Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The start of a Great Week

We kicked off Tournament Week with a clinic that was given by Mark Friedenberg,
This clinic drew record breaking attendance, according to AJ, 246 attendees to be exact.
Thanks to AJ (our Training Coordinator) for scheduling this event.

Mark "Yoda" Friedenberg and AJ Fraties

Clinic  attendees
For those of you who do not know Mark, you may have wondered if he is as good a player as he is a teacher.  This questions was quickly answered in the first day of our tournament, competing in Men's Doubles 5.0.  Mark with his partner Pat Kane won the Gold medal, without losing a game!

Our very own home teams played great today as well:
Lynn Carlson and Randy Bourne  competing in Men's Doubles 4.5 won the Gold and Lance Thiede and Dave Touchet won the Bronze
Maurice Parobec and Dan Jmaeff competing in Men's Doubles 4.0 won the Gold, Craig McGarraugh won the Silver and Chuck MacDonald with Barry Holloway won the Bronze
Barbara Schmidt and Sally Dobson competing in Women's Doubles 60 + won the Gold, Rosemary Nichol and Geri Grodinsky won the Silver
Connie Emerson and Margaret Wildeman competing in Women's Doubles 70+ won the Bronze!

We are looking forward to another great day with Mixed Doubles  players competing

Speaking of tournaments ... the  photos of the Resident Tournament players, spectators and medal winners have now been posted in the Blog Photo Album

Also I would like you to come see me at the USAPA tent, it is the perfect time to renew your membership or to become a new member.  This is the perfect time to ask  questions about the organization.  For Members, I also have clearance shirts and new shirts available and brand new rule books!  Don't forget if you do not already own one, this is the perfect time to purchase a club pin!

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