Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cleaning for you...

Lee Moore - Les Scott - Chuck MacDonald - Clint Duncan

We entered "High Season" this week as many of our friends returned  after the New Year;  they headed straight for the courts. The courts were busy....

The number of players who participated in organized play this week:
 Sun        Mon     Tues       Wed    Thurs       Fri      Sat     
32 70 142 82 109 84 110 
 Add open play to the above numbers !!! - Hundreds of players were on the courts this week! 

Every task to run this club is done by a volunteer!  The court cleaning was completed by 8:00 PM, Saturday night.  How fortunate we are to  have volunteers to come out at a time, when the courts were  empty to help insure that it is safe to play , for an expected busier week ahead .......

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