Friday, March 30, 2012

First Club President

John Edwards
First Club President
First Tournament Director

John is spending the season with us this year. 
He has promoted Pickleball from the first time he saw the game played in California,  both a dedicated player and volunteer. With the help of others John laid the ground work for our club.
John was both our first club President and first Tournament Director. In 2003 The Huntsman World Senior Games included Pickleball, John was one of the first Palm Creekers to attend. When the USAPA was reorganized in 2005, not a surprise that John was quick join!

John's return is impetus we needed to start working on the history of our club.
This is the first of an ongoing series, a history Blog will be posted weekly. If you have something to share, please be sure to e-mail me:  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Cactus School - Part II

Teresa Ocutt
Pat and John Lively
Wayne Kennedy
Mary Duncan

Tedd Duncan
Joan Haggerty
Jo Hard
Les Scott

This was quite an undertaking for our volunteers, to work with and train the students at the Cactus School in the art of playing Pickleball.

We can all take pride in our club's willingness to reach out to the students in our community and introducing them to a game that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Part I was posted on 2/26/12

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Successful Fund Raiser!

Kool Neck Wrap

 Kuniko is modeling the "Kool Neck Wrap" that she made.  The neck wrap is both refreshing and pretty to wear.   As a fund raiser Kuniko made and sold 50 of these Kool Neck Wraps.   She volunteered a lot of hours during our tournament between selling these wraps and dispensing cookies at lunch.
Kuniko's project has resulted in a $250 donation to our club.

Kuniko, Thanks everyone who supported her endeavor by purchasing a neck wrap. We Thank Kuniko for this great idea and all the work she put into this successful project and very generous donation. 

As an avid Pickleball Player and USAPA member, the Ladies who play with Kuniko in the 3.0 skill level admire her dedication in playing the sport and ever present smile, not to mention her energy level at 77 years young!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Great end of Season Party

Pickleball Players had a Great Afternoon

A really large part of our membership came to support
both our volunteers and our club

Alvin Hager

Al started the day in the Dunk Tank and Mark Nelson ended the day being dunked
Pickleball players had fun in dunking both of them

Roger Fellows

The Burger Team is Flipping Crazy

1236 Burgers Sold

Karen Fellows - Mike Harris - Michael Hill
Barry Holloway - Steve Kiesler  
 Pat + John Lively
Verna + Lee Moore - Ed Obermeyer  
 Marg Ouimet - Marilyn Skees - Neal Renga


Friday, March 23, 2012

End of Season Party


view details

This is for that moment that you wanted to
Alvin Hager and Mark Nelson
Will be in the dunk tank representing Pickleball
3 balls $5
Do not miss this opportunity

 Chef cooking hamburgers at a grill

Roger Fellows and Crew will be flipping Burgers
$ 3.00

This Saturday from 11 AM - 2 PM
Proceeds will  be given to our Pickleball

Do-Op Music by the Kool Band

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Medal Winners from the last tournament of the season



Participated in 15 Tournaments this season
starting with Mesquite "Pre-Huntsman" 
and ending with Sun in the Fun

45 Medal Winners 
took home
233 Medals

Top Male Medal Winner this Season
Vance Christiansen - 19 Medals

Top Female Medal Winners this Season
Tied with 13 medals
Sherry Gusse and Sandy Stephens

Top Male Gold Medal Winner this  Season
Al Hager - 9

Top Female Gold Medal Winner this Season
Mary Whitfield - 5

The final 2011-2012 Medal Winner list is now posted in the menu section of the Blog

Bar Schmidt

And a big Thank You from all of us to Barb Schmidt for updating the Medal Winner list all season, handling all the medal photos, giving all the information to the activities office so that it could be published in the monthly newsletter and for updating the the Tournament Boards all season with Registration Forms, etc.

Reminder: please e-mail this summer with tournament information and names of medal information for any of our club members, so it can be posted on the blog!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Election Results

Vern Jacabosen
Club Treasurer 2011-2012
Elected for a new 2 Year Term 2012-2014

Gary Baker
Newly Elected
Vice President 2012-2014


Monday, March 12, 2012

Annual Meeting followed by Social Hour - Updated


3 PM

The last meeting for the season
Social Hour to follow
Bring a snack and beverage

(Wednesday Social Hour is cancelled this week)

 Arrive early as this will be a busy meeting

Election will be held for the election of:
 Vice President and Treasurer
This is the first time in the history of our club that we will be voting use a ballot for the election!

