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This position helps find and then works with the various entertainment providers associated with the tournament events.
This might include selecting DJs or bands, working with the Vendor and Sponsor chair to find local service providers who wish to provide services at our tournaments such as chiropractors, massage therapists, and so on. Additionally this position will determine their needs and facilities requirements, work directly with the people on the tournament committee who can help provide that function, and work through the Entertainment Coordinator to secure the Palm Creek park management assistance needed if any.
This person should be creative, energetic and organized. The scope of the position is limited to providing these services during the upcoming tournaments and a good deal of the pre-work is already started.

 Reports directly to A. J. Fraties, Entertainment Coordinator. Contact him at or at x7732.

Qualifications: Basic first aid for most common injuries.  These would be: hand, wrist, ankle injuries, scrapes from falls, dehydration and low blood sugar (diabetes)  Recognize more serious problems and know when to commence CPR, call 911 or call for back-up. 
Volunteers with medical experience (nursing, medical, EMT or other) wanted for shift leaders.
Shifts are 2 hours. Volunteers can choose one or more shifts

Needed for Resident Tournament and Duel in the Desert:  February 7 - 9, March 6 -8
Contact Marg Ouimet at #6395 or 520 876 6395

Head Photography volunteer: to coordinate these 3 jobs.  The lead could take one of the positions below. Volunteers need an interest in and experience with photo shooting, own a decent camera, be able to upload pics to the cloud. 

Action Shots:  Courts play, sponsors, venders, aisles, admin - Duel and Resident
3 people per day
- 3 to 4 hours shifts each day (could be shared with Medal Photogs as they only are needed for a few minutes during medal presentations)
- Upload to Dropbox account at the end of each day.

Medal Shots:  Duel and Resident
- 1-2 people;
- only needed during medal presentations,
- probably will not start till noon or after
- Could take action shots during the medal rounds
- Called by Event desk when medals are ready
- Ensure medal stands are available
- Propose placement of stand, banner and pictures
- Upload to Dropbox account by day at the end of the day.

"You've Been Framed":  Photography Booth - Duel Only
- 2-4 people;
- 3 to 4 hour shifts each day
-Take photos with a frame of Palm Creek on 2 sides and Duel In The Desert on 2 sides
- Staff a booth where people could come and get a picture behind the frame
- Post pics to Dropbox account by day

- 1-2 people
- set up each morning
- Set up and test speakers about a week ahead of time
- assist with extending the speaker wires across the road to Event Tent
- Pull down at end of Duel

Volunteers are needed to support John Robertson in acquiring the sponsors and vendors to support this tournament.
These are very important positions to help us get the funding we need to underpin this event.
These volunteers will be part of the Sponsor/Vendor program, and: 

    1)Make follow up phone calls on potential Sponsors and Vendors.
    2) Approximately 1-2 hours per day for two to 3 weeks.
    3) These people will report to John Robertson the Sponsor/Vendor Coordinator
    4) Preferably a sales or marketing type background or similar mind set.

 Any interested person please contact John at  520-788-9475 or

Both tournaments will have Meet and Greet events for participants an evening prior to the tournament. The Entertainment Committee is looking for a very organized individual(s) who would enjoy planning and assisting with carrying out these events (one or both tournaments).  This person will recruit others to help with food preparation and works with Barb Hillman who is arranging beverages. Also acts as the point person for the Disc Jockeys providing entertainment during the event, and coordinates as necessary with the Activities Office to insure all necessary facilities are provided. 
The first event will be for the participants and volunteers involved in the Residents' tournament (February 5th) the second event will be for the Duel in the Desert reception (March 6th).
This position reports to A.J. Fraties.
Please contact AJ at or

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