Monday, June 1, 2015

Register NOW!!

Registration is now open for 2 major tournaments, you must be a USAPA  member.

USAPA Nationals VII

The Registration form will give you the opportunity to join the USAPA and/or to renew your membership

Events are being offered for  players and non-players, if you would like to participate you must register .

Ambassadors: If you are not attending the Ambassador Retreat, you will want to sign up for the seminar given by Chris Thomas on Ratings.  Seating is limited.  You can also sign up on line for the Ambassador dinner.

USAPA Southwest Regional Tournament

Regional tournaments are growing fast, don't miss out register now

Our sport is growing faster than courts can be built. Last season we had several tournaments close registration in record time, including our Duel in the Desert.  This season our Blog calendar has the date for when registration opens, for the tournaments that are club mostly participates.  As the season progresses, please let me know if I need to add additional tournaments. 
Additionally, if you join the USAPA or renew your membership please e-mail me, so our club roster can be updated

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