Monday, October 28, 2013

Updates and Reminders

Ladies Inter-Community now has a new name -
"Ladies Interleague" and it is going to start on November 6th.
The 4.0+ and 3.5 groups will be comprised of rated players only.
Their Captains are Barb Schmidt and Lise Nolin, respectively.

 3.0 rated players are scarce at Palm Creek (The USAPA has 233 women rated 3.0).  We are looking for competitive 3.0 players, who think they may look to be rated this year and are hoping to play in our local tournaments at the end of the season.  At the onset of the season, you will be playing at Robson Ranch on Wednesday's at Noon. (Also looking for a captain for this group)
Interested? Please e-mail me at

A Reminder:
The Prem Carnot Clinic in November is filling up fast, don't delay. Read the post on October 12, for details. This clinic is Palm Creek Residents only.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Court Shade

We seem to never have a shortage of volunteers, it looks as if lacing the shade in place is more than a little tedious

Photos Courtesy of Sue Hepler

Speaking of volunteers, I am in need this season of a 
Blog Photographer, if your interested please e-mail me,
I will be happy to outline the tasks 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Membership Fees for the new Season

Palm Creek Pickleball Club Members
Last year at the April Board of Directors meeting the board approved a few minor changes to the schedule of fees charged to pay for Pickleball play and ongoing court operations.  The schedule is as follows:

Seasonal pass purchased:
November 15th through   January 31st   $20.00

 February       $15.00
 March              $10.00
Less than one month, $3.00 per week
Pay as you go, $1.00 per venue
Incidental, play such as someone in the park for a couple of days (less than one week) or a guest of a player, no charge.  New players taking lessons will not be charged until they move into 2.5 or decide they just want to play in open play.
Sandi Feller has been serving as our Captain Coordinator.  She has resigned as she is building a new home in Robson which will be completed soon.  We are happy for her but will sorely miss her smiling face on the courts.  Alex Gendron has accepted the responsibility of the new Captain Coordinator.    He has a contagious smile, loves people, always upbeat, and very approachable.  He’ll arrive in the park with his wife Shirley on Dec. 1st.  He’ll hit the ground running, but has already been involved in the planning process.
Looking forward to another terrific season!

Gary Baker
Club President

Monday, October 21, 2013

Huntsman and more...

If you have not been to St. George or the Huntsman World Senior Games and have wondered what all the Hoopla is about.  This video will give you a glimpse.  In this video you will see Juanita Vincent, our Arizona Regional Ambassador, in two separate interviews.

2013 Huntsman World Senior Games Video

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Huntsman World Senior Games

If you are not familiar with these games, this is an event like no other.  Over 10,000 players compete in 26 different sports.  In recent years all 50 states have been represented and this year 26 countries.  As this blog is about Pickleball, this is our focus at the games.  Members of our club participate in other sports as well.
Softball being a huge event with 300 teams.  Jerry Winter competes every year in both Softball and Pickleball. I understand Lauri Scott was coaching softball and John and Della Bass were also competing.
Lana Ennis and her husband compete in Cowboy Shooting!

Gary Baker - Gold - Men's 4.0
Barb Schmidt - Bronze - Women's Singles
Alvin Hager - Silver Men's 5.0
Not Shown - Mike Dobson - Silver - Men's Age
The Huntsman Games celebrated their 27th year.  This was Pickleball's 10th year.  The first year 47 players competed, this year 530+, would have been much higher if more courts were available. Usually you have 6 months to register, Pickleball Registrations this year closed after 2 months.  Interested in competing next year?  Mark your calendar's to register on March 1st!!
Everyone said competition was really tough this year (it makes sense that the "really serious" players registered early) .  This makes these medals "extra special".

As a group Palm Creek had 14 competitors
an additional 5 members cheering for the players
Mission Royale had 7 players competing, they joined us in our social activities

This is my 5th and final year as "Social Coordinator" for these games, hopefully someone will step forward to take this on next year.  I will be happy to provide the templates!

With the daily return of all our club members, we are looking forward to a GREAT season!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Huntsman - Palm Creek at the "Dixie Center

Barbara and Wendell Johnson with "Chewie"

 Spread the Word!!
At the Dixie Center this week - Palm Creek has a table, pick up a Flyer with specials and enter the drawings.

The only facility in Arizona with 24 World Class Pickleball Courts"
The only club sponsored tournament  in Arizona, rated as a Tier 2, USAPA  Sanctioned Tournament  !!!

