Friday, February 24, 2017

Heads Up on Huntsman World Senior Games

As you get busy for our Duel in the Desert, you may let this slip past you.
Last year many brackets closed in 23 minutes. The entire tournament closed out in 8 hours
As you will read this takes some advance work, you need to be prepared to register

The following is from Bob Klarich - Asst Tournament Director of the Huntsman World Senior Games

Like last year, the HWSG software will be limiting the number of teams per day to a number they think will allow the play day to end at a reasonable time.  One big change is that mixed doubles (MXD) will be held over two days, and the overall numbers of players will be higher.

To help ensure your entry is accepted and with the partner/s you want to play with, the HWSG suggests you register at 12:01 am, March 1, and to have your partners do likewise.  Set an alarm for 11:45 PM, February 28th or stay up and watch a movie so that you get your entry in early.

The Huntsman Pickleball tournament is a sanctioned tournament so you will need to be a USAPA member.  All players must be USAPA members at time of registration, which is a change from last year.  This process is quick but the recognition of your new status is a day or two slow - so act on this quickly!   The USAPA membership is required for the West Regional tournament as well, which is April 20-22.  

So, I suggest that before you sign-up, do the following:
=       Make sure you know your partners HWSG athlete number
=       Make sure you have a USAPA membership that is good through October 21, 2017

=       Make sure in advance you know how to sign into the HWSG registration (you can check this out in advance).

Links to the registration for the two tournaments and USAPA membership are as follows:

Huntsman World Senior Games:

USAPA Registration:

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