Friday, March 25, 2016

Our Thanks

Club Shirts
 Stephanie Royo and Reta Nussbaum
As coordinators for two years they spent numerous hours behind the scenes 
selecting shirts, attending meetings and processing paperwork. 
 Each season  they set up twice to take and distributed orders.

The Welcome - Information Table
Lynn Whipple - Shirley Gendron - Pat Lafleur- Lorraine Richter - Sherry Ziemkowski
Rosemary Reese ( Coordinator) - Cindy Nelson - Susan Kimbley - Lynda Tebo
not in picture - Rosie Angelo and Marge Lind
These volunteers welcomed new members and existing members, with warm smiles,They assisted with club memberships, USAPA memberships, and had applications on hand for Pickleball Canada   they a sold club pins and USAPA rule books. They provided answers and promoted both our club and Palm Creek

The Photographers
  Barb Schmidt - for several years has taken the Medal pictures for the Blog
Stephanie Royo - for the past two years has been on board as the Blog photographer
Kathie Baker - for the past two years has been our Portrait photographer
Tom Gottfried - has joined us this year as our Event photographer
They have all contributed to Tournament Photo's

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