Thursday, March 10, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation and "FUN" Tournament

Barb Parobec

When Barb heads up "Food" and"Fun" you are guaranteed to have a great time.  The next photo illustrates  in addition to a delicious breakfast prepared and served by Palm Creek,  breakfast had it's own special kick, referred to as "Orange Juice Plus"

Randy and Judy Bourne served juice straight up
Karen Kohlman Brenda and Dan Jmaeff were on board to
serve juice with a kick

The Raffle Prize table was a mile long

"The Volunteers"

After breakfast the volunteers gathered for photo and were given a heartfelt thank you by our Board President - Donna Christiansen and Tournament Director Bob Vanderlinden

Ross Perkin

Ross is the master of the"Fun Tournament " As director Ross organized play for 140 volunteers, 10 teams  with 14 players for each team.  Teams were identified by "Color" if you were the "Green Team" your captain was by the Green Balloons, with Green streamers for you to wear as identification and each player was assigned a partner for the tournament.  Courts were preassigned by team and Ross with his air horn, kept each game to 15 minutes. Each team rotated with 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off the court. With the entire tournament taking 2 hours!! 

"The Pickleball Toss"

Each Team selected 2 players for the toss, dollars were given for successful toss's that were than factored into the tournament scores

 Tournament Winners

 "The White Team"
 Awarded Medals with white ribbons!

 Volunteers had a fun morning,this was a Super Thank you

 Thank you to the teams of volunteers that made this event happen!

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