Wendell Johnson  will be at meeting to discuss new courts

After the meeting:

Club Shirts - all remaining shirts will be available to purchase,  this will be the last opportunity to purchase shirts this season, the inventory is primarily women's sizes

Club Pins - last opportunity to purchase this season, great to wear on your visor and a nice gift for the grand children

USAPA Memberships and Renewals - 2 new members will have a chance to win an extra shirt

Roster Update

Please look for your information on the roster
USAPA members are listed first, with last name in Blue, followed by non members in alphabetical order

2012 Club Roster

Please e-mail me at:

If any information needs to be corrected

  • Name not spelled correctly
  • Incorrect site number
  • Rating has changed
  • If you are a USAPA member and not listed as one
  • If you have not received an e-mail from, I do not have your correct e-mail address
  • If you have left Palm Creek and will not be returning next year and/or you are no longer playing pickleball and would like to be removed from the roster

Saturday, March 10, 2012

9th Annual Medal Winners

Congratulations to Palm Creek Medal Winners!

All Tournament Photos are now posted in the

Ladies Social - a 3.5 Landslide

This years annual Ladies Social was once again a blast!
Ladies 3.5 players team up to compete against a team comprised of a 4.0 and 3.0 player.
This year the 3.5 players demonstrated you cannot take a 4.0 and 3.0 team and win against the genuine 3.5 team

Congratulations to this years winners

Gold Medal - Natalie Aaron and  Penny English
Silver Medal - Marg Ouimet and Marilyn Skees
Bronze Medal - Judy Moerman and Roma Sohni

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ladies Social Play

The Ladies Annual Social Play is this Friday
Lot's of fun, a 4.0 player teams us with a 3.0 player  and play against 3.5 teams
The games start at 2:00 PM
If you were lucky enough to be one of the players that signed up, please be at the courts no later than 1:30 PM

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tournament Coverage

Front Page article in today's newspaper


Colin Caldwell
2012 Tournament Director

This past summer,  when our club members were busy having fun, Colin was home planning this years tournament.  All the major components needed to be in place by October,  when the season kicks off at the Huntsman World Senior Games. The registration form was complete, all paperwork was submitted to the USAPA for sanctioning, one of this years sponsors was already identified and a flyer was ready for distribution announcing this years tournament.  The decision was made to use new Registration Software and with the assistance of Jim Myers, not only were participants able to register on line, they also were able to pay on line using Pay Pal.  Upon his return , Colin designed and submitted this years medal, solidified a team of volunteers to assist him and took a courageous step, by having food services prepare the tournament lunches, which freed up many club members from volunteering while the tournament was in progress. 
Thank you Colin for Directing a Fun Resident and a Great 9th Annual Tournament 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Throughout the resident and annual tournaments I received many positive comments and congratulations from players on a well run tournament. While those accolades are personally appreciated the major portion of that praise should rightfully be directed towards the many volunteers who contributed so much time and effort to make our two tournaments such a great success.

Where does one begin to acknowledge all of our volunteers? The list is so vast it is a monumental task to acknowledge everyone who contributed so much. I've requested a portion of time at our next general meeting to have all involved stand and be recognized for all their contributions. But I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the team coordinators who contributed so much to the success of the tournaments:

Jim Myers - Registrar & Registration Desk

Sandi Fellers - Raffle

Lee Moore - Court Preparation & Setup

Les Orcutt - Tournament Setup & Maintenance

Diane Obermeyer - Coffee - Muffins/Donuts - Snacks

Irene Fraties - Pasta Dinner Ticket Sales

Tom & Jeanne Gearhart - Referees

Barb & Leroy Schmidt - Tournament Desk

Sara Duncan - Photographer

Rosemary Reese - USAPA Desk

Judy Mitten - Fruit

Mike Salter - Parking & Transportation (Lions Club)

Marg Ouimet - Medical

Natalie Aaron - Desserts

Steve Mueller - Video

To each and every one of you I extend my heart felt thanks for your dedication and all your efforts. You and your volunteers make the difference and make the Palm Creek Resident & Annual Tournament's the huge success they are.

With thanks,

Colin Caldwell - Tournament Director
Palm Creek Pickleball Club

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Nominees

As discussed at the General Meeting - Nominations and the Election of Officers to be held March 15, 2012 at the Annual Meeting

 Click on link below for nominee qualifications:

Getting ready for the 9th Annual

Colin Caldwell
Tournament Director

Les Scott, Mike Dobson,Clint Duncan,Linda Tebo
Lee Moore,Chuck McDonald,Dave Toucet
Mark Nelson and Ken Kinnear
Taping more than the Courts

Les Orcutt, Morgan Robins, Mike Hill Lorne Bjornson
Setting up