Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dennis Forbes Clinic

Click on Flyer for easy Reading
Pre-Register at the Courts For fast Check In
Saturday 1/5 - 11:30 - 12:30
Sunday 1/6 - During Paddle Day
Register 8:00 AM morning of clinic

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Paddle Day

And  more:
1. Complete Seasonal Information Sheet
2. If you so choose pay the Seasonal Fee for Schedule play $20
3. Purchase club pin - $ 3 each or 2 / $5
4. Renew your membership or Join the USAPA
5. Pre-Register for Dennis Forbes clinic 1/8 +1/9 - Fee $10

Lights On!

The Path Lights Lead the Way

The Courts are lit!

LeRoy Schmidt - Maintenance Co-ordinator
verifying that all is working properly

                                     photos courtesy of Neal Whitfield

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Picklehead Merry Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas
When all Through the House,
Not a Creature was Stirring
Not even the Spouse.

When up on the Roof
There Arose Such a Clatter,
We sprang from our Bed
To see What was the Matter.

Then What to Our wondering
Eyes should Appear,
But a Chubby Old Elf
Sporting Pickleball Gear!

He Wasted no Time
But he Started to Dink,
Then Shouting a Challenge
He gave us a Wink.

We Slammed and We’d Lobbed
Then we started to Volley,
He placed his Kill Shot
Then got Oh So Jolly!

We Heard him Exclaim
As he Flew Out of Sight
Maybe Next Year with Practice
They’ll Put up A Fight!

HoHoHo..... Merry Christmas Everyone!
Author Della Bass 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

General Meeting and Other News

General Meeting 
Wednesday - 3PM
San Tan Room

Followed by Holiday Cheer 
 with and without alcohol 

The meeting is a good time to bring any items that you would like to donate for the patio sale and to join or renew USAPA membership.

And in other news, LeRoy Schmidt sent picture of the arrival of new lights for the courts

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New and More New

The joy of a "Free" Blog is finding some gadgets and having no idea as to how they are going to work.!
To the right you will see a "Survey" question.  Please answer the questions and lets find out together how it works!

More New!!
APS is at the Courts
Electricity and Lights are on the Way!

Photo Courtesy of LeRoy Schmidt

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Work in Progress

The First Information board takes "the walk"  from maintenance shop to courts

The Crew
Enjoying the moment

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Referee Seminar Scheduled!

Referee Seminar
Do you want to learn how to referee a pickleball game?  If you do, we as a club need you.  Just sign up at the pickleball courts.
WHEN:   Saturday, January 5, 2013   2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Where:  Pickleball Courts
Commitment: 2 Saturdays (Jan. 5th & Jan 12th & practice refereeing 12 games before “In-house Tournament”.
What you should do before the seminar:  Go to and click on Official rules, print them and then read and understand them.  Understanding the rules is imperative to being a good referee.
Instructor, Tom Gearhart #389

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Medals and More


2012 East Valley Tournament
Sandi Feller, Sherry Gusse, Barb Schmidt, Donna Robins, Teresa Orcutt, Edie Pries
Al Hager, Lynn Carlson, Vance Christiansen, LeRoy Schmidt,  Dave Touchet, Maurice Parabec
Not shown: Lance Thiede

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the  Voyager Holiday Tournament,  the Director has requested that our Club Volunteer to Referee.  Please help if you can, it will make the tournament run smoother.
USAPA Rating changes: If your rating changes, it is important to let me know, so that I can correct it on the roster

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Please Vote

Please vote for our Pickleball Float
Our Volunteers have worked really hard to create this terrific float
It will take 30 seconds or less to vote  (you can vote 10 times)
All you need to enter is your name and the float # 10
Please do it NOW as voting ends Sunday at 7 PM
Please ask frineds and family to vote as well!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taking home the Gold!



Wayne Kennedy and Lynn Carlson
Gold Medal Winners
West Valley Senior Games

Gary Baker
Gold Medal Winner
Utah Pickleball Championship

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Join Us
Wednesday 4:00 PM
Court Pavilion
(by old courts)
Social Hour
Bring a Beverage and a Snack
Friday 6:30 PM
at the old courts
All players are requested to turn out to support and cheer our Pickleball Float
Our Club members have done a "Great Job"
This Float will be entered in the Casa Grande Light Parade competing for "most original"
All night play has been suspended until we have lit courts, pickleball addicts, let us know if you want to play earlier, we will see if we can fit in the schedule.
Monitors for 2.0
The last I heard we still need monitors
Monitor training will be provided.
Please contact Pat Kelly at X 7097 or

Monday, November 26, 2012

Check The Menu

When checking the Blog, be sure to check for new or updated items:
 Recently Added:
Court Captain schedule
Member Information Form - (each and everyone of you need to complete this form)
Registration forms for our Resident and Annual Tournaments
A description of the Shoot-out format
Pickleball Canada (was added this summer)
Court schedule was updated today
More updates are on the way  


