Friday, July 30, 2010


Yes, 30!

30 known medals won for the month of July


Reminder if you win a medal e-mail me with the details:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Medalist

Kansas Sunflower State Games
Gold      Dean Wineinger   Men's Doubles
Bronze  Dean Wineinger   Mixed Doubles 
Bronze  Laurel Wineinger Mixed Doubles

Wyoming State Games
Gold     Barb Schmidt      Mixed Doubles
Gold     Barb Schmidt      Women's Singles
Gold     LeRoy Schmidt    Mixed Doubles
Gold     LeRoy Schmidt    Men's Singles

Wahington State Games
Silver   Bob Sester         Men's Doubles
Silver   John Grasso      Men's Doubles (officially a Creeker on 10/1) 
Silver   Lance Thiede    Mixed Doubles
Silver   Lance Thiede    Men's Singles
Silver   Jerry Winter     Men's Doubles 

Oregon State Games
Silver    Bob Sester          Men's Doubles
Bronze  Lance Thiede      Men's Doubles
Gold      Lance Thiede      Men's Singles
Gold      Lance Thiede      Mixed Doubles

Minnesota Senior Olympics
Gold     Lynn Carlson       Men's Doubles
Gold     Lynn Carlson       Mixed Doubles
Silver   Jeanne Gearhart  Women's Doubles
Silver   Jeanne Gearhart  Mixed Doubles
Silver   Tom Gearhart       Men's Doubles
Silver   Tom Gearhart       Mixed Doubles

Thousand Trails Bend/Sunriver Tournament - " A" Division
Gold     Sandi Feller       Women's Doubles
Gold     Sandi Feller       Mixed Doubles
Silver    Irene Fraties     Women's Doubles
Bronze  Irene Fraties     Mixed Doubles
Gold      Roger Fellows   Mixed Doubles
Silver    Roger Fellows   Men's Singles
Gold      AJ Fraties         Men's Doubles
Gold      AJ Fraties         Men's Singles

                        Irene + Sandi            Roger +AJ

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Huntsman Deadline

Reminder: Early registration for the Huntsman Senior games ends in 10 days
I have placed a  link on the menu to the right " Huntsman Social and Play Schedule". Event updates will be added to the calendar on a regular basis, be sure to check the month of "October" on a regular basis

If you would like to join the Palm Creek group for some or all the activities and you have not contacted me, please contact me now at :

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Picking a Partner by George Brewer

George Brewer lives and plays at The Villages in Florida.  He writes a column for a local newspaper

Picking a Partner

You are at the courts and a large number of potential partners have been assembled there for your approval. There they are the whole tribe of them, all lined up waiting to be chosen. You have no idea who any of these people are and you are not permitted to question any of the candidates. You must make a selection based solely on what you see standing there in silence.
How do you decide?

  • Male or female, I don’t care; I’d pick the one whose arms are so long their knuckles drag on the court surface when they walked in.
  • Never! Let me say again, never, play with anyone holding a wooden paddle.
  • If the only courts you play on are outside, pass on anyone whose skin shows no evidence of being in the sun for a long time.
  • The first thing I’d do before making a decision is check their ankles. Avoid anyone wearing a house arrest ankle bracelet.
  • If a candidate is wearing a back pack make sure you don’t make a decision before checking it for a portable oxygen tank.
  • Anyone carrying a paddle in their left hand and a chair in their right isn’t in the match for the long run.
  • Never select a partner whose spouse intends to coach from the side lines.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Pickleball at Palm Creek

No one is suffering from Pickleball withdrawal at Palm Creek.  Four days a week at 6:00 AM you will find 3 of our courts very busy. It does not seem to matter that it is July!  Players from our neighboring communities Mission Royale and Robson Ranch drop in and provide us with competition on a regular basis.

Note: some players are missing as this was not a scheduled photo -op

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keeping The Court Busy

Our very own Tom Earley is holding clinics in Georgia on "Pickleball Strategy and Technique"
Each clinic is limited to 12 new players
Think of this as more competition in your future

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hunstman Senior Games - Temple View

Did you miss your confirmation call from Temple View RV Park?

Temple View has now completed placing reservation confirmation calls and is still awaiting some return calls.
If you have not confirmed your reservation - don't delay.
If you have not made a reservation and would like to, NOW is the time to call, you may get lucky.

Temple View RV Park - 800-776-6410

Group update - I now have a list of 48. The list is comprised of Palm Creekers, ex- Plam Creekers and a few couples from Mission Royale. This list will be notified in advance of our scheduled planed social activities.  If you want to be on this list and have not notified me as of yet, please send me and e-mail, with both your e-mail address(s) and cell phone number(s) -