Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pickleball on the Road

It is a lot of fun to play pickleball with players you already know. 

All of you who travel to the NorthWest will probably be glad to know that some of our Palm Creek residents are in Bend, Oregon in the summers and are raising money for eight new dedicated pickleball courts. Construction could start this summer depending on funding. To check into what's going on with Bend pickleball generally and to see how the fund raising is going, please check their
Facebook page.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Medal Season Comes to a Close

The current medal season has come to a close, each year the season stretches a little longer.  We were once the last tournament of the season, now there are 2 tournaments that come after ours.

This season our club celebrates our "52" medal winners, they won a total of "187" medals in sanctioned tournaments!

2012 -2013 Palm Creek Sanctioned Tournament Medal Winners

There are many tournaments to enter over the summer.  Many of our members will participate and some tournaments our members will be running!
If you or any of our club members win a medal, please e-mail me with the details and a picture would be great!  This also includes our members that return home to Canada!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Final Meeting of the Season

A Great Turn Out!
(as usual)
This meeting was dedicated to all the volunteers who have made our club the success it is.
Karen Fellows Raffling an 8 bottle wine cooler from RV Medic
A raffle always adds fun!
For Mark Nelson and myself the last meeting sitting at this table
(Not to be confused with the last time you will here from us!)
Mark and myself are both honored to have served on the board of the best club in the nation!
Welcome and Congratulations to our new board that will take office on April 1st
President  Gary Baker
Secretary - Suzie Nunley
Treasurer - Roger Fellows
Director at Large - Colin Caldwell
Director at Large - Les Scott
Director at Large - Marg Ouimet
Time really does fly when your having fun
We celebrated the clubs 10th Anniversary
With thanks to all who have contributed to the clubs success during these years!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meeting Notice

3 Directors at Large
Santan Room
March 20th
Social Hour to Follow
Bring a snack and beverage
We will have cake and a raffle to celebrate our clubs
Tickets $1 each or 6 / $5
8 Bottle Wine Cooler

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Photos of our 10th Annual Tournament have been added to the Photo Album

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thinking Ahead

This is crazy - our tournament season has not ended and we are already planning ahead to the start of the new season!

If you are planning on entering the Huntsman World Senior Games, the time to register is now!
Registration opened on 3/1 and 210 players have already registered. Registrations will close at 500 registrants. For more information click on this link: 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The following club members were nominated at our General Meeting held February 21st. The election will be held next week at our monthly meeting

I am reposting as 5 of the Biography's got caught up in the storm, once they are laminated, they will be reposted at the courts

Please click on the nominees name to read their Biography:

Nominated for President:

Gary Baker

Nominated for Secretary:

Suzie Nunley

Nominated for Director at Large ( 3 members to be elected)

Colin Caldwell

Nina Fields

Marg Ouimet

Les Scott

Dean Wineinger

Nominations remain open until March 20th, if you would like to run for any one of the above positions, please e-mail Mark Nelson with your Biography

The 10th Annual Tournament

We Have Much to Celebrate
The Referees kept the Tournament Going !
Our players made sure we kept a lot of the medals!
The Blog has recorded many of our volunteers working diligently, to make this "The Best" tournament to date.  With over 400 players participating, representing 92 clubs, all of the matches were competitive and fun to watch. 
Spread the Word:
This Wednesday at our 4: 00 PM  Social Hour the club will serve cake to Celebrate all the volunteers who committed themselves to making this the Best Tournament Ever.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Tournament to Remember

Our 10th Annual Tournament is now a Highlight in our club's history.
We could not ask for anything more, Sanctioned as a Tier 2 tournament, the highest level a club could achieve! 

 Fabulous courts, without question  this is the best facility in the country!
Perfect weather, that held the storm back until the Tournament was completed!

      The true reason for our success is our Tournament Team 
Colin Caldwell - Jim Myers

 For three days the tournament ran like a Swiss watch.  The experience of all the members of this Team and their dedication from preparing for the tournament to its completion, is not something we can quantify. Each volunteer individually is exceptional, as a team they are the absolute best.

Mary Duncan has been a Ref for many years

Tom and Jeanne Gearhart having last pre tournament Ref meeting
Newly Certified Ref Jocelyn Barr

Steve Kiesler and Michael Hill kept the water fresh and cold
for everyone attending the tournament

Tournament photographers
Laurel Wineinger and Sarah Duncan
 Val Nadon a member of the medical team

Sandy Stephens
Blog Photographer, Thanks for all these photos!

