Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tick Tock

You are avid pickleball players - "you" have been consistently filling 24 courts!
Our Resident Tournament  - "In house" for short is for "you" and only "you"!
This is the first year we start at 2.5 skill level - if you do not sign up, what will we do with your medals?  For all skill level play - you will be playing with the same people you play with weekly in your round robins, can you really see yourself standing on the outside looking in, when everyone else is having fun?
Play by Age - Women where are you?  21 Teams have signed up in total?  As of now not even a handful signed up for 65+.  As for the Men, do we really only have 18 men under the age of 65?
There are players who have signed up that are looking for partner! 
Sign up and have some fun!
This Friday - February 1st
Registration Forms are also at the courts

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Members in Action!

Our club members think they are retired.  If this is retired, who would want to have had their day jobs!  Court Maintenance, Training for all Skill Levels, Organizing Play, Clinics, Two Tournaments, Communications, Photography, Social Events... Numerable hours are volunteered to have a club like ours!  The following random pictures do not scratch the surface of what is done by our club members on a routine basis.....

Referee Training

Many club members brave the cold to take lessons to learn how to referee, Tom and Jeanne Gearhart administer this training program annually 
Irene and AJ Fraties with Noel White
No such thing as a rain break, the time is used to discuss scheduling another 3.5 Clinic

Team work, putting up the wind screens

Chuck Macdonald and Jim Nussbaum

Court cleaning is ongoing scheduled maintenance

Bill Wessels and Dennis James

Volunteering behind the scenes, working on  "Big Blue"

Susan Hearn and Laurel Wineinger
Numerous hours researching shirts, meeting with the Board, taking and filling orders and still smiling!

Mary Duncan

Coordinated the Clubs first Annual Dance
This event was a great success and one that we all will look forward to every year!



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Blast!!

First Annual Dance
Dancing - Contests -  Games
Mary Duncan started a new annual event, for Pickleball Players.  The Dance was a sell out with a 159 members buying tickets.  
AJ Fraties, Ken Reese, Tom Gearhart and Vance Christiansen
Judging can be an unpopular job
Best Animal

Are you wondering, where are the pictures of the dance ?
Larry Paizer was a great DJ, the dance floor was always full.
Mary did a terrific job with the decorations and setting up the tables. So why no Pictures?  Everyone had such a good time, it was agreed " what happened at the dance, will stay at the dance"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Resident Tournament

The cold snap did not stop our members from playing on the courts. The winds that were blowing every afternoon not a problem, round robin players were out in force.  As a group you sign up for
"everything".  The warm weather we have come to expect, is back.  It is now time to register for the Resident Tournament, the deadline will be here before you know it!
For those of you, who are new to pickleball and or to Palm Creek, I will explain
The Resident Tournament is for You and only You!
Skill level:
This is the first year we have started Skill Level at 2.5.  As the saying goes "use it or lose it",
2.5 is being recognized as a real skill level as 3.0 was a few years ago. Enjoy it and have fun!
For all skill levels
  • You will play with the same players you play with all the time in your  round robins. 
  • You will be playing on the same courts, you always play on
  • No reason to be nervous, there are no outsiders
  • Every team has an equal chance of winning  a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal by skill level
To clear up any confusion about skill level:
For players who do not have a USAPA rating, where do you normally play?  That is your skill level.
Did you try a higher skill level for one week (in accordance with our policy) and returned to your regular level? That is fine, you play in your regular skill level. 
If you moved up to a higher skill level and have been playing there, that is where you will compete, you cannot drop back down for the tournament.

All players can play at a higher skill level not a lower skill level

The simple truth is that lower skill levels  have less of a chance of winning.  Keep in mind that winning is not everything.  This is a great opportunity to play with the better players.  The good news is that top skill level players will give you some good competition and they will never make you feel uncomfortable .

