Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nominee for Vice President

Rosemary Nichol  Bio
 I am submitting this resume to show my interest in the VP position with our Pickleball Club:
My pre-Pickleball history included: being a partner in a small business; working in big business and government, health promotion and primary health care; heading small community agencies; volunteering on community, university and sports boards.  For more than 20 years my responsibilities were primarily adult education, health promotion, and volunteer, board and community development.
I discovered Pickleball the first month we came to Palm Creek: January 2010.  Leroy and Barb Schmidt facilitated my addiction with that first lesson.  Since then I have tried to do my share of volunteering:a RR Captain (3 years); training assistant (3 years); this year working with the Court Use Committee; trying to learn to be a good referee (not there yet). 

As 'seniors' we need to care for our physical and mental health. Being active and social are two of the key ingredients for that.  Single or married people, older or younger, more or less physically able, those who have played sports before or not - everyone can benefit from some level of activity and socialization. That is what we offer to our members. And I think we are all healthier for it.

Palm Creek has given us (or more correctly allowed the Pickleball Club to work hard for) 24 courts.  But those courts would be nothing without the organization that supports the volunteer activity that maintains the RRs, tournaments, daily court care, and social activities. That is why I am willing to volunteer for this position.

Rosemary Nichol

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