Flyer Coupon(s) For First Time Visitors
  • 1st Night Free with 3 Night Stay
  • $199 For A Week Stay
  • $499 For A Month Stay (+Utilities)
Drawing For A Free RV Space For 1 Week For 10 Years At Any Sun RV Resort

Do not RV:  
Drawing for a "FREE" week in a Resort Cottage at Palm Creek

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Clinic Registration November 19-24

Here is the update you have been waiting for 
Click on the link :

Reminder: This clinic is for Residents of Palm Creek Only

Will begin updates on Huntsman World Senior Games tomorrow

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Clinic of the Season - Save the Date

November 19-24
For Palm Creek Residents Only
You will want to Register Early as  the number of participants is limited!

Pickleball Guru Academy 2-Day Clinic - Beginner-3.5 Level
Unlike most larger-group clinics, you won’t be sitting around long. With a little time for explanation, this clinic is mostly on the-court practice & drills to help you master the fundamental shots.

Level 1 - How to Win a Point in the First 3 Shots
• The Deceptively Simple Serve
• The Deep Service Return
• The Drop Shot & the Approach!

Level 2 - How to Force the Other Team to Give you the Point or Hit a Great Shot
• Dunk the Dink
• Vigorous Volleys
• Pound the Put-Aways

Minimum registration of 24 required. Maximum capacity 48. Can offer repeat session if there is interest.

Open Forum Q & A’s - Advanced/4.5+ players
This will be a facilitated, open-forum discussion for players to ask questions & discuss advanced strategy, tactics & techniques.
Minimum registration of 16. Maximum capacity of 50. Can offer repeat session if there is interest.

Individual, Pair & Foursome Lessons - For All Levels
Private lessons last 1½ hours. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis & limited to 4 sessions a day as outlined in
the schedule. Pair lessons MAY include 2 players of somewhat different skill levels. Foursome lessons may NOT include
players of different skill levels -- all four players should be of approximately the SAME skill level.
Limited availability: 3 individual lessons, 5 pair lessons & 8 foursome lessons available.

Expert Pickleball Analysis, Coaching & Drills

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Article of Interest

Pickleball Science


Why YOU should wear eye protection
After I was hit in the eye playing Pickleball, I wondered why I hadn't been able to protect myself.  So on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at the Ogden Community Center I recorded the sounds of Pickleball play.  I analyzed the recording to find the shortest time between two hits when both players were at or near the no-volley lines. 

It frequently took between 350 and 400 millisecond for a slammed ball to travel from one paddle to the other, and once the time was only 250 milliseconds (one quarter of a second).

 Now consider that your reaction time, the time from when you see the ball hit the opponents paddle to the time you can begin to move a muscle in response, is probably between 200 and 300 milliseconds.  (You can test yourself at this website:

If you then start to move the paddle to intercept the ball (or protect your face) it will take additional time to get the paddle where you want it.  In testing I performed, it took me at least 55 milliseconds to move just the first 8.25 inches (the width of the paddle).

 Taking the 350 millisecond transit time and subtracting 200 milliseconds for reaction time and 55 milliseconds for the first 8.25 inches of paddle movement, only 95 milliseconds (less than one tenth of a second) remains to move the paddle the rest of the way to where you want it.  It can't be done!

 So even the fastest of you can’t protect yourself from an opponent’s hard slam from the no-volley line if you wait to see where the ball is going.  You can't protect your eyes with your paddle or even turn you head in the time you have.  You may be able to anticipate your opponents intent to slam and gain a little time to react, but by the time you see the ball headed toward your face, it’s way too late.

 So your options are:

·         Look away before the ball is hit (and lose the point).        

·         Play the odds that the ball probably won’t hit your eye (and risk your sight).

·         Wear protective eye wear (and perhaps look less than stylish).
My vote is for the eye wear.  Simple lens-less racquetball glasses are perfect for those who don’t wear glasses or wear contacts.   You can find a wide selection of protective eye wear on the internet and there are a few are available for use over glasses.  Safety glasses are another option.

 I wish I’d started wearing protective eyewear before I got hit in the eye in the summer of 2010.  Internal bleeding in the eye and a small tear in the retina resulted.  Fortunately most of my eye damage wasn’t permanent.  You might not be so lucky!

 John Gardner

September 13, 2013