Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tournament Thanks and DVD's

By all accounts our Annual Tournament was a huge success.
This is the third year that Colin Caldwell has been our Tournament Director
Colin is  quick to thank everyone who volunteered their time, to make our tournament the best tournament in all of Arizona.

Your dedication to our Club and to our Sport , brought our tournament to a sanctioned Tier 2 level.  Having a Premier Tournament, allows all club member to have a sense of pride.  Your year long work, in organizing this event is very much appreciated, to you we say "Thank You"

Tournament DVD's Available
The following matches were recorded at this year's Tournament.
• Hackenberg/Friedenberg vs. Kane/Pardue (Bracket play)
• Kraus/Palermo vs. Earley/Caldwell 15 point game (Bracket play)
• 4.5 Mens Gold Match
• Mixed 5.0 Bronze Match
• Mixed 4.5 Gold Match
• 3.5 Womens Gold Match & 15 point game

Each is available for purchase for $10. The DVD's can be either a standard DVD or in a Blu-ray
format. All of the above recordings can be purchased on a single Blu-ray disc for $12. (Postage for out
of park purchases $2.)

If you are interested in purchasing recordings, contact Steve Mueller over at the courts, or e-mail captainvideo@gmx.com Please note; all proceeds go to the Palm Creek Pickleball Club.

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