Monday, October 28, 2013

Updates and Reminders

Ladies Inter-Community now has a new name -
"Ladies Interleague" and it is going to start on November 6th.
The 4.0+ and 3.5 groups will be comprised of rated players only.
Their Captains are Barb Schmidt and Lise Nolin, respectively.

 3.0 rated players are scarce at Palm Creek (The USAPA has 233 women rated 3.0).  We are looking for competitive 3.0 players, who think they may look to be rated this year and are hoping to play in our local tournaments at the end of the season.  At the onset of the season, you will be playing at Robson Ranch on Wednesday's at Noon. (Also looking for a captain for this group)
Interested? Please e-mail me at

A Reminder:
The Prem Carnot Clinic in November is filling up fast, don't delay. Read the post on October 12, for details. This clinic is Palm Creek Residents only.

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