Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tick Tock

You are avid pickleball players - "you" have been consistently filling 24 courts!
Our Resident Tournament  - "In house" for short is for "you" and only "you"!
This is the first year we start at 2.5 skill level - if you do not sign up, what will we do with your medals?  For all skill level play - you will be playing with the same people you play with weekly in your round robins, can you really see yourself standing on the outside looking in, when everyone else is having fun?
Play by Age - Women where are you?  21 Teams have signed up in total?  As of now not even a handful signed up for 65+.  As for the Men, do we really only have 18 men under the age of 65?
There are players who have signed up that are looking for partner! 
Sign up and have some fun!
This Friday - February 1st
Registration Forms are also at the courts

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