Monday, January 30, 2012

Certified Referees -Class of 2012

 Palm Creeks first group of Certified Referees

                                                                photos courtesy of Laurel Wineinger
     Natalie Aaron,   Lorne Bjornson,   Barbara Christie, Clint Duncan,  Jill Easterbrook, John Edwards,  Sherry Gusse,  Jack Hays,  Sandi Hubbick, Vern Jacobsen,  Pat Kelly,  Ray Kocher,  Pat Lively,  Lee Moore, Verna Moore,   Lee Rathbun,  Dennis Runyan,   Ken Schaebethal,  Sandy Stephens,  Lance Thiede,  Bob VanderLinden,   Jerry Winter, Donna Christiansen, Dennis Dahlen, Mary Duncan, Tedd Duncan, Terry Esch, A.J. Fraties, Jeanne Gearhart, Tom Gearhart, Mike Harris,  Audrey Hill,  Michael Hill,  Fred Hubbick,  Doug Kant,  Vera Loskot,   Harold Mackenthun,   Steve Mueller,  Jim Myers,  Mike Rains,  Neal Renga,  Andy Schmaltz,  Dianne Schmaltz,  Joyce Staffen,  Larry Staffen,  Hugh Tebo,  Lynda Tebo,  Mary Whitfield,  Neal Whitfield,  Dean Wineinger

Tom and Jeanne Gearhart
Referee Training Coordinators

Friday, January 27, 2012

Attention Please

Picture of medal winners for both the Tucson and Happy Trails tournament will be taken:
 Saturday 1/28
At the courts

Please contact other players that have won and let then know, in case they miss this notice


Court Schedule 
  • Effective 1/30/12 we have a new court schedule - these changes will provide 2.0 and 2.5 players additional scheduled play
Roster Updated
  • Please check the roster to see if your name is spelled correctly - site # and skill level are correct 
  • USAPA members - last name is in Blue followed by membership expiration
  • Rating - Blue is USAPA Rating, Orange is an Evaluation and Black is a self rating
  • If you are not listed or if you listing needs to be corrected, please e-mail me with the correct information
These Updates can be found under the "Menu" section of this Blog

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Never Ending......

Saturday Night: Lee Moore was assisted by Lee Rathbun and Lynda and Hugh Tebo in washing down the courts, to prepare them for painting Sunday Morning.
Sunday Morning: Even when not playing, these guys can not stay off the courts - Les Scott - Mark Nelson - Hugh Tebo - Lorne Bjornson - Jim Hempel - Chuck McDonald and of course Lee Moore once again did a great job painting the court surfaces for the safety and enjoyment of all of us

Once Again Thank You

Medical Awareness

As our club continues to grow, it is expected that there will be more medical incidents
Additional awareness will help everyone

  • Take a walk to the Tennis shed to see where the AED unit is located
  • Become familiar with supplies that are in the First Aid kit
  • Click To see CPR Update
  • January 30th - CPR certification course will be given by the Casa Grande Fire Department educators, cost $35, (outside of Palm Creek) a few spaces are still available - contact  Rosemary Nichol at 7586
  • The club will be putting on a clinic - details when available will be posted
Regardless of your level of training, react quickly - YELL for help, call 911

Palm Creeks General Manger Wendell Johnson sent the following to our club president Mark Nelson:

I would like to convey our appreciation for the quick response by the Pickleball group to the emergency situation. Although we take no satisfaction in someone’s misfortune, we are proud of the way our community responded. I am sure you have seen the article but I have attached it for all to see. Please pass along our deepest gratitude to all concerned.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Patio Sale 2012

                                           photo Courtesy of Mark Nelson
Pat Chater - Betty Fairchild (Patio Sale Coordinator) Sharon Vanderlinden
Volunteers not in picture: Rosie Angelo, Helen Carlson, Mike Chater, 
Harold MacKenthum, Judy and Jim Mitten, Susie Nunley

 A "Big Thank You" to everyone that made donations, helped set up the sale, made the signage and braved the early morning chill to "sell" all these goodies to "Early Birds"

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sign Up ! Sign Up ! Sign Up.....

Sign UP

  • Sign up for the Resident and Annual Tournament (registration forms are also at the courts)

  • Need a partner for the tournament?  Sign up sheet at the courts
  • Volunteers needed to help with both tournaments, various skills needed - Sign up sheets at the courts
  • USAPA Membership - rates increase 2/1 Join or Renew NOW, (forms are also on the round robin board)
  • Round Robins - if the sheet is full sign up as alternate, odds are still good that you will play and it will better illustrate the demand for where you want to play
  • Skill Training Clinics - Sign up sheet is up for next 2.5 clinic
  • Annual Pizza Party - Sign up sheet is at the courts and most of you have found it!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tick Tock

Time is running out to support our first annual Patio Sale.
Donations are still needed - Bring items to the courts on Friday or to the North Pavilion Friday evening. Please put a price on your items.
Items not sold will be donated to charity
Patio Sale is this Saturday - Morning!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The USAPA has this quiz on their website, take a few minutes to find out how much you really know!

