Sunday, October 20, 2013

Huntsman World Senior Games

If you are not familiar with these games, this is an event like no other.  Over 10,000 players compete in 26 different sports.  In recent years all 50 states have been represented and this year 26 countries.  As this blog is about Pickleball, this is our focus at the games.  Members of our club participate in other sports as well.
Softball being a huge event with 300 teams.  Jerry Winter competes every year in both Softball and Pickleball. I understand Lauri Scott was coaching softball and John and Della Bass were also competing.
Lana Ennis and her husband compete in Cowboy Shooting!

Gary Baker - Gold - Men's 4.0
Barb Schmidt - Bronze - Women's Singles
Alvin Hager - Silver Men's 5.0
Not Shown - Mike Dobson - Silver - Men's Age
The Huntsman Games celebrated their 27th year.  This was Pickleball's 10th year.  The first year 47 players competed, this year 530+, would have been much higher if more courts were available. Usually you have 6 months to register, Pickleball Registrations this year closed after 2 months.  Interested in competing next year?  Mark your calendar's to register on March 1st!!
Everyone said competition was really tough this year (it makes sense that the "really serious" players registered early) .  This makes these medals "extra special".

As a group Palm Creek had 14 competitors
an additional 5 members cheering for the players
Mission Royale had 7 players competing, they joined us in our social activities

This is my 5th and final year as "Social Coordinator" for these games, hopefully someone will step forward to take this on next year.  I will be happy to provide the templates!

With the daily return of all our club members, we are looking forward to a GREAT season!

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