All players can play down in age no one can play "UP" in age 

The #1 reason to sign up: You will be part of something special, many of our club members will volunteer for everyone to have a fun time.
The # 2 reason to sign up: What else are you going to do? All other scheduled play is cancelled

What do you need to do:
1. Look for a partner - There are sign up sheets at the boards for players looking for partners
2. Register

 Click on this link and you will have all the information you need, you can also see who is playing and if you register without a partner, it will put in the partner list on line as well

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Proposed Revised Bylaws

To : The Membership
From: Rosemary Reese, Secretary
Re: Palm Creek Pickleball Proposed Revised Bylaws
The Executive Board, in accordance with our existing Bylaws is submitting to you for your review the attached proposed revised Bylaws.
A considerable amount of time has been spent by the Executive Board and the membership who were in attendance at the last 2 monthly meetings to put forth this document.
It is the Executive Boards recommendation that you adopt these Bylaws at the Next General Meeting February 21, 2013 at 3 PM in the ballroom
This document is being e-mailed to every club member for whom we have a valid e-mail address. This document will also be posted on the club web site and will be available at the pickleball courts for review.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

In Memorium

Dennis Forbes
Palm Creek Pickleball Clinic
January 8, 2013

 Dennis came to Palm Creek to teach 160 of our club members in a two day clinic.  At the onset Dennis advised that he would improve our game and we would have more fun. Everyone who attended enjoyed doing drills from the onset. Who would have guessed that pickleball players would actually enjoy doing drills?  Amazingly, this week following the clinic, players warmed up doing drills (instead of jumping into a game) and members actually were scheduling court time to practice these drills! Our members were energized by Dennis and very much hoping that he would come back.   I doubt that anyone doing hand to eye coordination or mastering a drop shot, will do it, without thinking of Dennis. 
Beyond the actual teaching, for two days, we were in the company of truly caring and giving man who so comfortably gave of himself.  How fortunate we are that Dennis came to Palm Creek.
Dennis died at his home in Happy Trails, January 15, 2013
A memorial service will be held this Saturday from 1-3PM at Happy Trails, in their ballroom.
During the clinic, we had the pleasure of meeting his wife Linda, who assisted with drills and giving us assurance that we were doing good.
If you would like to send Linda a note: please e-mail me and I will provide you with her mailing address

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Always More To Learn

LeRoy Schmidt conducting a Beginner Lesson on 1/7/13
Beginner lessons are very popular, they are held every week. On Monday's LeRoy and Barb Schmidt
give this lesson and on Friday's Les Scott , Marg Ouimet and Neil Sloane are on hand to instruct 

Jack and Joan Cashman
These lessons are so good that Jack celebrated his 83rd birthday at the courts, learning a new game!
Beginner lessons are very worthwhile,  attendees learn about both the club and the sport.  These clinics are free and the only requirements are that you wear sneakers and arrive on time.  Sign up sheets are at the courts on the sign up board. Classes fill up quickly.

AJ and Irene Fraties conduct a class called
"Train the Trainers"
The clinics that are taught by volunteers by skill level are well planned and thought out, with a standardized curriculum.  The trainers attend a class so they can insure the clinics you sign up for are 'really good" the details on these clinics have been posted in prior Blog
To top off the club training programs we invite "the big guys" to do a clinic for our members.
This season is very active, Steve Wong and Dennis Forbes have  been here and we are planning on having Mark Freidenberg here just before our 10th Annual Tournament

 2013 Referee Clinic
Our club holds annually, a Referee Clinic.  Coordinators Tom and Jeanne Gearhart took this clinic to a new level last year by instituting a certification program.  The clinic has 3 segments. The first and second segments are held on consecutive Saturdays, the 3rd segment requires a member to Ref a minimum of 12 games.  Upon completion the Referee is awarded a certificate and a badge to wear at all tournaments when they  volunteer to Referee.

Skill Level Clinics Are Here!

