Friday, June 26, 2015

24+8 =

Palm Creek has always been a great place to call home and it just keeps getting better
  • 8 additional pickleball courts
  • Sports and activity pool
  • Restroom facility with showers
  • Large softball warm up area
  • 12 short term RV sites next to pickleball courts
  • Additional vehicle and golf cart parking

When? you ask ...
Photos courtesy of Sue Hepler

You will be able to find up to the minute updates on:

Monday, June 22, 2015

Oregon Senior Games
Irene and AJ Fraties - Silver Medal Winners in Mixed Doubles
Irene took home the Gold in Women's Doubles

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hot off the Press

Pickleball Fundamentals is the first book written and endorsed by the USA Pickleball Association. 

So whether you are new to the sport or one of the growing number of pickleball fanatics,Pickleball Fundamentals is the best way to master the basics and compete with confidence. Available at Amazon

Friday, June 12, 2015

Rockin Summer Play

 32 Players started at 6 AM this morning at a 
comfortable 73 degrees - play ended at 87 degrees!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Medals and More

USAPA West Regional Tournament
Sally Dobson
USAPA Regional Tournaments are becoming the next big "Thing",  Sally has received many kudos's in her region as co-tournament director, for what currently is the largest Regional Tournament to date,  With all this work, Sally found the energy to win the women's 4.5 Silver medal in doubles. As a warm up, Sally took home a Bronze from Henderson, playing women's doubles 5.0!

Washougal Rivers Edge Tournament
Lance Thiede
Silver Mixed Doubles 60+
Bronze Men's Doubles 60+

Bob Northrop Memorial Tournament

Joyce Staffen
2 Silvers - Women's and Mixed Doubles
2 paddles!

Kamloops Open Tournament
Our players were "Really" Busy

Brenda Jmaeff and Theresa Orcutt
Silver - 4.0

Mel and Lynda Seranchuk
Silver - 3.5

Dan Jmaeff + Maurice Parobec 
Silver - 4.0+
Ross Perkin - Bronze 4.0+

Theresa Orcutt and Maurice Parobec
Silver 4.0+
Brenda and Dan Jmaeff
Bronze 4.0+

Referee Clinic
Ann Early

About 8 years ago Ann took our referee clinic taught by Tom and Jeanne Gearhart.  Ann decided to take the clinic again this past season, with Tom and Jeanne, to better prepare herself to offer this clinic at home in Georgia.  Following the same format: class, court experience and the referee test, Ann hopes to add 24 new referees to the roster.  Experienced referee's are a great asset to have on the courts, to assist players in learning the rules of the game, in addition to having them for tournament play.

If you are winning medals this summer or if your Palm Creek experience has inspired you to volunteer to help grow pickleball in either your home town or on the road, send me the information and some pictures, for future Blogs!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Nationals Update

Here we go again!

Just received:
Registration Update:  Registration opened June 1 and over 250 players have already signed up; well ahead of last year's pace. Based on registration demand, we anticipate closing some divisions early this year as space is limited. Don't wait to the last minute, register today!

We co-host the Nationals this year, do not miss out on the fun and excitement of these games!
 "Non Players" and Ambassadors have events they can participate, don't miss out.  Be sure to sign up!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Register NOW!!

Registration is now open for 2 major tournaments, you must be a USAPA  member.

USAPA Nationals VII

The Registration form will give you the opportunity to join the USAPA and/or to renew your membership

Events are being offered for  players and non-players, if you would like to participate you must register .

Ambassadors: If you are not attending the Ambassador Retreat, you will want to sign up for the seminar given by Chris Thomas on Ratings.  Seating is limited.  You can also sign up on line for the Ambassador dinner.

USAPA Southwest Regional Tournament

Regional tournaments are growing fast, don't miss out register now

Our sport is growing faster than courts can be built. Last season we had several tournaments close registration in record time, including our Duel in the Desert.  This season our Blog calendar has the date for when registration opens, for the tournaments that are club mostly participates.  As the season progresses, please let me know if I need to add additional tournaments. 
Additionally, if you join the USAPA or renew your membership please e-mail me, so our club roster can be updated

Wishing Jay Winter a Speedy Recovery

The following was written by Pam Winter:

Jay Winter was recently diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and had
 surgery on Wednesday for removal of the left kidney and tumor.  The
 surgery went as well as could be expected, and the surgeons were able to
 remove the kidney and tumor successfully.  Jay is out of intensive care
 and in intermediate care at this time.  He will be in the hospital up to
 one week and the recovery period is expected to be two to three months.
He is looking forward to full recovery and hopes to play pickleball
 with all of his friends again once he heals and gets back his strength

It has been requested that you keep Jay in your prayers for a speedy recovery
If you would like to send a note to Jay and Pam, please  e-mail me for their address