
Medical team prepared to help all in need

800 Cups of Coffee

Byron Freso and his Drone
took fabulous pictures!

Raffle Coordinator Reta Nussbaum and team
Increased sales over last year by 25% - Wow!

Wanda Cassidy and John Robertson
Coordinator's of  a Very Successful 
Sponsor and Vendor Program
Creating Pickleball Shopping Heaven

Saturday's Medal Round Pizza
401 Attendees enjoyed Pizza, (8 gluten free) and 87 Salads
$1 for all you can eat pizza ! Seriously!!

Palm Creek Medal Winners
88 Club members played in the tournament
130 Out of State Players came to complete
241 players are USAPA Rated
The largest age group - 65+ with 167 players
The largest skill level - 3.5 with 175 players followed by
3.0 with 127 players and 4.0 with 121 players
Male Players - 296   Female Players - 223
142 Medal Winners  - 22 from Palm Creek

Our Sincere Appreciation and Thanks
The Tournament Committee spent countless hours and 
held numerous meetings to insure tournament success! 
Bob Vanderlinden - Roger Fellows - Chuck MacDonald - Lynn Raph
Judy White - Diane Weyant

      The most Understanding Wife and the Best Tournament Director
Sharon and Bob Vanderlinden

And to the 
ground troops of  80+ Volunteers

 Let Freedom Fly

Friday, March 11, 2016

2016 Duel In The Desert Photo Links

From Bob Vanderlinden:

Special thanks to Tom Gottfried, our Club Photographer, and Kathie Baker for planning all the photo shoots for the tournament and their team:
Butch Cutrell
Tom Coopman
Joanne Maurier
Karen Groshong

Byron Freso brought his drone and took aerial pics of our complex.  Thanks Byron! 

2016 Volunteer Party - What a great time!  Thanks to Barb and her team for the great event.  Thanks to Ross Perkin for running the "colorful" round robin.

Wednesday March 2
·         Scott Moore Clinic
·         Social

Thursday March 3
·         Action Shots
·         Medals
·         Opening

Friday March 4
·         Action Shots
·         Medals

Saturday March 5
·         Action Shots
·         Medals
Sunday March 6
·         Action Shots
·         Medals


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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation and "FUN" Tournament

Barb Parobec

When Barb heads up "Food" and"Fun" you are guaranteed to have a great time.  The next photo illustrates  in addition to a delicious breakfast prepared and served by Palm Creek,  breakfast had it's own special kick, referred to as "Orange Juice Plus"

Randy and Judy Bourne served juice straight up
Karen Kohlman Brenda and Dan Jmaeff were on board to
serve juice with a kick

The Raffle Prize table was a mile long

"The Volunteers"

After breakfast the volunteers gathered for photo and were given a heartfelt thank you by our Board President - Donna Christiansen and Tournament Director Bob Vanderlinden

Ross Perkin

Ross is the master of the"Fun Tournament " As director Ross organized play for 140 volunteers, 10 teams  with 14 players for each team.  Teams were identified by "Color" if you were the "Green Team" your captain was by the Green Balloons, with Green streamers for you to wear as identification and each player was assigned a partner for the tournament.  Courts were preassigned by team and Ross with his air horn, kept each game to 15 minutes. Each team rotated with 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off the court. With the entire tournament taking 2 hours!! 

"The Pickleball Toss"

Each Team selected 2 players for the toss, dollars were given for successful toss's that were than factored into the tournament scores

 Tournament Winners

 "The White Team"
 Awarded Medals with white ribbons!

 Volunteers had a fun morning,this was a Super Thank you

 Thank you to the teams of volunteers that made this event happen!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Duel in the Desert - Club Members


Back Row: Duke Haas - Steve Carter - Byron Freso 
 LeRoy Schmidt - Lance Thiede - Lynn Carlson - Steve Fischer - Bill Pitzel
              Standing: Gloria Mason - Randy Bourne - Carol Lindow    
Colin Caldwell - Al Hager - Marsha Freso
         Front Row: Gary Baker -  Barb Schmidt - Cheryl Anderson  
Dave Touchet - Patti Decker - Sherry Wight  
Not in Picture - Irene Fraties - Ron Groshong - David Rash

In  our highly competitive USAPA Sanctioned Tier 2 Tournament 
Our Club Members won  medals at every skill level for a
Total of 31 Medals!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Join the Fun

Final Day of
Duel in the Desert

Come to the Courts and Join the Fun

Competitive Women's Double Matches  are sure to demonstrate great pickleball
Great opportunity to shop -  All things pickleball  - Paddles, Clothing, Jewelry....
Enjoy lunch and  a treat, Coldstone Creamery, Kettle Corn ...
Last day of the Information Table for the season, you can conveniently:
Join the club for $ 20
Join or renew USAPA Membership $25, $68, $110 ..
2016 Rule book almost sold out $5
Palm Creek Pickleball Club Pin $2
Available to answer your questions

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Duel in the Desert Rocks

Another great day at the courts, this year the tournament has established another great practice.
Spectators are no longer tapped on the shoulder to line judge.  Teams of 4 line judges are organized  and scheduled prior to the tournament

Jerry Logemann
Created and Coordinator
of the Liner Teams

The First Female Liner Team
The "EyeLiners"
Terri Elletson - Susan Baldwin - Shirley Gendron - Lou Ann Billig

The Start of Day 2

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