Click to Take Test

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Reminders

We our doing our best to keep all our club members informed.
This season Round Robin Captains started making announcements that are prepared by our club President, Mark Nelson. The board decided to supplement these announcements by also having them posted on the blog.

This weeks Announcements:
1. The first ever Palm Creek Pickleball Patio Sale will be this Saturday - January 21st at the North Pavilion
To make this sale a success we need additional items to sell.  If you have a donation, you can bring it to social hour on Wednesday 4PM or you can contact the Coordinator - Betty Fairchild - Site # 884
Please be sure to put a price on the item
2. Sign up sheets to Volunteer for the Resident and Annual Tournaments have been posted.  These events are only a success, with your help.  (You will find these sheets, next to the sign up sheet for the February Pizza Party)

Reminder to all Coordinators: If you have any announcements that you would like to have included, you need to e-mail Mark Nelson before Noon on Sunday's

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome Home

Mark Nelson - Sandi Feller - Karen Fellows
  Volunteers not in picture 
Lynn Carlson - Irene Fraties - Fred Hubbick- Wayne Kennedy
Residents kept our club tables busy to learn about Pickleball

Thanks to Colin Caldwell for donating a case of wine 
The raffle was a success, the wine was won by Mr. Smith
Thanks to our club volunteers who put the tables and chairs for the whole event away in record time!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paddle Clinic a Success

Paddle Clinic has a Big Turnout

A large number of Pickleball players attended the first Paddle Clinic held at Palm Creek. Players were able to ask vendors about the advantages of different paddles and were given the opportunity to try them out on the courts.  As sales were brisk, expect the competition to be even tougher this week on the courts!
Thanks to AJ Fraties for coordinating this event.

Skill Level Update

Skill level definitions have been updated  and linked under Menu
As they were written for you, please take the time to read them
A copy is also posted at the courts

Wednesday, January 11, 2012




Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training Clinics Are Now Here

3.0 Skill Level Clinic
"Working with Partners"
Monday, January 16th  6:30 - 8:30
Check in by 6:15
At the Courts
Sign up sheet has been posted

Reminder this course is limited to those who play in 3.0 Round Robins

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cleaning for you...

Lee Moore - Les Scott - Chuck MacDonald - Clint Duncan

We entered "High Season" this week as many of our friends returned  after the New Year;  they headed straight for the courts. The courts were busy....

The number of players who participated in organized play this week:
 Sun        Mon     Tues       Wed    Thurs       Fri      Sat     
32 70 142 82 109 84 110 
 Add open play to the above numbers !!! - Hundreds of players were on the courts this week! 

Every task to run this club is done by a volunteer!  The court cleaning was completed by 8:00 PM, Saturday night.  How fortunate we are to  have volunteers to come out at a time, when the courts were  empty to help insure that it is safe to play , for an expected busier week ahead .......

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Great Opportunity!


Part I - Saturday January 7th 
Part II - Saturday January 14th
At the Court Pavilion

A Great Opportunity to learn and develop a new Pickleball Skill. It is just like learning to play Pickleball, you need to know the rules and practice.  You can become a really good referee, earn your certification and make a valuable contribution to the sport!.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Club Event

Paddle Demo Day

What: A day when you'll be able to hear about many of your favorite paddles, try them out, and even buy them. There will be presentations about the construction of various paddles, discussion of why one paddle might be better for you than another, and opportunities for you to try your favorite paddle on the courts.
Where: Palm Creek Pickleball Club courts

When: Saturday, January 14, from 1-4 PM
Who: All are invited. Three significant vendors of paddles representing six or more paddle lines and many models in each line will be here to help you find out more about paddles and buy one if you wish.

How much: How much do you have? As noted, paddles will be for sale. Custom orders are possible with some paddles. There is NO admission charge to this event. 

NOTE: There are several other events going on within the club this same afternoon. Among them, there is referee training, Inter-Club Women's Play, and our working as club volunteers to pick up chairs after the Park's Welcome Back is over at 1:45 PM. None of these should prevent you from coming to some part of the Paddle Demo Day and participating. If you want to come and stay, you're welcome. If you want to drop in...and are also welcome. No problem!
Questions: Direct to A. J. at site 1095 or at Ext. 7095.

