Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The New Tournament Season

The Season kicked off this year in Nevada
Nevada Senior Games
Mike and Sally Dobson
Mike won a Gold Medal in Men's Doubles
Sally won a Gold Medal in Mixed Doubles and 
the Bronze Medal in Women's age

LeRoy Schmidt
Bronze Medal - Men's Doubles

Marsha Freso
Gold Medal - Women's Doubles

Fall Brawl
Sally Dobson
Silver Medal - Mixed Doubles
Bronze Medal - Women's Doubles

Huntsman World Senior Games
Randy Bourne
Silver Medal - Men's Doubles
Bronze Medal - Mixed Doubles

Connie Emerson
Silver Medal - Mixed Doubles

Carol Lindow
Gold Medal - Women's Doubles 4.5
Silver Medal - Women's Doubles Age
Bronze Medal - Mixed Doubles

Don Simmons
Silver Medal  - Men's Doubles 4.5
Bronze Medal - Men's Doubles Age

Arizona Senior Olympics
Lance Thiede
Bronze Medal - Men's Doubles


Starting with National Games we will go back to posting a group picture, of medal winners, for each tournament.  Barb Schmidt has volunteered to take these pictures for the season.
You will be notified by e-mail , the day and time for each photo session

Medal list for the new season, is now posted under Club Information

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Start of a New Season!

This is an exciting time of year.  As members return to Palm Creek, we all look forward to seeing our friends, neighbors and club members.  As the season progresses we will share new experiences and new friendships.

This Blog information is being updated for you!  The easiest way to keep up to date on club events and happenings, is to use the link on the right labeled "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" .  Once you sign up, you will be notified by e-mail when the Blog has been updated.

The Calendar at the top of the Blog is in the process of being updated.  This Calendar will tell you when all club events are scheduled such as Monthly Meetings, Clinics,  when Volunteers are needed, the Tournament schedule and more.

Under  "CLUB INFORMATION"   the schedule for Organized Play has been posted, the New Medal list has been posted, more updates are on the way.  The information listed here, is your "go to place" for information.

Summer Medal Winners - If you do not have a medal on the medal board, please remember to bring a medal with you to be recognized as a "medal winner"

Travel safe and enjoy the sunshine when you arrive! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Look Back

From the desk of Lynn Reiter's "Fun Photography."
Memories of the 2013/2014 fabulous Pickleball season.
View on laptop or desk top for captions.
Click on site, then upper right "FULL SCREEN."


Perfect fix for Grand Children's Addiction!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Summer of 2014

Club members have been active from the beginning to the end of the summer season. These are just a few of the many, who in our off season continue to promote and grow our sport, as well as give us our sense of community.

Orla Wanless

Orla serves on the court usage committee. In order to make informed recommendations for organized play, he undertook the huge task of comparing paid memberships from 2013-2014.

Chuck MacDonald

All summer long, Chuck did a great job of keeping us informed on what he has Captioned "Alumni News" on Facebook

Palm Creek Pickleball Club on Facebook

Avis and Larry Gray
The Gray's took on the task of being Palm Creek's coordinators for Summer Inter-community  play with Mission Royale and Robson Ranch, Avis sent us pictures and details of the group throughout the summer, to remind us, of what a good time players have year round at Palm Creek.  Larry took charge of court cleaning to insure that all could have a safe and fun time.

Sally Dobson
Sally put her energy into Sun City Allante's new courts, the first courts in North Las Vegas and promoting the Nevada State Senior Games. In a later post you will see who from Palm Creek won a medal.

A.J. Fraties
Karen Fellows
Les Scott
Irene Fraties
Several club members for the past few years have been on a mission to make Bend, OR, the summer destination for Palm Creeker's. Take a look at their blog, it becomes clear that they are following the same blue print that they helped create at Palm Creek.                                   

Tom and Ann Earley
 Tom and Ann are the poster children for "pickleball addiction".  They built 6 new pickleball courts at their  home in Georgia. These courts are listed under places to play on the USAPA website and open to players all season.   For the eighth time they hosted the "Summers Last Blast Annual Tournament". In addition to all pre-tournament requirements, they  clean courts and stripe lines for parking, Players are invited the day before the tournament, to practice and for open play and non- playing "significant others" are invited use the pool. The Earley's than provide a catered Mexican buffet and entertainment for the evening. On the first day of the tournament, opening ceremonies include the Creekview High School band and the Cadets of the Sky Leadership Camp featuring Fort Blitz academy.  Each group is presented with a $500 check for student scholarship. It was than announced that checks will be given to the Cherokee Humane Society and Sheriff Joe Arpaio MASH No Kill Shelter each in the amount of $2,000. The 2 day tournament this year had 90+ players of which half, traveled from out of state, including 17 USAPA ambassadors. They also had members of the volunteer fire department present as well as vendors and catered lunches.  They are now planning their last event of the season, Final game of the season will be played in Halloween Costumes, followed by a Chili-Cook -Off. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Medal Winners!


Peachland BC Tournament
Dan Jmaeff (far right)
Silver Medal - Mixed Doubles

Spruce Grove, Alberta September SMASH
Marg Ouimet (on right)
Silver Medal - Women's Doubles Skill

Spokane Slamma Jamma
Vance Christiansen and Lance Thiede
Silver Medal - Men's Doubles

Great Lakes Open
Joyce Staffen
Bronze Medal - Mixed Doubles

Pikes Peak or Bust
Don Simmons
Silver Medal - Mixed Doubles 4.5 and Age
Silver Medal- Men's Doubles 4.5 and Age

Kansas Senior Olympics
Dean Wineinger
Gold Medal - Men's Doubles

Arkansas Senior Olympics
Pat Lively
Gold Medal Winner - Women's Doubles
(no photo available)

Note: The medal list for the 2014 -2015 will start this year with The Nevada Senior Games and will end with the Robson Ranch Annual Tournament.  Medal Winners, please e-mail me a picture of you wearing your medal for future Blog post.