Saturday, January 26, 2013

Members in Action!

Our club members think they are retired.  If this is retired, who would want to have had their day jobs!  Court Maintenance, Training for all Skill Levels, Organizing Play, Clinics, Two Tournaments, Communications, Photography, Social Events... Numerable hours are volunteered to have a club like ours!  The following random pictures do not scratch the surface of what is done by our club members on a routine basis.....

Referee Training

Many club members brave the cold to take lessons to learn how to referee, Tom and Jeanne Gearhart administer this training program annually 
Irene and AJ Fraties with Noel White
No such thing as a rain break, the time is used to discuss scheduling another 3.5 Clinic

Team work, putting up the wind screens

Chuck Macdonald and Jim Nussbaum

Court cleaning is ongoing scheduled maintenance

Bill Wessels and Dennis James

Volunteering behind the scenes, working on  "Big Blue"

Susan Hearn and Laurel Wineinger
Numerous hours researching shirts, meeting with the Board, taking and filling orders and still smiling!

Mary Duncan

Coordinated the Clubs first Annual Dance
This event was a great success and one that we all will look forward to every year!



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