Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Throughout the resident and annual tournaments I received many positive comments and congratulations from players on a well run tournament. While those accolades are personally appreciated the major portion of that praise should rightfully be directed towards the many volunteers who contributed so much time and effort to make our two tournaments such a great success.

Where does one begin to acknowledge all of our volunteers? The list is so vast it is a monumental task to acknowledge everyone who contributed so much. I've requested a portion of time at our next general meeting to have all involved stand and be recognized for all their contributions. But I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the team coordinators who contributed so much to the success of the tournaments:

Jim Myers - Registrar & Registration Desk

Sandi Fellers - Raffle

Lee Moore - Court Preparation & Setup

Les Orcutt - Tournament Setup & Maintenance

Diane Obermeyer - Coffee - Muffins/Donuts - Snacks

Irene Fraties - Pasta Dinner Ticket Sales

Tom & Jeanne Gearhart - Referees

Barb & Leroy Schmidt - Tournament Desk

Sara Duncan - Photographer

Rosemary Reese - USAPA Desk

Judy Mitten - Fruit

Mike Salter - Parking & Transportation (Lions Club)

Marg Ouimet - Medical

Natalie Aaron - Desserts

Steve Mueller - Video

To each and every one of you I extend my heart felt thanks for your dedication and all your efforts. You and your volunteers make the difference and make the Palm Creek Resident & Annual Tournament's the huge success they are.

With thanks,

Colin Caldwell - Tournament Director
Palm Creek Pickleball Club

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