Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Tournament to Remember

Our 10th Annual Tournament is now a Highlight in our club's history.
We could not ask for anything more, Sanctioned as a Tier 2 tournament, the highest level a club could achieve! 

 Fabulous courts, without question  this is the best facility in the country!
Perfect weather, that held the storm back until the Tournament was completed!

      The true reason for our success is our Tournament Team 
Colin Caldwell - Jim Myers

 For three days the tournament ran like a Swiss watch.  The experience of all the members of this Team and their dedication from preparing for the tournament to its completion, is not something we can quantify. Each volunteer individually is exceptional, as a team they are the absolute best.

Mary Duncan has been a Ref for many years

Tom and Jeanne Gearhart having last pre tournament Ref meeting
Newly Certified Ref Jocelyn Barr

Steve Kiesler and Michael Hill kept the water fresh and cold
for everyone attending the tournament

Tournament photographers
Laurel Wineinger and Sarah Duncan
 Val Nadon a member of the medical team

Sandy Stephens
Blog Photographer, Thanks for all these photos!

Mark Nelson and  Les Scott bringing  back the tables

Pork Chop

 Silenced for just a moment!
Medal Winners
Men's Doubles 60+  Al Hager won the Bronze, 65+ Lance Thiede and Andy Schmaltz won the Silver, Pete Mattson won the Bronze, 70+ Lynn Carlson and Wayne Kennedy won the Gold and Jerry Winter the Bronze
Women's Doubles 4.5 - Donna Robins and Theresa Orcutt won the gold and 3.5 Lise Nolin won the Gold!
The story of the day
Milda Postler from Mesa, needed a partner. Her partner withdrew from playing Women's 3.5 skill doubles.  Lise Nolin was at the court as a spectator and was asked if she would play with Milda.  Lise agreed and went home to get her court shoes and the rest is history - Lise with her partner won the Gold!  The spectators not only applauded them, they also sang "Happy Birthday Lise"

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