Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Membership Fees for the new Season

Palm Creek Pickleball Club Members
Last year at the April Board of Directors meeting the board approved a few minor changes to the schedule of fees charged to pay for Pickleball play and ongoing court operations.  The schedule is as follows:

Seasonal pass purchased:
November 15th through   January 31st   $20.00

 February       $15.00
 March              $10.00
Less than one month, $3.00 per week
Pay as you go, $1.00 per venue
Incidental, play such as someone in the park for a couple of days (less than one week) or a guest of a player, no charge.  New players taking lessons will not be charged until they move into 2.5 or decide they just want to play in open play.
Sandi Feller has been serving as our Captain Coordinator.  She has resigned as she is building a new home in Robson which will be completed soon.  We are happy for her but will sorely miss her smiling face on the courts.  Alex Gendron has accepted the responsibility of the new Captain Coordinator.    He has a contagious smile, loves people, always upbeat, and very approachable.  He’ll arrive in the park with his wife Shirley on Dec. 1st.  He’ll hit the ground running, but has already been involved in the planning process.
Looking forward to another terrific season!

Gary Baker
Club President

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