Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Makings of a Great Club

Volunteers on a moments notices spending hours to 
keep out courts safe

A Board that Never Stops Working

Lance Thiede our New USAPA Ambassador

Randy and Chris Ferrell our Member Tournament Directors

Carol Lindow Mentor Coordinator

Barb and LeRoy Duel In The Dessert Tournament Directors

Jocelyn Barr - Susan Baldwin - Wanda Cassidy
At the Forefront of all our Computer "Stuff"

Suzanne Scott - Douglas Duncombe
Round Robin Captains 
Could not imagine a day without organized play

John Robertson 
recruiting help for our medical team

Event Coordinator
Barb Parobec
2018 Overview of Volunteer Fair

Not Volunteers - Not Pickleball Players
The Sports Grille that just keeps on cooking

Steve Williams
Showing off in his OSHA Hair Net

Once Again demonstrating everything about pickleball is fun!

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