Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tournament Updates

Submitted by: Karen Fellows

Registration Status - Resident Tournament and Duel In The Desert (Our 12th
Annual Tournament)

Resident Tournament
To dispel any rumors, tournament registrations for the Resident Tournament
are still open, and we are encouraging all members to find partners and
enter this fun and exciting tournament put on just for you. This tournament
will be held February 7-9. Events will include Men's Skill Doubles, Women's
Skill Doubles, Mixed Skill Doubles, Men's Age/Skill Doubles and Women's
Age/Skill Doubles.

The Age/Skill events are split by age in 10 year increments, 50-59, 60-69,
and 70+. Our hope is to divide these brackets into smaller skill divisions
rather than all skills. In order to do that, we need all skill levels to
enter these events.  Divisions could be 2.5-3.5 & 4.0-5.0, or 2.5-3.0,
3.5-4.0, and 4.5-5.0, or some combinations thereof. But it takes lots of
entries in this event to make this happen.

Registration forms are available on the north side of both Big Blues. Or you
can register online using Look for
tournaments by state (Arizona), then scroll down in date order to the Palm
Creek RESIDENTS Tournament. Registrations close January 28, but please do
not wait until the last minute to register.

Wanda Cassidy is our Tournament Registrar. You can reach her at if you have any questions.


Duel In The Desert (Our 12th Annual Tournament)
Now, for the news about the newly named Duel in the Desert Tournament at
Palm Creek. This tournament will be held March 6-8. Tournament Registrations
have been rolling in hot and heavy since registrations opened November 15.
In fact, we had 100 players on the list the first day of registrations.  And
it hasn't stopped since. We are currently over 400 players on the list. We
don't need to tell you that this is one of the most sought after, premier
tournaments in the country.  Many of the brackets have reached capacity
quickly and we have been forced to close registrations for some events or
for some skill levels. For these events there are still players on the list
needing partners; the list can be found on our tournament listing at, click on the 'More Information' button, then
look for the 'Players Needing Partners' button.  Please feel free to contact
any of these players if you are interested in playing.

The remaining events still available for registration are:

Women's Skill Doubles - all skill levels 3.0-5.0 Men's Skill Doubles - skill
level 3.0 and 5.0 only Mixed a Skill Doubles -skill level 5.0 only

If you fall into any of these levels or events, we encourage you to complete
your registrations soon. Again, registration forms are available on the
north side of both Big Blues. Or you can register online using Look for Tournaments by State (Arizona) on
the Tournament menu, then scroll down in date order to the  (for the time
being, still listed as) 12th Annual Palm Creek Pickleball Tournament.
Registrations close February 24, do not wait until then to get your
registrations in.

Karen Fellows is our Tournament Registrar and can be reached at 7743 or if you have any questions

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