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monthly Meeting

We have an informative agenda and we are also seeking your suggestions. 
Bring a snack to socialize after the meeting
You will also have the opportunity
1. Purchase a club pin - $3 ea. of 2/$5
2. Complete the club information sheet and pay seasonal fees or elect to pay as you play
3. Join the USAPA, or renew your membership

New Organized Play Events

A  women's 3.0+ Shootout has been added to the schedule on Wednesday mornings. This is a new event for this level of play. For more information click on this link

A Mixed 4.5+ Rated Round Robin has been added to the schedule, to provide competitive play at this level
The Larry Peterson 70+ Mixed Round Robin, is already starting to fill up - A great event for players in this age group to have fun, social play, regardless of skill level.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In The News

The Crew

The Club "Muscle"  moved the old "sign up board" to the new courts, the new boards are a work in progress

Lance Thiede

Lance is painting the lumber for our new sign up boards
"US Open Blue"


Mary Whitfield - Lance Thiede - Vance Christiansen - Lynn Carlson

Huntsman World Senior Game Medal Winners
Al Hager - Sandy Stephens - Gerry Winter - Lance Thiede - Mary Whitfield
Not in picture - Morgan Robins

Wine Raffle

Our resident club wine connesieur, Roger Fellows selected 12 bottles of wine to raffle at this months craft fair.  Thanks to Phil and Cathy Paramore, Audrey Hill, Brenda Jmaeff and Roger Fellows for volunteering run this raffle.
Congratulations to this months winners: Joyce and Larry Staffen
Be sure to buy tickets for the next raffle December 10th, you may be the next lucky winner!!!!!! 


Monitors Needed

Volunteers Needed to Monitor 2.0 Round Robins

Looking for a way to help promote Pickleball and have fun in the process? The Club is looking for monitors to assist new players during 2.0 Round Robins. To qualify, you must play at the 3.0 level or higher, have a thorough understanding of the rules, have a positive attitude, and a desire to help new players grow their skills and play safely.
 Monitor training will be provided.
  Please contact Pat Kelly at X 7097 or

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thank You

Gigi LeMaster  - Cookie Drake  - Steve Wong

Annually, A.J. Fraties, our training coordinator sets up a clinic to kick off the season.  This year 133 club members participated in the 2 day clinic and 68 members signed up for a class!  Everyone enjoyed the clinic and some thought it was the best one to date !
This was a great event to hold on the opening day of our new courts!!
The Sports Grill served lunch on Friday - The chicken salad wrap, received rave reviews!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Opening Day

Opening Play on our New Courts!
Thank You Palm Creek!

Day One of Steve Wong Clinic

Our club had a "great" first day on the new courts!  Friday will be another "great" day!
The Steve Wong Clinic - Part 2
All Spectators must check in at the registration table
If you are pre-registered we will check you in and give you your wrist band
Need to register - not a problem - Fee $5.00 register when you arrive
Registration will open at 8:30 AM
Signed up for a class with Steve Wong - check the list(s) that are posted at both the old and new courts
Lunch will be available at the new courts - 11:00 AM  - $ 5.00
Chicken Salad Wrap, with chips and a drink
Or you can purchase any of these items separately!
For your convenience:
Pickelball Paddles will be sold - Al Hager will tell you the advantages of each paddle, stop by his table
For those of you have not completed a club information sheet or paid seasonal fees, these forms are available at the check in desk
USAPA Membership forms will also be available for new members and renewals at the registration table

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Courts Being Prepped

Final preparation of our new courts
We can always count on our club members to volunteer!
We look forward to seeing you at the court opening!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Court Opening and More!!!!!!!!!!!

 OPENING THURSDAY 11/15/2012  9 AM
Join us at the new courts Thursday at 9 AM, please wear your newest club shirt, Yellow - White - Red.  Bring your paddle!  Play at the old courts will stop at 8:30 AM, for all to attend this opening! 
Thursday -  1 PM -   2:30 PM  - Please arrive to check in at 12:30 PM
Friday -      9 AM - 10:30 PM  - Please arrive to check in at   8:30 AM
Already Registered - Please check in each day to receive a wrist band
Would like to register - Yes you can register the day of the clinic, at the check in desk, you may have to wait a bit, there will be room for all who wish to attend - Fee $ 5.00
Note: Paddles will be sold during the clinic, this is a great opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of the different paddles available.
Photos will be taken immediately following the official  court opening Thursday morning, please bring your medals

Prior to using our new courts Thursday, we need to get them "perfectly" clean.  We do not want small stones, etc. to scratch our beautiful new courts.  Please come to the new courts today, with heavy duty sweep brooms at 1 PM, the more help the quicker it will go. 
This season it is required to check in 30 minutes prior to the start of your round robin,   don't be disappointed because you arrive too late to check in and play. ( You need to look for the Captain)
Due to all the activity this week, social hour this afternoon is cancelled


Sunday, November 11, 2012

We are Busy!!!

