Saturday, February 18, 2017

Over the Top

2017 Members Tournament Medal Winners

This year's members tournament was a major event thanks to our dedicated club members and the " Great Play!

Tournament Committee:
George McCulley
Jack Hays
Lance Thiede
Judi White
Diane Weyant

After all the planning and decision making, many more members make the tournament happen
Diane Weyant as the Registar started on December 8th
Lance Thiede  worked on seeding for several weeks
The overall facility - from court cleaning to setting up the PA system:
Mike Clapp, Tom Staite, Bob Bonack, Charles Russell and many more!
Referee Coordinators tirelessly keep the matches moving
Tom and Jeanne Gearhart, Bob and Sharon VanderLinden , Bill and Debbie Pitzl and Theresa McCulley and all who have volunteered to Ref, assisted by Jerry Logemann and "The Liners"
Last but far from least our Club Photographer - Tom Gottfried and his team of photographers!

By the numbers provided by our Tournament Director, George McCulley:

360 Players  
58% Male and 42% Female Players
50 Brackets
599 Matches Played

180 Medal Winners
71 won 2 medals
21 won 3 medals
  9 won 4 medals
  2 won 5 medals

184 Players are USAPA members
  89 Players are USAPA rated

Participation by Skill Level:
  41 - 2.5 players
118 - 3.0 players
128 - 3.5 players

Age not a limitation for Tournament Play:
124 players - 65-69
  79 players - 70-74
  30 players - 75-79
    3 players -  80+

An enjoyable social on Monday followed by another great Pizza event - whereby 347 dined on all the Pizza they could eat

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