Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Huntsman World Senior Games

Al Hager - Sandy Stephens - Mary Whitfield
Gerry Winters - Lance Thiede

Men's Doubles - Age
Al Hager              Gold
Lance Thiede      Silver
Morgan Robins   Bronze
Gerald Winter     Bronze

Women's Doubles - Age
Mary Whitfield    Bronze

Women's Doubles - Skill 4.5
Sandy Stephens    Bronze

Mixed Doubles- Age
Mary Whitfield   Gold
Al Hager            Gold

Congratulations to  this years medal pool winner - Rhoda Zaph who guessed 10 medals for our group from Casa Grande!
A group of 66 came from the Casa Grande area to compete and to have fun
Hope you plan to join us next year!
2012 Huntsman Pickleball Dinner

4th Annual Saturday Night Dinner

Additional Photos are posted in photo album on the menu
Courtesy of Sandy Stephens

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