Monday, March 3, 2014

Tournament "11" is here

This link provides a lot of information, click on the Palm Creek Tournament, you will find
Completed brackets, schedule of when each event will start, you can look up a specific player on the Players list and you will be able to follow the results as the tournament is in progress.

Play Time
Games will begin each morning at 8 AM
Matches will be played all day without interruption

The Sports Grille will be serving lunch from 11 AM - 2:30 PM
A Hot Dog or a wrap with chips and a drink $5.00.  All other items available at regular price

Will be held daily  
Tickets  are 3 for $5 for wine raffle and you receive a bonus ticket to enter larger item raffle!

Will be here, with all things "Pickleball"

Look for the USAPA table, this is a great time to renew your membership or to join the National Organization.  We take great pride in being a USAPA Club, our Tournament is now rated as a Tier 2 by the USAPA.  

Club Pins
Sold at the USAPA table  $ 3 each

Official rule
You do not want your favorite team to loose a point 
 12.L. Coaching. Players may consult with any person during time-outs and between games. Once the game has begun, except during time-outs, any communication between a player and any person not on the court, if determined by the referee to be coaching, shall result in a technical warning to the offending player or team and a verbal warning to spectators. If the communication occurs a second time, it shall result in a technical foul and a point will be awarded to the opponent. (Revised February, 2013) 

Spectator Etiquette
Applaud great play, regardless of which team won the point
Do not applaud when an error is made 
Do not sit or stand in front of other spectators, in such a way that you block their view
Do not talk to a line judge during a match
If a player needs medical help - seek out one of the medical volunteers immediately


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