Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Club Event

Paddle Demo Day

What: A day when you'll be able to hear about many of your favorite paddles, try them out, and even buy them. There will be presentations about the construction of various paddles, discussion of why one paddle might be better for you than another, and opportunities for you to try your favorite paddle on the courts.
Where: Palm Creek Pickleball Club courts

When: Saturday, January 14, from 1-4 PM
Who: All are invited. Three significant vendors of paddles representing six or more paddle lines and many models in each line will be here to help you find out more about paddles and buy one if you wish.

How much: How much do you have? As noted, paddles will be for sale. Custom orders are possible with some paddles. There is NO admission charge to this event. 

NOTE: There are several other events going on within the club this same afternoon. Among them, there is referee training, Inter-Club Women's Play, and our working as club volunteers to pick up chairs after the Park's Welcome Back is over at 1:45 PM. None of these should prevent you from coming to some part of the Paddle Demo Day and participating. If you want to come and stay, you're welcome. If you want to drop in...and are also welcome. No problem!
Questions: Direct to A. J. at site 1095 or at Ext. 7095.

(Submitted by A. J. Fraties - event coordinator)

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