Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Start of a New Season!

This is an exciting time of year.  As members return to Palm Creek, we all look forward to seeing our friends, neighbors and club members.  As the season progresses we will share new experiences and new friendships.

This Blog information is being updated for you!  The easiest way to keep up to date on club events and happenings, is to use the link on the right labeled "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" .  Once you sign up, you will be notified by e-mail when the Blog has been updated.

The Calendar at the top of the Blog is in the process of being updated.  This Calendar will tell you when all club events are scheduled such as Monthly Meetings, Clinics,  when Volunteers are needed, the Tournament schedule and more.

Under  "CLUB INFORMATION"   the schedule for Organized Play has been posted, the New Medal list has been posted, more updates are on the way.  The information listed here, is your "go to place" for information.

Summer Medal Winners - If you do not have a medal on the medal board, please remember to bring a medal with you to be recognized as a "medal winner"

Travel safe and enjoy the sunshine when you arrive! 

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