Monday, March 3, 2014

USAPA Renew or Join

Volunteers will be at the USAPA table during the tournament each day from 11-2

You can click on this link and print a form:
You can drop this form off at the USAPA table, the volunteers will verify that you have completed it correctly. You can pay by check or cash, if paying in cash please try to have the exact amount.  
Forms will also be available at the USAPA table. 
Use the 1st address line for where you will be in the next 2-3 weeks, this will insure that you will receive your membership items.
Existing Members
Please check to see your membership, you may have "expired",  or you may be up for renewal soon.  Your membership is renewed from your expiration date, so you lose nothing  by renewing early.  You may find that this is also the right time to renew for 3 or 5 years, these renewals will be sent a new shirt and a current rule book

New Members
Our National Organization needs your support, the following is directly from USAPA website
STAY informed. STAY connected. BE a part of the exciting future of pickleball! The USAPA’s membership is comprised of people who, just like you, share a passion for our great game! When you join the USAPA, you receive exclusive benefits for your membership.
In addition, your membership supports USAPA initiatives such as:
  • Maintaining rules and equipment standards
  • Introductory and developmental programs for all ages
  • Provide competitive play through USAPA sanctioned events and tournaments

What Benefits Will I Receive?
  • USAPA T-Shirt (New Members & Multi-Year Renewals)
  • Official Membership Card
  • Secondary Medical Insurance in Sanctioned Events
  • ‘Partner Search’ on USAPA Website
  • Points for USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Discount on USAPA Net System
  • Access to USAPA ‘Member Only’ Store
  • USAPA Monthly Newsletter
  • Official IFP Rulebook (Multi-Year Renewals)
  • Access to Discount Network
  • USAPA Window Decal
  • Membership ‘Look-Up’ on USAPA Website

Compared to other sports, this sport is relatively inexpensive to play. Our National Organization offers more than what is listed above. If you would like more information go to,  You will find older newsletters with a lot of information, training videos's, membership discounts and much more.
If I can be of more help please e-mail me:

Rosemary Reese
                         Palm Creeks USAPA Ambassador


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