Steve Wong Clinic

If you would like to know more about Steve, here is an update:
This past week Steve Wong was the Tournament Director for the USAPA National Tournament,  which he ran  extremely  well.  Most would be worn out from undertaking this project.  Steve was energized, evidenced by his tournament play.
The bracket this year for Open Men's Doubles consisted of 60 teams starting from age 19+ on up... Steve and his partner took home "The Gold Medal"
The bracket for Open Mixed Doubles was much the same except it had 66 teams, once again Steve took home the "The Gold Medal".  If this were not enough, in Men's Doubles Age 19+  he won the Gold medal and Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles Age!!!!!

Clinic 1 PM - 2:30

Clinic 9 AM - 10:30
Class sessions are almost completely filled 

We will be at the courts Monday 11/12 from 10 AM - Noon to register you
You can attend both clinics for a single fee of $5.00

Class sessions are limited to 24 per session, very few openings remain, the first to pay $5 for the class on Monday will be the ones who have reserved a place. Once they are gone , they are gone!

If you cannot be at the courts on Monday, we will also do registrations for the clinics at the Craft Fair on Tuesday from  9 AM - 1PM

Last chance to pay for the clinic will be just prior to the clinics, you will have to wait, pre-paid attendees will be admitted first and guaranteed a seat!

Seasonal Fees and Information Sheet

Monday, while at the courts we will also be collecting seasonal fees and information sheets, to be clear each club member needs to complete an information sheet.  As to fees, you have a choice: 
Pay a seasonal fee of $ 20 or Pay 50 Cents for each round robin/shoot out that you participate.
There is also a Third option:  If you have a non playing spouse they can sign up as a "Friend" for $ 5 to support our club and to attend social functions.
Going forward someone will be at the courts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 AM - 11AM, to collect these forms. If you are going to pay the seasonal fee, please take advantage of these times, as this is when stickers will be placed on badges. If you are going to pay as you play you can hand in the information sheet at a round robin. 

Craft Fair

Starting this Tuesday our club will have a table at the Craft Fair, we will be raffling a "CASE of WINE" winning ticket will be picked at the close of the Fair.  Please be sure to drop by, say Hello and take a chance on winning the wine! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Round Rob in Sign - Up


Please sign-up at the “old courts” for the upcoming round robins that will “Officially” Be starting on Friday November 16th AT THE NEW COURTS!

Due to space restrictions there is not enough room to put all the upcoming round robins in order, but we will do our best.  Please look for your skill level and time on the big board and also on the smaller one to the left of the shed on the Pickleball court fence.
Starting Saturday November 17th we hope to be able to have the sign-up sheets at the NEW COURTS!

Thank You,
Sandi Feller
Round Robin Coordinator

Friday, November 2, 2012

Round Robin Captain Meeting

photos courtesy of Sandy Stephens

Round Robin Coordinator Sandi Feller
As our club has grown and the number of Round Robins will double this season, in the position of coordinator, Sandi has raised the bar.  Each Captain was given a handbook, that clearly defines a Captains duties and responsibilities.  Sandi has also redesigned a Pamphlet for "Player Guidelines."

Captains enjoyed the meeting and are looking forward to the new season !

Court Update

Courtesy of Sue Hepler
The first 12 courts are complete!

We are looking forward to playing on them on 11/15
In the interim - we will be working on sign up boards, etc.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Court Opening Delayed

All 24 courts will open
Thursday, November 15th
This will make the transition much smoother, all the work will be done and the bathrooms will have arrived!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Steve Wong Clinic - Coming Soon


Featuring STEVE WONG

                                              by: A. J. Fraties


Looking for a way to tune up your game for the new season? Want to learn a couple of new skills? Got something you are working on? Wonder what kind of strategy the pros are using? The 2013 Pro-From-Dover Clinic, featuring National Champion STEVE WONG and other celebrity pickleballers, is for YOU!

November 15 and 16....block these days on your calendar now!

Location - Courts 9-13
Clinic       1 PM - 2:30
Class #1   3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

This first day focuses on foundational skills. Grip, basic strokes, common mistakes and how to correct them, essential playing strategies, a primer about paddles and other stuff. The clinic itself is brief - 90 minutes - but packed with information you can use. Steve is a noted instructor and coach and has an ability to translate his method of playing so we can all understand it.

Following the clinic, the optional class will give participants an opportunity to have one of the instructors observe and give feedback about their game.
Clinic         9 AM - 10:30
Class #2    1 PM -  3:00 PM
Class #3    4 PM -  6:00 PM

The second day's clinic focuses on advanced skills and strategies. While the content is geared to players approaching 4.0 or above levels, anyone can attend.

