Sunday, January 20, 2013

Resident Tournament

The cold snap did not stop our members from playing on the courts. The winds that were blowing every afternoon not a problem, round robin players were out in force.  As a group you sign up for
"everything".  The warm weather we have come to expect, is back.  It is now time to register for the Resident Tournament, the deadline will be here before you know it!
For those of you, who are new to pickleball and or to Palm Creek, I will explain
The Resident Tournament is for You and only You!
Skill level:
This is the first year we have started Skill Level at 2.5.  As the saying goes "use it or lose it",
2.5 is being recognized as a real skill level as 3.0 was a few years ago. Enjoy it and have fun!
For all skill levels
  • You will play with the same players you play with all the time in your  round robins. 
  • You will be playing on the same courts, you always play on
  • No reason to be nervous, there are no outsiders
  • Every team has an equal chance of winning  a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal by skill level
To clear up any confusion about skill level:
For players who do not have a USAPA rating, where do you normally play?  That is your skill level.
Did you try a higher skill level for one week (in accordance with our policy) and returned to your regular level? That is fine, you play in your regular skill level. 
If you moved up to a higher skill level and have been playing there, that is where you will compete, you cannot drop back down for the tournament.

All players can play at a higher skill level not a lower skill level

The simple truth is that lower skill levels  have less of a chance of winning.  Keep in mind that winning is not everything.  This is a great opportunity to play with the better players.  The good news is that top skill level players will give you some good competition and they will never make you feel uncomfortable .

All players can play down in age no one can play "UP" in age 

The #1 reason to sign up: You will be part of something special, many of our club members will volunteer for everyone to have a fun time.
The # 2 reason to sign up: What else are you going to do? All other scheduled play is cancelled

What do you need to do:
1. Look for a partner - There are sign up sheets at the boards for players looking for partners
2. Register

 Click on this link and you will have all the information you need, you can also see who is playing and if you register without a partner, it will put in the partner list on line as well

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