Mark Nelson and  Les Scott bringing  back the tables

Pork Chop

 Silenced for just a moment!
Medal Winners
Men's Doubles 60+  Al Hager won the Bronze, 65+ Lance Thiede and Andy Schmaltz won the Silver, Pete Mattson won the Bronze, 70+ Lynn Carlson and Wayne Kennedy won the Gold and Jerry Winter the Bronze
Women's Doubles 4.5 - Donna Robins and Theresa Orcutt won the gold and 3.5 Lise Nolin won the Gold!
The story of the day
Milda Postler from Mesa, needed a partner. Her partner withdrew from playing Women's 3.5 skill doubles.  Lise Nolin was at the court as a spectator and was asked if she would play with Milda.  Lise agreed and went home to get her court shoes and the rest is history - Lise with her partner won the Gold!  The spectators not only applauded them, they also sang "Happy Birthday Lise"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tournament Fun Continues

Only a few of the many volunteers that make it all happen

Refs that keep on Smiling
Steve Mueller and Pat Lively

Morning Pastry compliments of Palm Creek
Reta Nussbaum with Wilma

Raffle Table literally full of good cheer
Susan Dahlen, Inez and Craig McGarraugh, Sharon Vanderlinden and  Kathie Baker

The Command Post
Colin Caldwell, Sherry Gusse, Jim Myers, Karen Fellows and Darlene Winter and Sherry Renga

Our Palm Creek teams had a great day playing mixed doubles, in the 3.5 category Nancy Schwartz and Larry Ried won the Bronze.
We swept the 4.0 bracket! Winning the Gold - Edie Preis and Maurice Parabec, Silver medals went to Sally and Mike Dobson and Pat and John Lively took the Bronze!
Theresa Orcutt and Dave Touchet at the 4.5 skill level won the Gold!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The start of a Great Week

We kicked off Tournament Week with a clinic that was given by Mark Friedenberg,
This clinic drew record breaking attendance, according to AJ, 246 attendees to be exact.
Thanks to AJ (our Training Coordinator) for scheduling this event.

Mark "Yoda" Friedenberg and AJ Fraties

Clinic  attendees
For those of you who do not know Mark, you may have wondered if he is as good a player as he is a teacher.  This questions was quickly answered in the first day of our tournament, competing in Men's Doubles 5.0.  Mark with his partner Pat Kane won the Gold medal, without losing a game!

Our very own home teams played great today as well:
Lynn Carlson and Randy Bourne  competing in Men's Doubles 4.5 won the Gold and Lance Thiede and Dave Touchet won the Bronze
Maurice Parobec and Dan Jmaeff competing in Men's Doubles 4.0 won the Gold, Craig McGarraugh won the Silver and Chuck MacDonald with Barry Holloway won the Bronze
Barbara Schmidt and Sally Dobson competing in Women's Doubles 60 + won the Gold, Rosemary Nichol and Geri Grodinsky won the Silver
Connie Emerson and Margaret Wildeman competing in Women's Doubles 70+ won the Bronze!

We are looking forward to another great day with Mixed Doubles  players competing

Speaking of tournaments ... the  photos of the Resident Tournament players, spectators and medal winners have now been posted in the Blog Photo Album

Also I would like you to come see me at the USAPA tent, it is the perfect time to renew your membership or to become a new member.  This is the perfect time to ask  questions about the organization.  For Members, I also have clearance shirts and new shirts available and brand new rule books!  Don't forget if you do not already own one, this is the perfect time to purchase a club pin!

Monday, March 4, 2013

10th Annual Toruanament

Looking forward to our Best Tournament 

Play Time
Games will begin each morning at 8 AM
Matches will be played all day without interruption

The Sports Grille will be serving lunch from 11 AM - 2:30 PM
Complete Lunch with chips and a drink $5.00

Will be held daily 
Tickets  are 3 for $5 for wine raffle and you receive a bonus ticket to enter larger item raffle!

Will be here, with all things "Pickleball"

Look for the USAPA table, this is a great time to renew your membership or to join the National Organization.  We take great pride in being a USAPA Club, our Tournament is now rated as a Tier 2 by the USAPA. We have all our past and present Tournament Directors, Board of Directors and Volunteers to thank

Club Pins
Sold at the USAPA table  $ 3 each

Official rule:
You do not want your favorite team to loose a point
 12.L. Coaching. Players may consult with any person during time-outs and between games. Once the game has begun, except during time-outs, any communication between a player and any person not on the court, if determined by the referee to be coaching, shall result in a technical warning to the offending player or team and a verbal warning to spectators. If the communication occurs a second time, it shall result in a technical foul and a point will be awarded to the opponent. (Revised February, 2013)

Court Etiquette:
Applaud great play, regardless of which team won the point
Do not applaud when an error is made
Do not sit or stand in front of other spectators, in such a way that you block their view
Do not talk to a line judge during a match
If a player needs medical help - seek out one of the medical volunteers immediately