Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nominee for Director at Large

Bio for Ken Schaebethal

Upon graduation from college in 1963 my wife and I married and I entered the Air Force where we spent the next 28 years.  Most of my career I was associated with the intercontinental ballistic missile systems in one aspect or another, starting as a missile crew member, then spending about five years as an instructor and then moving into staff positions at intermediate and major command levels.

After retiring I worked as a seasonal tax preparer for four years and also began to work fairly seriously in stained glass.  For the next ten years I was associated with two different co-op galleries where I sold my work and assisted with the financial operations of both organizations.

My first exposure to pickleball occurred four years ago which was our first year here at Palm Creek, and I've been hooked on it since the first day.  We have about a dozen men and women in our small home town of Custer, SD who also play so I'm able to stay with it over the summer a couple days a week although all the play is indoors.

I am well aware that keeping the pickleball program alive and well at place the size of Palm Creek takes a lot of work by many volunteers.  Between maintenance of the courts, setting up the schedule, monitoring round robins, scheduling and having the tournaments run smoothly all require a lot of effort by a large number of volunteers.  I believe it is the task of the board of directors to make sure that the courts are used to accommodate the maximum amount of players while at the same time making sure that all skill levels have an adequate amount of time to play with others at their skill level.   I can see  that these goals may often conflict with each other and there is no change that you can make to the way the courts are scheduled and operated which will make everybody happy.

I am pleased to have been asked if I would consider becoming a member of the board and if selected, look forward to working with the current board members to help keep the pickleball program one of the premier activities here at Palm Creek

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