Following the clinic, the optional classes will give you a chance to work on the techniques and strategies Steve described, and to get feedback on the court.

Cost of clinic:
Both days, $5 total. Attend either or both clinics

Cost of classes:
$5 per class -  Space in the classes is limited to 24 per class
First come first serve.The first to register and pay will be included in a class
Final list of class participants will be posted on Nov. 16 before the first clinic.
Register:  Rosemary Reese will take registration fees at the courts, for both the Clinics and the classes

Friday:    November 3rd from 10 AM - Noon
Monday: November 5th from  10AM - Noon

If you have not arrived yet at Palm Creek but plan to attend the clinics, than please send e-mail to to pre- register.  Please be sure to provide your name(s) and site number. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Court Update

photo courtesy of Sue Hepler

We will be playing on our new courts
 Monday, November 5th !


Monday, October 22, 2012

Court Update

photo courtesy of Sue Hepler

As promised here is an update from our club president - Mark Nelson:
Court construction is on schedule. The contractor will have the 12 eastern most courts done this week. He will then start on the other 12. If you look at the courts right now they are all green. He puts down the green first. Next he will line out the courts and then go back and fill in the blue playing surface. The playing surface will be U. S. Open Blue. The kitchen and out of bounds will be dark green. Here's a link to a website that shows the colors
Rest Rooms: There has been a lot of discussion on what we will use for toilets at the new courts. Palm Creek is bringing in portable toilets that will be hooked to water and sewer. they will be flush toilets and have running water for washing your hands. The permanent toilets and snack stand will be built later this year.
For now:
The ice machine we used for our water jugs at the old court is dead. The replacement machine is at least 2 weeks away. Plan on bringing your own water to the courts until the machine is replaced

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Huntsman World Senior Games

Al Hager - Sandy Stephens - Mary Whitfield
Gerry Winters - Lance Thiede

Men's Doubles - Age
Al Hager              Gold
Lance Thiede      Silver
Morgan Robins   Bronze
Gerald Winter     Bronze

Women's Doubles - Age
Mary Whitfield    Bronze

Women's Doubles - Skill 4.5
Sandy Stephens    Bronze

Mixed Doubles- Age
Mary Whitfield   Gold
Al Hager            Gold

Congratulations to  this years medal pool winner - Rhoda Zaph who guessed 10 medals for our group from Casa Grande!
A group of 66 came from the Casa Grande area to compete and to have fun
Hope you plan to join us next year!
2012 Huntsman Pickleball Dinner

4th Annual Saturday Night Dinner

Additional Photos are posted in photo album on the menu
Courtesy of Sandy Stephens

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Congratulations to Michael Dobson , Bronze Medal Winner at this years Mesquites' Pre -Huntsman Tournament!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Be part of something Great .....

Palm Creek Pickleball Club is known everywhere for its training program. This year the program will be more exciting than ever, with additional clinics and classes. We are truly looking forward to a wonderful year and believe the new program will compliment our beautiful new courts! However, we have lost some instructors during the past year and need to replace them, and in addition we will need additional good people for the new classes.

If you would like to participate in building and improving one of the best pickleball program in the area, please let us know. You do not need to be an experienced pickleball instructor today, nor do you need to be an expert player, but you do need to enjoy helping others improve. This is a great way to give back and enjoy yourself at the same time. You do need to be willing to go through one four-hour training session in December. Additionally you will probably help other instructors conduct one class two or perhaps three times during the period from January to March, 2013.
Finally, the pickleball training program needs one person with administrative skills to help coordinate the classes. If you are interested in helping with the administrative side of this program, please reply indicating you are interested in the administrative assistant position.
Have a few questions?  Please inquire by contacting A.J Fraties at

Thanks very much for your willingness to help, and we look forward to working with you during this exciting new season.


Nevada Senior Olympics
Mark Nelson
Bronze - Men's Doubles 

LeRoy Schmidt
Bronze - Men's Doubles 
Silver - Mixed Doubles 
Barb Schmidt
Silver - Women's Doubles
Silver - Mixed Doubles 
Sally Dobson
Gold - Women's Doubles
Mike Dobson
Gold - Men's Doubles

San Diego Senior Olympics
Sherry Gusse
Bronze - Women's Doubles
Bronze - Mixed Doubles
Sandy Stephens
Silver - Women's Doubles
Silver - Mixed Doubles

New Mexico Meet and Greet
Dennis Runyan
Bronze - Men's Doubles
Silver - Mixed Doubles

Pickleball Barrel Classic
Lance Thiede
Silver - Men's Doubles

Pickleball by the Seaside
Lance Thiede
Silver - Men's Doubles