That which sets us apart as a club, are the volunteers who are willing to help the rest of improve our game.
On the Sign Up boards you will find sheets to sign up, for the first of the upcoming clinics for 2.5 and 3.0 players.  Each clinic is different.   Notice the first two numbers are the skill level and the third number indicates which clinic is being presented.
2.5.1 Serve and Return of Serve 
2.5.2 Forehand and Backhand Strokes
2.5.3 Dinking and the Beginning of the Short Game
All the clinics are posted on the calendar and under Club Information :

Friday, January 11, 2013

Court Gates Installed

Dean Wineinger

Thanks to LeRoy and Barb Schmidt, for installing the initial gates and to Dean Wineinger for completing the installation in record time

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Forbes Clinic s Great Success

Forbes Clinic has record attendance
This clinic was promoted for the 3.0/3.5 skill level member.  Attendees included 75 - 3.0 skill level players and 50 - 3.5 skill level members .  Also in attendance, 7 - 2.0, 14 - 2.5 and 14 - 4.0+  players.
Dennis Forbes delivered more than promised to the 160 members who attended.
The participants now see drills from a new perspective and every participant left the clinic with additional skills!
A big Thank you to Dennis Forbes for his tireless work and encouragement during this clinic and to
AJ Fraties, our training coordinator, for bring Dennis to Palm Creek and organizing this event.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dennis Forbes Clinic - WOW

J.R. and Anne Reynolds - Linda and Dennis Forbes

150 Members attended today's clinic
Dennis started the day with a new twist
Making drills "fun"

When warming up, we will now be seeing a lot of drills that were taught today, such as dinking.  Dozens of attendees will be practicing "eye and hand coordination" with feet that are moving!  Look for the expressions on members faces that did not attend today's clinic!
After the clinic tomorrow we will most likely have to print more registration form the Resident and Annual Tournament.
Didn't Register? Tomorrow is your last opportunity, there is a table set up to register you for a  $ 10 fee.
Check in opens at 8:15  AM
Lunch was great today, served by the the soon to be "Sports Grille"
Wednesday Lunch will be  - Ham and Cheese Wrap, Chips and a drink $5.00
Drinks sold individually for $1.00


Monday, January 7, 2013

Dennis Forbes - Day 1

Dennis Forbes Clinic
Tuesday and Wednesday
at the courts
9 AM - 3 PM
Fee: $10
This clinic  targets 3.0 /3.5 players, all skill levels are welcome
Volunteers will be available at 8:15 AM each morning to check you in.
  • Already Registered? - Please check in each morning for a wrist band
  • Need to Register? - there will be a separate line for you to register and pay the $ 10  fee
  • Wear your sneakers and bring your paddle
 Lunch will be available 10-2
Ham and Cheese, (mayo or mustard)
Chips and a Drink
Chicken Salad (raspberry chipoltle dressing)
Chips and a Drink
Drinks will also be sold separately $ 1.00
Water, Sparkling Ice, Vita Rain



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paddle Day 2013

Paddle Day 2013
The second annual Paddle Day was a great success, a large number of players came to the courts to learn about the new paddles, they played with them and many left with a new paddle !

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paddle Day
Sunday 1/6
at the courts
10 AM - 4 PM
This is a great opportunity to learn about different paddles and to try them out! Questions on grips, weights etc. will all  be answered. The perfect paddle for you, will be available for you to purchase.
For your convenience - you will also be able to take care of few more things
  • Register for Dennis Forbes Clinic - $10
  • Purchase ticket for Pickleball Dance - $5 each (not many left)
  • Purchase Club Pin - $3 ea / 2/ $5
  • Join or renew USAPA membership
  • Ask questions about our Resident Tournament and pick up a registration form
  • Club Membership - $0.00 - there is NO Fee - you must complete an information sheet so that you can be updated on the club roster.
  • Seasonal Playing Fee - tired of looking for quarters, $20 fee will provide you with unlimited play for the season!