(Submitted by A. J. Fraties - event coordinator)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Message from this years Raffle Coordinator....


Looking for a fun rewarding way to volunteer your time this year for the Tournament. The Club NEEDS your  HELP!
The Pickleball club tournament Raffle is an important part of our Tournament and has become an anticipated highlight to many who participate and attend, as well as becoming a significant fundraiser for our club.

This year it has been decided to keep the raffle to a more reasonable 10 items per day.  This will be much less stressful for our volunteers. If you can help solicit for donations and/or work the raffle table during any of the three days of the tournament, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Sandi Feller
Raffle Committee Coordinator
Or extension # 7274

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Court Schedule Revised

A few revisions have been made to the court schedule, every effort is being made to provide court time that each player wants: Rated events and a shoot out for competitive players, round robins by skill level for both competitive and social players, more beginner round robins to welcome more players into our community.

New events:
Wednesday - 6:30 - 8:30 PM - Mixed Rated 3.5 Partner Play
Saturday - 2:00 - 4:00 PM - Mixed 2.5/2.0 Round Robin (4 courts) effective 1/21
Saturday - 2:00 - 4:00 PM - Ladies Inter Community Play (4 courts)

Note: Mixed 4.0 + Partners and Mixed 3.5 Partners Round Robins - USAPA Rated players only.
4.0 +  1 partner must be USAPA Rated 4.0 or higher, may play with a 3.5 USAPA rated partner
3.5  1 partner must be USAPA Rated 3.5 , may play with a 3.0 USAPA rated partner

This schedule is also posted under the Menu section of this blog for future reference

As the courts are now very busy please help us in providing all club members the best play possible:
1. When you sign up for a scheduled event - please sign your full name and site number
2. If you sign up and realize that you can't play - please erase your name, move the first alternate up and put a line through their name.
3. As the scheduled events are full, if you do not check in 15 minutes before the hour, you will not be put on the  roster to play, this is the cut off, earlier arrival and check in would be appreciated.
4. Please sign up for "your skill level ". Players who sign up at multiple skill levels are denying other players the opportunity to play. 
5. If you would like to participate in "Rated" play - contact LeRoy Schmidt via e-mail: , Ratings are done in a timely manner and USAPA membership is required.
5. It has been requested that scores be filled in for all players "Except Couples" on Sunday. The rumor mill that says this will be used to move you to a lower bracket, is counter productive. Analysis of all court data is useful for preparing training sessions, future allocation of events by skill level etc.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Volunteers Needed

The Palm Creek Pickleball Club Training Department needs your help as an instructor! As you know we conduct a full program of training suitable to almost all pickleball players, no matter their skill level. This year we will offer at least a dozen different courses, all of them run entirely by volunteers from within the club.

Our intention, this year, is to have three instructors for each class, and with only a few exceptions to have no instructor required to do more than one class. Each class will (probably) be repeated once, so there will be two occurrences of each class. What this means is that each volunteer instructor will only help instruct one class, and do that class only two times...a total commitment of about four hours. (Each class will have about one hour of instruction and one hour of supervised play.)

Given that we would like to see three instructors at each class, with a dozen courses this means we have room for as many as 36 instructors, and right now we only have a dozen.
Would you like to help as an instructor? Even if you haven't had a specific background in teaching, coaching, consulting, mentoring or the like, you're still welcome if you have reasonable communication skills and the willingness to help other fellow players get better.....and the benefits to you are several:
1. You give back to your club and help your fellow players.
2. You build or tune up your teaching and coaching skills
3. You learn how to teach certain aspects of pickleball that you can then use at "home" when you return after the winter help your friends and fellow players there
4. You yourself will undoubtedly learn as much as you teach...funny that it works that way, but it's true...and it's true no matter how good you already are!

What are the requirements for an instructor here? There are only a few:
1. You should be willing to make a commitment of about 8 hours spread over a month....four hours to learn the course content (all the course design is already completed or will soon be completed) and two two-hour blocks of conducting the one course. Depending on the course this commitment will need to be met between January and April of 2012.
2. You should have pretty good communications skills. This only means that you are willing to work with people, take them at the levels you find them, and show them and help them to become better players. This does not mean that you are a great public speaker....entirely unnecessary!
3. You should currently be playing at a 3.5 level or above. If you are playing below that level but have a strong desire to help, let us know and we may be able to work with you...but a few of the courses will require at least 3.5-level skills. (Being rated at 3.5 or above is NOT necessary...we're not talking here about USAPA ratings, we're talking about your playing level.)
If you are interested, please email me directly! My email address is ajfraties@gmail. com. Thanks very much!

A. J. Fraties
Training Coordinator