Monday, February 27, 2017

And the medal goes to.......

Leisure World
Barbara Biggs - Bronze WD 4.0

Pebble Creek
 Barbara Wise +  Patrick Claytor - Silver MXD 4.0
Debbie Henwood - Bronze WD 4.5
Not in picture - Byron Freso - Silver MXD 5.0 
Marsh Freso - Silver  WD  5.0

Tucson Senior Olympics
 Ray Gagnon - Gold MD 4.0 Lance Thiede Silver MD 4.5
Dan Jmaeff Bronze MD 4.5  
Lynn Carlson + Tom Earley Gold MD 5.0
Not is picture Bob Bonack - Bronze MD 4.0

Grand Canyon State Games
Tom Earley - Gold MD Age
 Lou Ann Billig - Silver WD 3.5  Barbara Wise - Bronze MXD 4.0
Lance Thiede - Gold MD Age + Silver MXD Age
Chuck Macdonald - Gold MD Age  Lynn Carlson - Gold MD Age
Patrick Claytor -Bronze MXD 4.0 Maurice Parobec - Bronze MD Age
Mike Cooper - Bronze MXD 4.5
Not in picture - Byron Freso - Bronze MXD Age  
Marsh Freso - Silver  WD Age and MXD Age
Carol Lindow - Silver WD Age

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Who Let the Dogs Out!!

The "Dog Breeders"
have outdone themselves
So cute you will want all of them
Susan Kimbley - Inez McGarraugh - Cindy Nelson

"Pickle Paddy"
The "Good Luck Bud" for Duel in the Desert

Friday, February 24, 2017

Heads Up on Huntsman World Senior Games

As you get busy for our Duel in the Desert, you may let this slip past you.
Last year many brackets closed in 23 minutes. The entire tournament closed out in 8 hours
As you will read this takes some advance work, you need to be prepared to register

The following is from Bob Klarich - Asst Tournament Director of the Huntsman World Senior Games

Like last year, the HWSG software will be limiting the number of teams per day to a number they think will allow the play day to end at a reasonable time.  One big change is that mixed doubles (MXD) will be held over two days, and the overall numbers of players will be higher.

To help ensure your entry is accepted and with the partner/s you want to play with, the HWSG suggests you register at 12:01 am, March 1, and to have your partners do likewise.  Set an alarm for 11:45 PM, February 28th or stay up and watch a movie so that you get your entry in early.

The Huntsman Pickleball tournament is a sanctioned tournament so you will need to be a USAPA member.  All players must be USAPA members at time of registration, which is a change from last year.  This process is quick but the recognition of your new status is a day or two slow - so act on this quickly!   The USAPA membership is required for the West Regional tournament as well, which is April 20-22.  

So, I suggest that before you sign-up, do the following:
=       Make sure you know your partners HWSG athlete number
=       Make sure you have a USAPA membership that is good through October 21, 2017

=       Make sure in advance you know how to sign into the HWSG registration (you can check this out in advance).

Links to the registration for the two tournaments and USAPA membership are as follows:

Huntsman World Senior Games:

USAPA Registration:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Over the Top

2017 Members Tournament Medal Winners

This year's members tournament was a major event thanks to our dedicated club members and the " Great Play!

Tournament Committee:
George McCulley
Jack Hays
Lance Thiede
Judi White
Diane Weyant

After all the planning and decision making, many more members make the tournament happen
Diane Weyant as the Registar started on December 8th
Lance Thiede  worked on seeding for several weeks
The overall facility - from court cleaning to setting up the PA system:
Mike Clapp, Tom Staite, Bob Bonack, Charles Russell and many more!
Referee Coordinators tirelessly keep the matches moving
Tom and Jeanne Gearhart, Bob and Sharon VanderLinden , Bill and Debbie Pitzl and Theresa McCulley and all who have volunteered to Ref, assisted by Jerry Logemann and "The Liners"
Last but far from least our Club Photographer - Tom Gottfried and his team of photographers!

By the numbers provided by our Tournament Director, George McCulley:

360 Players  
58% Male and 42% Female Players
50 Brackets
599 Matches Played

180 Medal Winners
71 won 2 medals
21 won 3 medals
  9 won 4 medals
  2 won 5 medals

184 Players are USAPA members
  89 Players are USAPA rated

Participation by Skill Level:
  41 - 2.5 players
118 - 3.0 players
128 - 3.5 players

Age not a limitation for Tournament Play:
124 players - 65-69
  79 players - 70-74
  30 players - 75-79
    3 players -  80+

An enjoyable social on Monday followed by another great Pizza event - whereby 347 dined on all the Pizza they could eat

(click here)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Be a Sweetheart

Image result for valentine clip art

Monday and Tuesday Only
 10 AM - 2 PM
At the Welcome Table
While supplies last  Valentine gifts available for $1 - $ 5
All Donations go to St. Jude Children's Hospital

Image result for valentine clip art

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Nominees

Elections will be Wednesday 2-15-17
In the ballroom

David Wight - Current Vice President 
Nominated for President

 Susan Baldwin - Current Secretary
Nominated for re-election as Secretary

Randy Bourne - Nominated for Member at Large

Rob Schneider - Nominated for Member at Large

Like to know more about the nominees? 
You will find the information under "Club Information"

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Its Unanimous

 Members Tournament is a Huge Success!!
A great 3 days enjoyed by both players and spectators

Click here for Member Tournament Medal Winners

More information to follow...

Day 3 

12th Annual Members Tournament Continues

Wednesday - February 8th
Enjoy a day of Women's and Men's Doubles Matches
Cheer your friends and neighbors onto victory!

Image result for st jude children's hospital

Has been chosen by USAPA as our National Charity
We are asking for your support

Last Day for 
50/50 Raffle

Wednesday could be your lucky day!!

Tuesday's Medal Winner - won $211.00 !!!

In addition to other great items being sold for donation
Helen Carlson has added her pickelball art!

All money from all sales will be donated  

Image result for st jude children's hospital

Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 2

12th Annual Members Tournament Continues

Tuesday - February 7th
Enjoy a day of mixed doubles matches

Medal Round Pizza Party
Begins at 3:00 and continues through the Medal Rounds
All You Can Eat Pizza for $1.00 (cooked on site)
Salads: $1.00 extra
Spouses/Partners/SO of club members are Welcome: $5.00 for pizza; $1.00 extra for salad


Image result for st jude children's hospital

Has been chosen by USAPA as our National Charity
We are asking for your support

Each day we will have a 
50/50 Raffle

Tuesday could be your lucky day!!

Monday's Winner - won $101.00

All money from all sales will be donated  
Image result for st jude children's hospital

Sunday, February 5, 2017

It's All Fun

12th Annual Member Tournament


Enjoy a day of  Men's and Women's Doubles Matches
Cheer for the Great Points!

Member Social and Happy Hour
Talk about the days games and congratulate the winners!
5-6:30 p.m. at the Sports Pavilion
Healthy Snacks and Soft Drinks/Water
Adult Beverages (donations accepted) or BYOB

Meet the New "Dog Breeders"
Inez McGarraugh - Susan Kimbley - Cindy Nelson
Each "Pickles" is a one of a kind

Has been chosen by USAPA as our National Charity
We are asking for your support

Each day we will have a 
50/50 Raffle

"Pickles" and other items for sale

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Congratulations to Our New Referees!

Twenty-eight people successfully completed our Palm Creek Referee Training program.  Irene Fraties, referee training instructor, awarded completion certificates and referee badges at a meeting on February 2.  Nicely done!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Off the Courts

Volunteers have fun
Putting labels on the 312 medals that will be given out at the Members Tournament
Vicky McDonald, Teresa McCulley, Sharon VanderLinden, Jennie Leedy

Thursday, February 2, 2017

At the Courts

Marge Lind and Lois Hyndman
volunteering at the Welcome Table

Donna and Vance Christiansen
All set to Captain a Shoot-Out

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Mission Royale Tournament
Randy Bourne -  Gold - 5.0 Men's Doubles
Raymond Marks -  Silver - 4.0 Men's Doubles
Mike Cooper - Silver - 4.5 Mixed Doubles
Richard Walker - Silver - 4.0 - Men's Doubles
not in picture
Joel Brown - Gold - 3.0 Men's Doubles
Ray Gagnon - Gold - 4.0 Men's Doubles
Ron Gamble - Gold - 3.0 Men's Doubles
Maurice Parobec - Gold - 5.0 Men's Doubles
             + Bronze - 5.0 Mixed Doubles
Ross Perkins - Bronze 5.0 Men's Doubles